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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Guide and Walkthrough

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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LEGO: Harry Potter Years 1-4 Guide

Unofficial LEGO: Harry Potter Years 1-4 Guide by Vhayste for


This walkthrough is meant to assist players maximize their initial run. You can replay previously played chapters so don't fret about missing anything in your first playthrough. You will encounter locked paths, chests and objects but don't worry; the spells and characters you need can only be acquired late in the game so don't feel bad about missing them initially. This walkthrough will list the stuff you can backtrack as soon as you have the means to access them.

The same goes with crests; previously acquired crests do count so it means you just need to gather the other pieces again per story chapter. The walkthrough will discuss how to get the crests that you can access without the need of special magic or character. You need two vital things to unlock most of the stuff: the spell Reducto (RE) that can unlock silver locks, chests and gates and the dark version of  Wingardium Leviosa called Crucio (CR) exclusive only to dark arts characters. Reducto is automatically learned after complete chapter 2 of Year 4 while the earliest dark character (Tom Riddle) you'll find is in Year 2, chapter 6. (Free play)

Another thing to note is that this game has some really annoying glitches that may prevent you from getting 100%. To be safe, I suggest keep a backup of your save game using a USB storage device of your choice. Its better to redo a few chapters than to do restart the whole game, if you're after getting all unlockables.

Finally, I am not a Harry Potter fan so excuse me if I don't know the common names of most of the characters nor the fancy terms used to call various stuff. So don't go emailing me correcting my spelling of their spells or telling me to change the names/ terms used in this guide.

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Apr 30th 2023 Slothy1010
How does it work on playstation 4
ID #780203
Aug 14th 2020 Tina Branch
How can I get a dark character token
ID #776132
Sep 14th 2016 Guest
How do you get past the Boulder and into the girls' bathroom?
ID #681858
Sep 19th 2016 Guest
Get up on the shelf with the knight next to the water and send a spell his way, he'll drop some pieces that you build and give to the mermaid statue. After they hit the boulder away you need to build and give the wizard in the picture a light. Aim at him and send a spell his way, he'll turn you into a girl for a brief period of time so go straight to the door and wave at the picture.
ID #682910
Feb 14th 2016 Guest
I'm trying to release my third student and I can't figure out how to levitate these objects. I'm only on the second mission
Harry Potter years 1-4
ID #635211
Feb 14th 2016 Guest
Levitate the knight and build it. Don't forget to place the spear! It will release the student.
ID #635219
Sep 18th 2016 Guest
I have the night and the spear in place but it says will not release the student. Am I missing something? I can't get out of the room and the student is still hanging in there even though the night is fixed and the spirit is it his hand.
ID #682709
Feb 27th 2016 Guest
But how???
ID #637628
Jun 26th 2016 Guest
How to find pet spots in year 1
ID #662070
Mar 28th 2016 Guest
You need to know wingardrium leviosa and then it will appear blue-green and you can use the spell
ID #643110
Nov 23rd 2015 Guest
Anyone have any clue how u can get Rita Skeeter after I've closed off the fountain in the Slytherin Dungeon?
ID #627807
Oct 24th 2015 Guest
nice description, but i need the controls and price
ID #619234
Oct 6th 2015 Guest
popsicol kooooooo
ID #614450
Sep 4th 2015 Guest
Help how do you find charachters like the key I go to the screen but they not there only letters at the bottom of the screen
ID #605457
Sep 3rd 2015 Guest
Help! I skipped a level and I can't return to it! I'm at 77% can anyone help me!
ID #605035
Aug 31st 2015 Guest
HELP!!!! I am stuck at 98.7% and missing 2 gold bricks and lord voldemort!!!!! How do i get the last 2 gold bricks????? Ive completed EVERYTHING TOO!!!! The gold brick finder points in the direction past the sleeping wizard next to leaky caldorn but thats it!!!
ID #604105
Oct 9th 2015 Guest
Enter owl emporium and sweep floor.
ID #615081
Aug 17th 2015 Guest
Hi , i an playing in 3 year and i already entered into wopping willow but i don T know how to advance now
any tips? Please help me
ID #599158
Feb 18th 2016 Guest
Jump on the tree and shoot from up there.
ID #636185
Aug 10th 2015 Guest
Help please my son has completed all the levels and got all of the crests, students in peril and coins but he has still got some of the red owl boxes students in peril and gold boxes to.find but he doesnt know where he has to.go to find them can anyone help
ID #596289
Aug 16th 2015 Guest
He needs to go back to hogwarts
ID #598819
Aug 8th 2015 Guest
Is there a way to restart side quests like hagrid's garden? I left in the middle of it but now it's all glitches out and won't let me finish it.
ID #595652
Aug 13th 2015 Guest
Well you could restart the game but that means restart.
ID #597688
Jul 20th 2015 Guest
ID #586897
Jul 17th 2015 Guest
what character has Dark Magic?
ID #585606
Oct 22nd 2015 Guest
the evil ones like lucius and voldemort
ID #618659
Aug 8th 2015 Guest
Any voldemort character, Lucius Malloy, des theaters, and Peter petegrew
ID #595659