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Hogsmeade (3-2)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 3, Chapter 2

You need to destroy 10 webs to get the Yellow Crest piece. There's two overhead from where you started. Clear the vines as you go to the right, then shoot the web overhead, before reaching the pixie (3/10). Kill the pixie then use WiLe to put the piece on the platform. Jump on it and use WiLe again on another board to jump across. Get the two boards and put them on the pillars to the right. Don't forget to shoot the web to the lower left. (4/10). Jump on the next platform. Before lifting the 100KG weight, press Square to enter targeting mode. Find another web to the lower right (5/10). Lift the weight and connect it to the purple line to pull the bridge down.

Cross the bridge, shoot the web to the left (6/10) and the one on the nearby wall. (7/10). Use the torches nearby to warm up the vines and release the platforms where you can jump though. Cross the gap again and shoot the web behind the root. (8/10) Switch to any of the brothers, then use RiDi to destroy the boggart. Pull the purple part to reveal three face reliefs and some items.

You need to place the items on the appropriate “face”. Place the painting in front of the face to the right, cake in front of the middle face and the flowers to the left. If done correctly, the stairs to the right will be fixed. Otherwise, try to lift the part again with WiLe and attempt to fit it again. Continue upstairs to the right. Shoot the last two webs then climb the ladder up.

There's nothing much to do in the candy shop so lift the purple block and place it on the scale to open the path outside.

Head out, then shoot all three owls for them to drop several pieces. Build a snowman out of them. Destroy the snowman to get the Blue Crest piece.

Continue uphill and the Malfoy bastard will make the giant snowman lob snowballs. Grab the torch left behind by the wizard from the scene, use it to melt the large chunks of ice right beside it. Use WiLe on the wooden planks to set fire to the snowman and melt it.

The digging spot past the signboard contains a snowball that you must ride downhill to hit some bowling pins. Doing so will award you with a Red Crest piece but you don't have means of digging it up so try to get this during free play. Head to the right for a snowball fight session against the resident anti-heroes.

Malfoy will throw three fast snowballs at you which you must avoid then wait for him to throw a large, slow one. Use WiLe to throw it back to him. Do this two more time sand he'll create an igloo-cannon. Stand back at a distance and wait for him to shoot his projectile. Use WiLe to plug it back to the cannon then wait for it to throw a much larger snowball. Throw it back to Malfoy to damage him. Do this two more times to finish him.


Snowball Fight


After the snowball fight, you'll be back in the streets. Take the road to the lower left to find a snowman at the end. Shoot it to release the student in peril.

Attach the broomstick nearby to the snowball. Lift the purple cage and put it on a sled so it  melts the ice and reveal another broomstick. Use it and fly towards the snowball. Use WiLe to attach it. Next, head down and shoot the pine trees closes to the intersection so they'll fly upwards like rockets and hit the student with the third broomstick. Place it on the snowball to remove the obstacle. The Green Crest piece can be obtained by using the chain device but it requires a strong character. Leave it for now and enter the building to complete the chapter.

Crabbe (Sweater) – Destroy the dark orb left of the “face puzzle” in the first area.
Goyle (Sweater) – Right after emerging from the tunnel and finding yourself inside the shop, you'll find a locked kiosk. Break the silver lock with RE then use WiLe to shake it and to get the token.
Draco (Sweater) - After the snowball fight, use RE on the pot beside the snowball. Next, find the red wizard holding the character token down the street to the lower left. Shoot him and he'll teleport to the right side. Shoot him again and he'll teleport beside the pot. Use WiLe on the pot to scare him away and for you to get the token.

Green Crest piece - After placing three brooms on the large snowball, don't go inside the building yet. Follow it to the right and pull the chain to get this crest.

Nothing much to do here; just follow the ghost guide or the markets until you reach your house's main room. The next chapter will start from there.

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Comments for Hogsmeade (3-2)

16 comments, latest first.
Apr 9th 2014 Guest
It is still not all of it
ID #373070
Nov 6th 2012 Guest
i need 2 get past skrewts 4 NDS.SOME1 PLEZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can't use any spells.their is a force field that i cant get past
ID #206098
Jul 13th 2012 Guest

My nephew is trying to get past Honeydukes and cannot open the door. He's moved the ladder,c ollected everything and cannot seem to get the door open? Anyone have a step by step to help? Playing on the iphone 4

ID #163670
Aug 24th 2016 Guest
just restart the lvl if u play for long periods of time then it glitches
ID #677275
Apr 13th 2012 Guest
I am doing this on an iPad, so it is a completely different experience. I don't know what you're talking about with WiLe and blah, blah, blah. It sounds like gibberish to me. I know what to do, but I'm stuck at the part where you have to scare the bat off the witches window! I just can't seem to find the fire-cracker, or whatever it is! =[
ID #132832
Aug 4th 2016 Guest
WiLi is a spell
the one that makes stuff float
ID #672388
Mar 2nd 2012 Guest
Thanks so much this was super helpful, I was stuck at the Malfoy scene and this got me threw it. Z not B!!!
ID #119782
Jan 12th 2012 Guest
I had a hard time with the snow balls too, If you avoid the small ones that just knock you back then wait for the big one you can grab it. DON"T use the "b" button to focus on the ball with the spell, it wont work. When the right snow ball is about to be thrown make sure you have the purple spell selected for your "Z" cast. the ball will glow purple, then press z the game will do the rest for you. Same goes for the part 2 phase, just hit "z" when the ball shows. Hope this helps, I really wish Lego would have more info and what you have to do each fight , then haveing us runaround pionting at everything hoping its correct.
ID #105282
Dec 14th 2011 Guest
This is no help! I'm doing it on DS and am stuck about making the snowman and getting into the three brooms.[strike][/strike]
ID #95027
Jul 17th 2011 Guest
I can not find the unlock things for the passage to honeydukes cellar, could you please help me? :/
ID #58692
Jun 21st 2011 Guest
In the caves, the three items (cake, painting and plant) somehow are not standing on a row when the curtain goes up. The painting actually semi-disappears into the back wall and can not be moved anymore after that. Anybody knows how to fix this?
ID #51023
May 28th 2011 Guest
You can't catch all of them for the first three times. When Malfoy is just throwing them with his wand avoid the first three snowballs and them use WiLe on the fourth to hit him with it. Once he has built his snow machine you can use WiLe to hit him with all of them! Hope this helped
ID #45552
May 9th 2011 Guest
I can't catch the snowballs thrown by Malfoy!! They hit me before I can use WiLe in time. Any suggestions??
ID #42259
Apr 21st 2011 Guest
Thanks so muc., this website has helped me so a lot!
ID #38822
Feb 23rd 2011 Guest
Thank you this helped soo much and all of your other walkthroughs too!!
ID #30129
Aug 25th 2010 Guest
I don't even go out of Howarts. Could you tell me in NDS how to do it? Thanks
ID #10255