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Follow the dark path or use the light

03F: The Twin Sisters

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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03F: The Twin Sisters


Shiva Eidolon Battle


After the save we get a CS of Snow and his efforts to free Serah - he gets buzzed by enemy fighters, and chooses to ignore them.  Sadly they do not choose to ignore him and a large number of troopers drop down - you give it your best shot the only way you know how, but knuckle sandwiches are not the solution here!  Thankfully your Eidolon know what to do - and they do it!  Snow meet the Shiva Twins, Shiva Twins meet Snow!

As this is our first personal use of the Eidolon we are treated to the Tutorial for them - and you should probably do this unless you already know about them.  Now before you celebrate too much, since we are newly made L'Cie we do not actually have control over our Eidolon yet!  We have to win that by defeating them - which is explained in the tutorial.  Do that now :)

Okay chances are that you failed this battle...  Mostly because you had Snow set to his Commando job.  While you want him set as Commando when you deal with the PSICOM goons, once you are done with them and are fighting the Eidolon that is the worse mode you can be in!

You want him set to Sentinel for the Shiva fight because the object is not to dish out damage but rather to fill the Gestalt bar - so after you finish off the PSICOM and start the Eidolon fight switch to Sentinel, and then Autocover Nix but do not engage until just as she is about to attack you.  Once she starts her attack, engage with Steelguard!

After the attack she will retreat to recharge her ATB, at with point you should use Libra on her and then go to Autocover again and wait for her to attack again, and use Steelguard.  The Gestalt meter connected to her is filling - slowly but it IS filling.  The timer is also ticking down, but if you do this and then rinse and repeat you will fill the bar way before the timer runs out, I promise. 

Now once the bar is filled, trigger Gestalt and Shiva will combine into the motorcycle form that is her Gestalt mode.  You have won!  Good on ya mate!  You now control your first Eidolon!  And don't you wish that the other Eidolon fights were going to be this easy?

Part of your reward for this battle is an additional ATB segment for your ATB bar, plus of course you can now control Shiva.  As you fall to the ground you are approached by a woman - one you do not know - who basically takes you prisoner. 

We cut to a CS of military troops - you and Serah are now their prisoners.  The woman who took you prisoner seems to be in charge of the troops...  Things are not looking good for Snow and Serah are they?

And now we cut back to the main party and a CS of them taking off in the airship - and escaping the area.  It is a real white knuckle ride as Lightning fights with Sazh for control of the ship.  Instead of trying to fight them one-on-one Sazh uses the cliff sides to take them out.  Just after you escape them a news broadcast pops up on the instrument panel.

The newscaster announces the success - and completion - of the purge.  Of course the purge is not the death march that it actually was, rather it was the "relocation" program that the powers that be say it was.  As the broadcast ends you are attacked by another group of fighters, and Sazh flies towards the fal'Cie sanctuary above.  This doesn't turn out to be a sanctuary at all!  In fact the fal'Cie attacks you and our ship is sent spiraling down towards the ground trailing smoke!

The game now prompts us for a save - so let's do that.

We have crashed in the Vile Peeks - and there are a bunch of doggies here to greet us!  As everyone wakes up the doggies attack, and we are forced to defend ourselves.  Fortunately these are fairly low-level doggies so it is not much of a fight!

Lightning starts to march away and Sazh protests - telling her that they need a break.  Hope takes off with Lightning and Sazh and Van lag behind.  Van gives Sazh a pep talk, and Hope climbs an engine-looking thingy.  As they get up to leave we get an Achievement/Trophy unlock - Instrument of Flight - which as you probably know, signals the end of a chapter!  Yay us!

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