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Out of the Dungeon (1-2)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Out of the Dungeon

Year 1, Chapter 2

You'll find candlesticks that creates flowers when shot. You need to shoot 9 of them to get a Red Crest piece. You can't use the cabinet for now since you'll need Hermione to unlock it. (You can get this after the stage by going back to the Leaky Cauldron and selecting Free Play in this stage) After the troll scene, look above the knight armor to find a bulb that you can activate using WiLe. Activating 7 of these will award you with a Blue Crest piece. Activate it and send Ron's pet rat to navigate the pipes and to turn off the valves releasing the toxic stream.

Look above for another light orb, then continue to the right for another troll scene. There are three candlesticks here. Use WiLe to put the fishes pieces back to the fountain and obtain the Green Crest piece. You can't turn the knob in front of the fountain for now since you don't have the appropriate spell yet. Ignore it for now.

Green Crest


Shoot the lego pieces and make a platform to jump. Go to the other side and WiLe the torch to ignite the statue. Use WiLe again to assemble the lego pieces that will drop to make a trident. Give it to the merman statue and it will clear the path for you. Before you assemble the lego piece there, activate the last few candlesticks to get the Red Crest piece. There are also a couple more light orbs here. Grab the last studs there, assemble the lego piece and shoot the portrait for Ron to get a girl disguise.

Approach the entrance to the girl's room and press B to enter.

Search the faucets for more studs (necessary for you to get the True Wizard title in this stage). There is a purple stud in the bottom right corner of the screen. Activate the last three light orbs here to get the blue crest piece. Approach the troll and it will start destroying the cubicles. Shoot the toilets to spew more studs. Make sure to grab them while taking care not to get hit by the boss' attacks. To reach the studs above the cubicles, you need to step on the toilet fountains. There is also a student in peril in one of the cubicles here so approach it after the troll smashes it.

When ready to face the boss, you just need to wait for a debris to fall down then use WiLe to throw it to the troll. Next, wait for it to throw something to you then grab it in mid-air using WiLe and throw it back to him. Finally, use WiLe to lift the troll's hammer and smash it to him.


Troll Battle


Continue to the fountain part of the hallway then use RE to destroy the silver knob. Use WiLe to turn it and the Yellow Crest piece will appear above the fountain.

At the far end of the hallway, before the bathroom, you'll find a locked desk. Unlock it to get the character token Harry (Hogwarts)
Inside the bathroom, go to the left then use RE to unlock the cabinet. Use the table as trampoline to obtain the character token of Madam Malkin.

This is a good time to visit Diagon Alley by exiting through the Leaky Cauldron's rear door. There are some extra stuff you can do here, especially accessing Wiseacre's Wizarding Supplies where you can enter cheat codes to get various benefits. Since Diagon Alley is not part of the Story levels, all the unlockables and extra stuff that can be found there will be discussed in its own section. There's limited stuff that you can find here until you get the spell Reducto (used to open silver chests and destroy silver locks) in Year 4. Continue to the next story chapter when you're ready.

You'll start in the mess/ dining hall. There's a student in peril trapped in a cobweb to the left so shoot it to free him.

If you have used all the red brick cheats in Diagon Alley, it will register that you have 20/20 but you're actually still missing one (check the Extras menu and you'll have one option grayed out) This is the place to get the missing red brick and unlock the achievement Power Up!. To do this, find and shoot all coffee jars (there's six of them) then finally shoot the lego pieces at the edge of the leftmost table. This will transform into a large chicken that will run around the room, leaving a trail of studs until it finally explodes, revealing a red brick. Grab the brick and send it via the owl nearby. Exit the mess hall and follow the ghost guide to the classroom.

Here, you'll learn a new spell called Lumos. This serves as a torch and means of getting rid of the vines blocking your path.

While you're at it, shoot the four candlesticks for the Girl character token to appear.

  To complete the lesson, find the pieces and assemble them. You'll be rewarded with a Gold Brick as well. Exit the classroom.

Return to the previous room and take out the vine using Lumos. There is a student in the lower left corner taunting you. Chase him around until he stops near a pot. Use WiLe on the pot to scare him and to get the Griffindor Girl character token. You can light up some of the torches here. Lighting all 8 will reward you with another character token but you can't access the upper level at the moment since the prefects won't let you.

For now, interact with every object possible then use Lumos on the vine blocking the main gate. Go through there for the next lesson.

Collect all the studs in the area and keep shooting/ arranging stuff to get more studs. Use WiLe on the debris left to the cauldron then on the snake wrapping the pillar to get the other ingredients. Put them all in the cauldron to create a strength potion.

You'll unlock the strength potion and another Gold Brick. Use it to open the next door.

Follow the ghost guide as it leads you to the large courtyard. If you haven't this part of Hogwarts yet, you'll find a student in peril being bullied to the left. You can destroy all the statues surrounding the well in the middle then use WiLe to assemble the statue to reveal a red brick. Just the plumber to destroy the plants and to gather more studs.

Use Lumos to take out the vine and go to the next screen. Follow the straightforward path. Check the place for more interactable objects then enter the classroom. After the scene, clear the path and start destroying stuff. Use WiLe to create a large cart and ride it to smash the barricade open. You'll learn Lumos Solem (LuSo) during this sequence. You will also obtain another gold brick. You can now take out the vine traps.

Enter the open gate to the left to initiate the Broom Flying event. Gather all studs as you can, then shoot the gargoyle. Keep on shooting it as you chase it around. It will then throw the glass ball to the plant. Shoot all three flowers to release it and complete the event. Harry can pilot the broom with stability so you have no choice but to use him in this event. You'll unlock the Broom Flying and a Gold Brick after getting the ball back.

Follow the ghost again as it leads you to a small yard with some pieces that needs to be assembled. Shoot everything here, including the grasses since they have the ingredients for the cauldron. Put all the ingredients in the cauldron. Next, kill the vines using LuSo and for them to release the parts they're holding.

Use WiLe to assemble to contraption and to rejoin them. When the activation spot appears on the contraption's side, drink the strength potion and pull it. It will break through the closed path leading to the next area. Jump across the gap and follow the walkway until you reach another area.

Look for a pile of lego pieces along the road going north. Use WiLe to transform it to a raincloud, then use WiLe again to lift it up. Move it left to right to create four flower patches. Use WiLe to smash the flowers and a red brick will appear. Take it to the owl near the entrance. Raise the three stone slabs in the intersection then use the nearby brooms to remove the white stains.

A gold brick will appear on top of the boulder. Head to the right to find a student trapped by a demon's snare. Use LuSo to save the student in peril. There are also four buried carrots here.

Lift them all up to obtain the character token of Pearcy Weasley. That's what you can do for now; destroy stuff here and grab the studs. Follow the ghost studs when ready.

You'll be in the entrance area of the Quidditch field. There is a student in peril to the left, who can't go down from the billboard. Use WiLe on the rolled up tapestry nearby to create something he can jump into.

Use WiLe to raise all four green flags along the path for the character token of Padma Patil to appear.

Do the same thing for all red flags and the character token of Katie Bell will appear. Head to the right to find a snack stand with students lined up. Use WiLe to make the nearby stalks to smash to the stand and it will spew out tons of studs. After that, the character token Ravenclaw Boy will appear.

Stand on the bench beside the bench and have your teammate lift you. Jump to the roof and use WiLe on the red ball. It will roll down to a chest and will reveal a gold brick.


Quidditch Field_Gold Brick


Enter the tent to start the next story chapter.

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Apr 29th 2015 Guest
How do you save the game?
ID #549649
Apr 5th 2015 Guest
I can't get past the Devils snare in the herbology!!!!!!!
ID #538307
Mar 29th 2015 Guest
what is meant by RE?
ID #534901
Apr 4th 2016 Guest
RE means reducto, which is a spell you unlock in the fourth year
ID #645084
Feb 7th 2015 Guest
I am having too much trouble with the troll. I can't seem to grab that 2nd piece. It glows pink but i can't seem to grab it. I have tried over and over!!! It just won't work. Anyone else still having problems with this? :(
ID #512882
Oct 4th 2015 Guest
wait till troll throw the pink/purple piece. Then press 2/j to use ViLe and throw it to him. It will "break" his heart.
ID #613953
Jan 3rd 2015 Guest
I can't get past the jinked broom pleas add
ID #495358
Sep 10th 2013 Guest
I cant WL the torch on the 2nd platform? I Can't even get up there?? Please help???
ID #309078
Aug 3rd 2013 Guest
In year one I can't get past the quidditch match the part where the is a bludger in a chest the can come flying out and you have to get to the other floor that is above.

I need heeeeeellllllllpppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #302289
Aug 3rd 2013 Guest
how do you get to the chamber of secrets.
ID #302272
Jun 15th 2013 Guest
I can't get out of the door after they drink the potions! What can I do!?!?!?!?! Please help
ID #290575
Jan 24th 2013 amanimarcos
how do i get out of gilroy lockhearts classroom?
ID #245996
Nov 9th 2012 snowwomen
what is re and how do i get it?
ID #206863
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
Im stuck on trying to kill the devels snare if you can HELP!!!!!
ID #151236
Apr 3rd 2012 Guest
Hey guys um the troll for me took 5 minutes so here's help once you go in just destroy the stalls and ur ready to go! Just dodge thinks and when you c the troll lift up something pink get ready use wingardiun leviosa on the object he throws that's pink u cantch it then throw ur back keep doing that until he's done hope this help!!!
ID #129001
Mar 3rd 2012 Guest
This helps a lot. Except I keep destroying the cart so I can't get past the devil's snare! D:
ID #119975
Dec 11th 2011 Guest
I am trying to save Hermione in year one before I get to the troll and I am stuck. I can't seem to get to the upper left portion of the room and that's where I think I need to be. Can anyone help?
ID #94441