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The Quidditch World Cup (4-1)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The Quidditch World Cup

Year 4, Chapter 1

Go to the right and use WiLe on the bucket to put the fire out. You need to do this 8 times to get the Red Crest piece. Continue to the right past the tents to find George. Press and hold X to target him and shoot the fireworks to rescue him. There is another bucket here; use it to put out the fire. Continue a little bit to the right to find another fire to put out. Go back to your starting position then go  north this time. Put out the  fire to the left then go east this time. You'll find Ron trapped under some debris. Shoot the enemy three times as it pops out in different directions then use WiLe to save Ron.

Go uphill to the right two find two more fires to put out. Continue to the right to find Mr. Weasley. Shoot the enemy until he pops out to the left side. When he does, use the frying pan nearby to smack him and free Mr. Weasly.

Put out the nearby fire, then dig the nearby digging point and a plant will sprout out. Destroy the plant to grab the cherry piece. Shoot the webs up ahead to get the spider piece. Finally, shoot the grill up north to cook the meat. Grab it and put it on the cauldron. Drink the invisibility potion, then destroy the red monster book to the lower left. Move the cart out of the way, then put out the last fire. Use WiLe on the tent to rescue Fred.

After the cutscene, destroy the banner nearby then build a trampoline out of it. Jump over the fire then shoot the water barrel to put out the fire and to regroup with your team mates. Head south then destroy the pile of rubbel there to get the character token Ginny (Hooded Top).

Head north then put out the fire to rescue the person. You need to do this 5 times to get the Yellow Crest piece. Go to the right then use WiLe on the crate to reveal a bucket. Use the bucket to put out the fire up north, then have Hermione's cat dig a green wheel. Attach the wheel to the cart to the right.

Before pushing the cart, go south to find a red wizard stuck a pile of more debris. Clear them to free him. (2/5). Return to the cart and push it away. Go to the right then shoot the chest to reveal an axe. Use it to destroy the barricade up north. Go north then put out the fire to rescue another civilian. Next, shoot the barrel to the right and wait for the skeleton to stop dancing. Grab the bone piece.

Backtrack then use WiLe on the black cauldron. Put the bone piece in, then kill the pixie nearby for a nozzle. Get that nozzle then attach it to the water barrel to the south to fill the bucket under it with water. Use WiLe on the bucket to put the fire out. Grab the bottle piece in the pit then throw it to the cauldron.

Continue south to find the flower piece and another trapped civilian. Put out the fire to save him then grab the flower piece. Backtrack a bit then head to the left to find another wizard pinned under some rubble. Clear the rubble then return to the cauldron and throw the last ingredient in. Drink the strength potion then pull the chain to clear the path. Press on for a boss battle sequence.

This fight can be a bit annoying especially if you don't have the Extra Heart, Regeneration or Invincibility red brick cheats. Death Eaters will be surrounding you and there are times that you'll get hit with their consecutive shots. Multi-targeting (press and hold X) isn't effective here since you'll probably get hit before you can even get multiple lock-ons.  For the first wave, you just need to shoot a few Death Eaters. The second wave will consist of snakes and Death Eaters. These snakes will constrict you if they catch you; if that happens, switch to another character and shoot the snake to break free. Just keep busy and keep shooting; thankfully, the game has aim-assist so it won't be that hard to hit your targets. The third wave will still have both Death Eaters and snakes but there will be more this time. Repeat the process to end the battle and complete the chapter.

Barty Crouch Jr battle

(Re-run after getting Reducto)

Use RE on the locked stall to release the student in peril.

After fixing the cart in the second stage (using the green wheel), head south and find a pile of silver boxes, beside a trapped wizard. Destroy it with RD and dig it. You need a Ravenclaw character to interact with the painting and give you the Blue Crest piece.
In the area where you need to collect the ingredients for the strength potion, you'll find a chest with a silver lock beside the flower piece . Destroy it to get the character token of Barty Crouch Jr.

Use Crucio (CR) on the ball to get the character token of Death Eater left of the cauldron.

Use CR to open the dark tent north of the monster book. Obtain the Green Crest piece inside.


Follow the markers until you reach the next classroom. You need to find the necessary ingredients to create the required potion. Start off by removing the books blocking the pet tunnel. Next, send Hermione's cat to the tunnel,  then take the right tube. It will lead to a red brick. Push it down to release the bird from its cage. Shoot the bird to turn it to tasty drumsticks, then use WiLe to feed them to the piranhas. Grab the banana piece and put it in the cauldron.

Next go south of the room to find a door with a ram lock. Use WiLe to twist its horns and open it. Have Hermione solve the puzzle cabinet, then use WiLe to build some chemistry apparatus. You need to mix two colored liquids at a time, as shown in the book. Red Blue = Purple, Blue Yellow = Green and Yellow Red = Orange. Just a reminder, you need to shoot the purple ball that floats after mixing the purple concoction before you can select again. After doing all three combinations, a synthetic snake will be created.

Finally shoot the chest to the right corner of the room then grab the pump platform. Attach it to the missing part of the water tank then step on it. Your partner will step on the other pump. Just keep pumping until the main tank overflows and leak out the last piece. Put the last piece to unlock the Ageing Potion and Gold Brick.

Follow the marker until you reach the main hall but before taking the main door, go upstairs left to the library. If you have checked out this place a while ago while using this walkthrough, then you should find the ingredients for the ageing potion ready for pick up and the door leading to the library annex already open.

In the library annex, find the red brick on top of the shelves to the upper right. Use WiLe on the nearby books and place them individually on the shelf to push the red brick out of the shelf. Use Hermione to solve the puzzle cabinet in the corner. Build a cart out of it and ride it. Collect all 5 pink books on the ground by running over them and the character token of Alicia Spinnet will appear. Kill the two pixies in the other side of the room then zap the pointy hat. Next, shoot the red book to the right and use WiLe on it to create a digging spot. Dig it for the little brown guys to create a ladder for you. Next, step on the yellow book near the entrance, then jump to the upper platform. Shoot the pointy hat on the handrail. Shoot the berserking ghost to calm it the equip some earmuffs from the cabinet to the left. Jump down and climb up the ladder. Grab the mandrake and put it on the pot to save a student in peril. Don't forget to shoot the pointy hat nearby.  Shooting all 3 hats will award you with studs and a gold brick.

Now that's done, let's get back on track and continue with the next chapter. Just follow the markers until you reach the dining hall. After the scene, follow the ghost guide's trail again to reach Hagrid's Hut

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Comments for The Quidditch World Cup (4-1)

10 comments, latest first.
Jan 4th 2015 Guest
How do you unlock professor Quirrel?
ID #496197
Dec 15th 2013 Guest
voldamord is unlocked when you open that golden brick door when you get 200 gb (gold bricks)
ID #329672
Feb 19th 2012 Guest
I've already unlocked Death Eater and Barty Crouch Jr. How do I unlock the third character?
ID #116350
Jan 18th 2012 Guest
is there a certain trick to getting the wagon to move? i've tried using WiLe and all the other spells and its like it i've reached the far end of the level. i can't move forward.
ID #107205
Jan 3rd 2012 Guest
this is just about the best cheat thingy i have ever been on thanks to this! Smile
ID #102309
Nov 1st 2011 Guest
These cheats are really helping my brother and I. How do you buy a character at Madam Malkins?
ID #84480
Apr 14th 2011 Guest
On the PC we cannot work out how to destroy the red book. We can't jump on it - the character just rebounds off the book when you try. None of the spells work. Is there a trick to it on the PC?
ID #37350
Jan 9th 2011 Guest
Use Harry's Invisibility cloak to get close to it, and it should show you the option on how to jump on top of it. (On xbox, you press "Y")
ID #24746
Dec 31st 2010 Guest
How do you destroy a red monster book?
ID #23346
Aug 8th 2010 Guest
i really am thanked
ID #8008