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Floo Powder! (2-1)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Floo Powder!

Year 2 Chapter 1

Lift the gnomes, spin them then throw all six of them to get the Red Crest piece.

Assemble the pile of lego pieces near the basketball hoop to create a pumpkin-mobile. Drive over the small grass sprouts on the ground and carrots will start popping out of them. There are 7; use WiLe to launch the carrots in the air as mini-rockets.

Enter the house and just mess around with the interactive stuff. Continue to the left and use the spells on the chairs. Stand in the spot and wave at the painting. Use WiLe to put the powder on the hearth.

Upon reaching the dark magic shop, use WiLe on the broom at the bottom of the stairs to clean the nearby mirror. Switch to Hagrid then pull the chain as reflected on the mirror.

Next, walk to the left a bit then shoot the large, man-eating chest for it to throw out some pieces. Assemble them to form a sword, then use WiLe to give it to the man on the painting. He'll drop the green key afterward. Use it on the door to exit.

Go outside, then shoot the boxes to the right to reveal some pieces. Use WiLe on them so they'll form the handle for the pull-chain nearby. Pull the chain with Hagrid to open the path. A spider will appear from the debris to the left so be careful. The Blue Crest piece is visible ahead but you can't open the gate for now.

The wooden planks can be assembled to stairs to reach the blue crest but ignore it for now. Continue ahead, grab the character token Harry (sweater) from the chest, then have Hagrid open the gate by pulling the chain. Chapter complete.

George Weasley – The token is found under the digging spot near the basketball hoop outside the Weasley residence.
Upon reaching the weird shop, open the cabinet to the left to release the student in peril.
Green Crest piece – Shoot the monster chest next to the cabinet to the left, then jump inside to find a secret compartment with a dark orb. Break it to get the crest.

Arthur Weasley – Use CR on the dark cabinet near the exit.
Blue Crest piece – Immediately visible along the hallway outside the shop. Use WiLe to build the stairs then use dark arts to open the gate.

Hogwarts Castle
Shoot all the torchers in the hallway (there are 10) to reveal some gold studs and a character token of Angelina Johnson. Next, shoot the grass to the lower right to reveal some skeleton pieces. Assemble them to get more studs and one of the cauldron ingredients. Next, shoot the planter with the pink flower to reveal a monster plant. Destroy it to get another ingredient.

 Finally, shoot the bin to the left and wait for it to finish vacuuming the grass to reveal the last ingredient. Put them all in the cauldron, drink it and pull the chain to exit to the next area.

There's nothing much to do here for now so follow the ghost guide to the next herbology class. Go to the wardrobe and enter it to equip some earmuffs.

Earmuffs will allow you to handle mandrakes easily. Grab the mandrakes in the room and use them to shatter glass-enclosed items. Put them all inside the pots to silence them. You'll unlock Mandrake Handling afterward.

Exit the classroom, then return to the courtyard. Enter the wardrobe along the left hallway then grab the mandrake on the far right. Use it to destroy the glass-enclosed plants around the courtyard (there are 5) to get the character token Hufflehuff Boy.

3/5 of these glasses are found to the left, one is immediately visible to the right, the last one is hidden behind the pillars, along the hallway to the right. Follow the mission marker until reach another hall with a mandrake and a glass barrier blocking your path.

Go upstairs to the east first. You can't access this area before so don't forget to grab the Lee Jordan character token by shooting the golden statues to the far right

Enter the wardrobe near the stairs to equip your earmuffs then activate the torch nearby (7/8).

Pickup the mandrake to the left and break the glass container to the right first (1/6). Go upstairs and destroy the glass barricade blocking the path. Destroy the remaining glass containers here to unlock the character token of Ernie McMillan.

Finally, activate the last torch here to get the character token of Hannah Abbot. Before going through the door check out the jigsaw puzzle to the left. Arrange it to reveal a silver-locked seal. You can't break it for now so leave it be. Head to the mission marker next.

In this classroom, you'll learn a new spell called Immobulus (IM). This will allow you to freeze those darn pixies and kill them. Press and hold the X button to target them. Kill the first three then a scene will trigger. Kill the last pixies to complete the lesson and to permanently learn the Immobulus spell.

Go downstairs then head to the next classroom to the upper right. Here you'll learn a new spell called Transfiguration. You just need to defeat the wooden dummies by using the red spell (12 oclock) in your spell wheel. Do this twice per character to learn the spell and earn a Gold Brick as well.


Follow the ghost studs and watch for the scene. After that, continue following the ghost studs until you reach the grounds. You may kill the pixies here if you want. In the Quidditch Grounds, silence the mandrake then shoot the black ball that's flying around a while ago. It will enter a chest to the left. Shoot the other chest to the right so it brings out pieces that you can assemble using WiLe. Ride the flying brooms to gather all the studs. (This is entirely optional since you probably don't need that much studs now) Enter the tent to start the next story chapter.

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Comments for Floo Powder! (2-1)

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May 31st 2015 Guest
I am stuck by hagrids hut and ron is throwing up what do I do
ID #563623
Feb 22nd 2015 Guest
Look in the mirror.
ID #519990
Jan 3rd 2015 Guest
Where is the chain in dark magic shop? I can't find it anywhere!:(
ID #495580
Sep 9th 2013 Guest
I'm doing free play (going back through to get the stuff I missed) and I seriously had the hardest time figuring out how to get through the portrait in the Weasleys house. I tried it as every Weasley and it wouldn't let me in. When you first go in the house Ginny runs away and hides. You must have the HIDDEN Ginny to get through. After you fix the sink on the other end of the table is a stack of books. Shot them and she'll come out and then be her, the portrait will throw out the floo powder and you'll be in Smile
ID #308998
Feb 12th 2013 Guest
You don't have to use the giant pumpikn-mobile, there's a green tractor you can assemble over on the left side of the yard. You can use this to get the carrots too. If you didn't cheat to get the treasure multipliers (like I am), then you'll want to stop after each carrot pops out, as there are a bunch of studs that come out too.
Ginny is hiding under the big red chair inside the house. The chair is in the foreground of the living room. Shoot it with your wand (or maybe just walk all around it, I'm not sure which actually revealed her).
Also, this walkthrough has it wrong, the pieces of the sword are in the giant blue hand. When you get Hagrid to pull the chain, the hand will drop them and you can use WiLe to assemble them and throw it up to the picture.
ID #253463
Jan 24th 2013 amanimarcos
how do i get out of the pixie room? i've killed all the what?
ID #245990
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
thanks for the help1!!!!

ID #157752
Jun 16th 2012 Guest
But,how i'm i supposed to unlock Hannah Abbot.
ID #153458
Jun 9th 2012 Guest
The picture frame wont let me have the floo powder because I'm not Ginny but do I have to unlock her from somewhere or something? Help!
ID #150679
Dec 23rd 2011 Guest
I can't get hagrid to pull the chain in borgin and burkes HELP!
ID #97865
Dec 13th 2011 Guest
I can only find seven torches to light - can somebody tell me the locations of the eight torches so I can double check? Thanks!
ID #94837
Nov 28th 2011 Guest
When i kill the man eating chest, the pieces come out but then they so i cant make the sword and i cant get the key... PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!
ID #91024
Nov 27th 2011 Guest
I am in borgin and burkes for the first time, and i've gotten the key, i just cant seem to get it to unlock the door... so im sort of stuck. i keep walking up to it, standing in different spots, and the door still wont unlock. (wii version)
ID #90981
Aug 7th 2011 Guest
ID #64738
Jul 5th 2011 Guest
How do I use the portrait in free play? I've used the blue pants Ginny that comes with the level, Hogwarts Ginny, and Cardigan Ginny but the portrait won't activate the floo powder.
ID #54980