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News from Azkaban (3-1)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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News from Azkaban

Year 3, Chapter 1

There's a monster book lurking the floor so quickly head to the left and jump on the bed. Fix the painting nearby then shoot the painting where the wizard moved to. Wait as throws his hat and the book chases it, then finally gets eaten and spat out by the dresser. Press B to jump on it and damage it. Go back to the bed, repeat the process; this time you need to light up the fireplace using WiLe on the lego pieces near the hearth. Return to the bed to avoid getting damaged, then fix the painting again for the book to get stunned. Jump on it to defeat it.

Monster Book

You'll be in the train platform next. Shoot the owl cage beside the benches, grab the flower piece that it drops, then use it to plug the steam blocking your path. Keep an eye out of the red shoeboxes/ containers; destroying all five of them will reward you with a Yellow Crest piece.

Four can be found in this platform while the last one is found on the other side. Continue to the right then shoot the plants there then use WiLe on the object to fix the speakers. This will wake up the two passengers napping on the two luggage. Shoot the two for a bottle piece and some lego pieces to appear. Rebuild the pieces to a blue brick.

Have another character carry the bottle piece, then carry the blue brick to the left and place it on top of the green brick near the train window.

Jump on top of the train. There's a dig spot here (do this during free play) that contains a Red Crest piece. Grab the flower piece, then jump to the other side of the station. Wait for the spinning gate breaks open the nearby luggage, then use WiLe to construct the cauldron.

Throw in the ingredients you got so far. Shoot the gold cage to the left to get the final piece. Shoot the black luggage as well then rebuild the lego pieces it drops to create the pull-chain mechanism. The last red shoebox is here so don't forget to destroy it. Drink the potion then pull the chain to connect the two train cars. Ride the car to finish this section.

Follow the trolley then use WiLe to lift the lollipop from the trolley and give it the to the kid. Do this twice, then finally lift the green key from the trolley and use it to open your room. After the cutscene, use Professor Lupin's spell to destroy the wraith to the right. Head left, destroy the wraith then shoot the luggage. Use WiLe to activate the pickaxe and destroy the stone blocking the adjacent room. Rebuild the pieces to a cart then use WiLe to move the boxes unto the cart.

Shoot the cart for it to bash the lock. Continue to the second train.

Shoot the green Slytherin chest until you get a counter. Shoot all 5 of these will award you with a Blue Crest piece. There are three such chests in this section. Destroy the wraith up ahead, then clear the blockade obscuring the entrance of the pet tunnel.

First jump on the boxes beside the tunnel to grab the Green Crest piece. 

Send Ron's rat through the tube and push the luggage overhead to wake up the student. Grab the key from the chest in that room then continue to the right. Shoot the third green chest in the area, then use the key to open the emergency box. Use the pickaxe to destroy the rock again then move to the third car.

Have Hermione access the puzzle cabinet. Solve it to release some lego pieces. Keep using WiLe on it until you finally place it on the purple patch on the floor to block the moonlight from the window. Use the pickaxe to clear the path, then shoot the green chest. Lift the curtain from the floor and place it again to the window. Continue ahead to find the last Slytherin chest. Shoot the wraiths blocking the path to end this chapter.

Stan Shaunpike – South of the train engine is a dark chest. Obtain the token by using CR
Ernie Prang – At the train platform, head to the far right to find a dark cabinet. Open it using CR to get the token
After boarding the train, shoot the locks in the first room to find a student in peril.
Trolly Witch – This token is found in the same room as the student in peril above.


Riddikulus Training
Follow the ghost guide until you reach the classroom. Here, you'll learn a new spell. From here, look for blue books. You need shoot all four books to unlock the character token of Pavarti Patil. The are two lying on the ground to the left, the other is inside the puzzle cabinet and the last one is located above the stairs at the end of the room. Next, use WiLe on the four torches in the room to get another character token (Station Guard)

Make sure you have Riddikulus (RiDi) equipped (yellow spell, 7o'clock on your spell wheel) then step on the boundary. Have Hermione use this three times against the boggarts (created from the character's fear) then do the same thing with Ron to learn this spell permanently. Exit the classroom afterward.

Surely you already came across with rattling chests. These contain boggarts as well; just use Riddikulus to get rid of them. Do that to the boggart that will appear from the chest beside the painting to the right. It will drop a green key you can use to open the next door.

In the courtyard, you'll find another cauldron.

The ingredients are easily found in the area without too much hassle so just shoot the plants and use WiLe to lift the hanging pots and clear the vines. Use the strength potion to pull the chain and to reveal some hoops overhead. Use the flying broom (only harry can effectively use it) and fly through all the hoops and the character token of Oliver Wood will appear.

Enter the classroom. You need to find all three teacups. The first one is immediately visible to the right. The other one is located in the northeast side of the room; shoot the cabinets to reveal the pieces that you need to rebuild. The final teacup is located to the southeast, have Hermione solve the puzzle cabinet then rebuild the pieces. You'll get a gold brick after finding all three.

Head west and lift the vines by using WiLe on one of the hanging pots, if you haven't done so yet. Enter the door to return to the courtyard. Head to the right to the next screen. Keep following the corridor, past the troll, the wooden bridge. Meet up with Hagrid to start his lesson..

Buckbeak Handling lesson
In his garden, head north to find a lone pixie. Kill it then use WiLe on the small plant with a purple base. Put it in the purple piece on the rock to prevent any more pixies from appearing.

Have Hermione release her cat then order it to dig the nearby dig point. Use Luso to clear the vine and grab the food. Bring it back to Hagrid and place it on the plate. Go to the right this time. Use WiLe on the brown ball then use the cat to dig again. The brown guys will create a ladder for you. Before climbing it, continue to the right and keep destroying the plants. The second food piece will be there.

Bring it back to Hagrid, backtrack and take the ladder this time. Grab the last piece in the middle of the pond then return to Hagrid to complete the lesson.

(Optional: There are 9 cobwebs to shoot and 4 fishes to return to the water; completing both tasks will award you with studs)

Hagrid's Garden
Once outside, return to Hagrid's garden again. Clear the plants and dig all the dig spots using Fang or Hermione's cat. Use WiLe on the mushrooms here to get the character token Ron (Brown Jacket). Assemble to pieces to the right to create a Time Turner cabinet. You don't have use for it now so just use WiLe on the various objects here to get more pieces.

When you're able to use WiLe on the basket, you'll find a student in peril inside. He'll throw a seed out. Shoot this seed, then use WiLe again so the student will be carried away.

Assemble the final pieces to get a gold brick.

You'll be taken to the bridge after clearing Hagrid's Garden. Continue to the left then follow the markers for a cutscene. Return to the right to the corridor, then upstairs. (Just follow the markers) In the lobby area, switch to one of the brothers and use RiDi defeat the boggart beside the stairs, then use the key to open the gate to the upper left.

This leads to the library. You can visit it now to get a character token (see below) or just do it later and follow the ghost guide for now. If you wish to do it later, just ignore the paragraph below and skip to the next.

Inside the library, shoot the curtains to the left then use WiLe for a pixie and book to enter.

They'll drop an ingredient and a torch. Use WiLe on the torch to place it on the statue beside the painting in the corner.

Shoot the statue and the wizard on the painting will run to another canvas. Go there and jump on the leftmost plant so your allies lifts you up. You should be able to obtain the character token of Susan Bones. Head to the right and you'll find a chest held by a vine. Untangle it with LuSo then shoot it. Grab the pink glass to throw it to the painting.

The painting in turn will give you a slab. Use it on the nearby relief to open it. You can't enter it for now so just ignore it. The ingredients you find here is to be used on the black cauldron to the left but you can use it for now. That's it for the meantime. Exit the library and go through the main door.

Go upstairs and turn to the left to find the next marker.

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Comments for News from Azkaban (3-1)

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Mar 30th 2015 Guest
I am on year three , I am stuck on professor lupins class !! It is so confusing!!! Thanks to supercheats I finally know what to do . I normally never cheat by looking it up ! But this one was very hard I can't wait to do the tri wizard tournament !! I think that is fourth year . Oh and as for the troll on year one use the wingadium leviosa spell to throw his attacks back at him just like moaning myrtle on year 2 . As for the guard use a freezing curse and freeze him then quickly go around him or if that doesn't work get two players and one of them will hit him with spells to distract him then use the other player to go around him it worked for me on my wii. Use what you know from the movies and you will be fine that how I made it to th third year hopefull I can finish it soon. So I can start. The fourth year!!!!!!! Good luck everybody bye !!
ID #535439
Feb 15th 2015 Guest
Ok people. I've tried everything to get past the guard with no success. What else can I do?
ID #516377
Jan 20th 2015 Guest
I can't seem to get the blue crest piece. I've shot all the green boxes like I'm supposed to ( in the actual level and free play ) and I still can't get it. All it does when I shoot the 5th one is give out a blue sparkle like it's trying to give a stud. I've even done this as every character available, with no luck. I'm playing on Xbox 360.
ID #504716
Dec 26th 2014 Guest
For all who cant get through the yellow curtains: First, you have to find all the ingredients for Polyjuice Potion. One is in the northeast corner, in the plants. The other two are hidden in the rolled up Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff flags on the ledge. Drink the Polyjuice Potion and change into Ron. Quickly head back to the curtains, where there is a pipe. Have Scabbers go up the pipe and knock the armor head off the edge. Switch to one of the brothers and use Wingardium Leviosa to attach the head to the armor. This should trigger a chain reaction and open up the curtains. Hope this helps!
ID #490430
Dec 22nd 2014 Guest
I can't get past the yellow curtains on the way to Hogsmede even when I am the Hufflepuff guy and Idk what to know
ID #488343
Nov 12th 2014 Guest
To the person stuck with the lilypads: try using wingardium leviosa (the purple spell if thats the right name for it) to make the pads bigger. They shouldn't fall so easily then and you should find it easier to get across :D
ID #470653
Nov 12th 2014 Guest
To get the book you need to wait til it's dizzy (with the stars or zzz thing) and then go up close to it and click B (or circle) so that the toon jumps and splats it Smile (I'm not entirely sure of the keyboard key to use as I use a controller) but hopefully that helps..
ID #470650
Nov 12th 2014 Guest
Late to the page but... To get past the Troll guard you should have the boggart spell and use it to get past the green lock thing in the courtyard... it should bypass the trolls Smile and for the yellow curtains; you need to use the polyjuice potion to turn into a Hufflepuff (I used Justin Finch-Fletchley) - you need to clean the portrait and he should wave you through (presuming you're a Hufflepuff at the time ofc)

With the last chicken piece in Buckbeak Handling, do you just have to keep trying across the lilypads? I can't seem to get all the way across without falling in the water and the chicken respawning >.<
ID #470646
Nov 11th 2014 Guest
I don't now exactly which level I'm on but year 3 between askaban and hogsmeade when ur suppost to go up to the lobby and go through the yellow curtains , mine are down and locked please help.
ID #470430
Oct 26th 2014 Guest
Forget about the troll, I can't get out of the Leaky Cauldron bedroom! When the drawer spits him out, the book goes into a deep zzzzzzzz & doesnt budge again. I've jumped & jumped, tried to push, taken out everything in the room I can, can't make the stuff for the fireplace move to prompt it on...nothing seems to work, HELP!
ID #463529
Jul 17th 2014 Guest
The troll won't let me in:( how am I supposed to get in?
ID #420449
Oct 11th 2013 Guest
I can't get past the stupid troll
ID #313891
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
i cant find the last piece of chicken. its not in the pond.
ID #258303
Feb 15th 2013 amanimarcos
i cant get past that stupid troll either... what do I do?
ID #254455
Nov 2nd 2012 Guest
i still cant find the cornish pixie ahhhh it is so comfusing
ID #204272