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Dementor's Kiss (3-5)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Dementor's Kiss

Start by going to the upper left corner of the garden and equipping earmuffs. Head to the right and shoot the blue plant protruding out of the bucket. Grab the mandrake and place it there, then shoot the blue plant again that popped out by beside the mandrake. It will then pop out of the red water container, spilling the fish inside it. Bring the fish to the griffin. Rebuild the lego pieces to create a grill. Take out the roasted meat and feed it to the griffin again. Finally, grab the axe that will appear from the rubble and use it to cut the chains to free the griffin.

In the next area, head to the left and kill the wasps. You'll also find a student in peril here. To the empty pond and kill the pixies holding the raincloud pieces. Rebuild the cloud and it will rain down, filling the pond. Jump on the lily then use Luso to kill the vine. Jump down and rebuild the music player using the lego pieces. Grab the black record to the left, then dig out the second. Place them both on the player to get the Red Crest piece.

Next, ride the frog and go through the checkpoints that will appear around the pond to get the Green Crest piece.

Green Crest

Jump on the lily to reach the upper pond, then use WiLe to pull out the hook out of the water. Shoot the hook to grab the chest. Shoot the chest to get the yellow record. Bring it back to the player to complete this section.

Head to the northwest and shoot the branches.

Create a bridge out of the rubble. Backtrack a bit and jump up the stone stairs then cross the bridge. Use LuSo to untangle the vines and to release the boulder. Defeat six wraiths using Harry's Patronum spell to complete the chapter.

Blue Crest piece – Hit the bird cage to the left to release it.
Professor Lupin – After refilling the pond, jump to the upper area then look for a golden chest behind the bushes. Destroy the lock using RE then shoot the chest to open it.
Cornelius Fudge – In the last area where you'll need to fight wraiths in the frozen pond, go to the right then shoot the silver leaves to reveal a snake mirror. Talk to it using Harry to get the token.

Yellow Crest piece - After breaking down the boulder, ignore the wraiths then go to the right. Use WiLe to reconstruct the pieces then jump on the hill. You'll find three dark stones on top; the middle contains the crest.

Macnair – Inside the dark stone beside the yellow crest.

You just need to ride the griffin to proceed to the next chapter however, there's still some stuff to do. Kill the pixies nearby then shoot the chest. Arrange the bricks so you can jump and reach the character token of Hufflepuff Prefect. Now kill the boggart to the lower right and connect the knob to the northern gate. Use WiLe to open it.

Go through the northern gate and follow the path to reach the watchtower. Shoot the two owls holding a scroll to release a student in peril in the process.

Shoot the chest then lift it so the owls feed on it. Next, find some lego pieces upstairs. Rebuild it. Use WiLe on the bridge piece on the ground and it will create a ramp for you to reach the character token of Hermione (Grey Hooded Top). Next, go upstairs and use WiLe to drive the egg out of the maze. Backtrack and shoot it to release the full-grown owl inside and to help carry the platform. Ride the platform next.

In the upper level, use WiLe on the pink feather on top of the table to tickle the painting. It will sneeze and break the wall. Rebuild the lego pieces and get the gold brick from the chest. Next, you need to play three records on the music player. The first one is visible to already, the second is inside the chest, and the last one is located inside the cabinet. You need to shoot the player to stop it from playing and take note that you can't pick up other records while there is a current one playing. After playing all three records, the character token of Cho Chang will appear. That's all for now in this place to return to the previous area and ride the griffin to start the next chapter.

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Comments for Dementor's Kiss (3-5)

8 comments, latest first.
Apr 17th 2015 SemtiaValon
When i got to this scene i went and got the character token in the square and then jumped on Buckbeak. I missed the whole owl\Cho thing. How do i get back to it?
ID #544269
Feb 28th 2015 dragons wing
nvm I replay
ID #522439
Feb 28th 2015 dragons wing
I got yellow record but droped it in pond how to get it back without replay
ID #522432
Feb 7th 2012 Guest
Thank you, I would never have figured out where Cho Chang was, but one thing-
I can see two records, but WHERE IS THE THIRD??? Be more specific, please!
ID #113045
Jul 18th 2011 Guest
how do you destroy the lock????
ID #58909
Jul 12th 2011 Guest
I do not get it
ID #57269
Jan 9th 2011 Guest
What does it show on the bulletin boards in the Leaky Cauldron for 2-4 then? Just a blank spot or is it faded? That's kind of wierd.
ID #24745
Aug 17th 2010 Guest
I am missing 2-4 Tom Riddles diary. When I try to replay chapters, I am missing this one. I tried replaying the 2-3 Crabbe and Goyle, hoping it would say continue, but it didn't. How can I go back and complete this chapter?! Can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #9186