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The Basilisk (2-6)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The Basilisk

Year 2, Chapter 6

Head to the open cubicle then use WiLe to clear the pet tunnel. Continue to the left then shoot the painting to clear the entrance. Send Ron's pet to the tunnel then continue east and press the switch. Switch to another character then use LuSo to kill the vine. This will open the cubicle and rescue the student in peril.

Use WiLe to fit the elbow tubing on the pet tunnel. Do the same thing to the other cubicle, then order Ron's pet to press the switch. Head left then use WiLe on the small cabinet. Assemble a large plumber out of the lego pieces, then ride it. Steer it towards the clogged toilet and more pieces will appear.

Assemble the pieces then using Harry, talk with the snake glyph to proceed further.

After landing, look for the bones that you can assemble. Assembling 4 of these will reveal the Red Crest piece. Three of them are in the ground level while the other is located in the upper level. Head left and approach the tunnel for the squid to appear. Use the nearby plumber to plug its mouth. Once it goes away, build a platform from the pieces it left and step on it as an ally lifts you. Follow the path to reach the last skeleton.

Rebuild it so another squid appears. Cross the gap with the help of the water fountain, then rebuild the pieces on the other side. There are also four dig spots in this area; (you need to come back for this later during free play) dig them all to get a Yellow Crest piece. Cross the bridge, then use WiLe on the snake statue. Jump to its mouth then enter the tunnel for the last part of this chapter.

At the start of the battle, avoid its beam glare as it will cause instant death to your character. You need to find the ingredients first to create the strength potion. There's a piece behind each pile of boulders. Just run around and lure it to the boulders until they're destroyed. You still need to interact with the object behind the boulders before you can get the part. For the snake glyph, just press B to communicate with it, for the bottle piece, just destroy the charmed snake and finally for the bone piece, retract the vines then open the chest. Assemble the skeleton and grab the piece.

Drink the strength potion and go up the ramp to the left. Pull the chain to open the metal gate. Watch the following scene. Use your targeting skill to hit the basilisk's head. Once it dives underwater, search for three piles of lego pieces which you can assemble into various musical instruments. Assemble all of them to get the Green Crest piece. Head to the ramp again then use WiLe to attach the chains and pulling them down. Fall through the large pipe to get near the basilik. Use WiLe on the wizard hat to change it to a weapon, then use the weapon itself kill it.

Basilisk Battle

Gilderoy Lockhart – After jumping down from the bathroom and reaching the underground area with lots of bones, head to the far left to find two dark chests bound by vines. Free them then shoot them with dark arts.
Wizard (Green) – Beside the dark chest of Gilderoy.
Tom Riddle – After opening the gate to the left by pulling the chain (after completing and drinking the strength potion), the phoenix will arrive and attack the basilisk. While the basilisk is struggling, send a key character to open the safe to the far right.
Blue Crest piece – Shoot the lock on the circular hatch using RE then assemble the pieces to a clock. It is located before the ramp to the left.

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Comments for The Basilisk (2-6)

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Nov 30th 2015 Guest
What charmed snake????
ID #629997
Oct 4th 2015 Guest
Super helpful 👍🏻
ID #614001
Nov 18th 2014 Guest
i had the same problem in the game. Tom Riddle wouldn't let me leave! ( i play with ps3) So I started the level again, did the same things (killed the basilisk etc.) and it worked! if you have killed the basilisk the level should end there. So i guess you just have to start over (worked for me)
ID #473266
Jan 8th 2014 Kikimattie0813
Xbox 360 users really do have to play the level twice. I played through the first time and got to the part where you use WiLe to put the sword on the blue dot thing but the basilisk disappears. Had to start the level over to finish.
ID #341429
Aug 30th 2013 Guest
How do you leave the level/the level ends
ID #307428
Apr 10th 2013 Guest
Thanks- that really helped! Truly grateful ;-)
ID #272226
Feb 19th 2013 Guest
How do defeat the basilisk? me and my sister can NOT figure out how :(
ID #256289
Jan 19th 2013 Guest
I had trouble killing the basilisk in free play too. I went back up and grabbed the sword again and started stabbing around. Finally the game mad a stabbing sound as if there was an imaginary basilisk and the level ended.
ID #244270
Jan 12th 2013 Guest
i defeated the basilisk but Riddle won't let me leave!! i don't know what to do! i've gone through the level twice but Riddle still won't let me leave, it's beginning to get frustrating.
ID #241929
Aug 26th 2012 Guest
great game, i about 90% done. need all witches hats in year 4.
im on ipad version, been on youtube for hours, still have not
progressed any further. : (
ID #180163
Aug 1st 2012 Guest
[b][/b] this game was brilleant
ID #171110
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
You are not helping
ID #157602
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
I can't beat the snake on the first part help

ID #157599
Jun 23rd 2012 Guest
I stabbed the blue tab above the place where the hat was but riddle won't let me leave... What do I do?
ID #155839
Jun 16th 2012 wishgypsy
I am playing on Xbox 360 and had to do the entire level over again, literally beating the basilisk twice before the ending of the level would happen. For anyone else who gets stuck at this level, you may need to "exit to Hogwarts" and then start over. : ( Its unfortunate, but it worked.
ID #153435