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Follow the dark path or use the light

11F: Speaking with Serah

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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11F: Speaking with Serah

Stone Mission 20

Cross back to the main path and continue on it to the next Treasure Sphere, which contains 7 Abyssal  Scales, then continue on to the next CS in which Lighting talks to her sister and they decide to stop and camp there for the night. 

After the CS ends follow the path and you will encounter another Treasure Sphere that contains a Cie'th Tear - grab that and then head around the corner to zone, and hit the save point here.  Run through the next small section and you trigger a CS with an amazing view, and on the other side of the CS we find ourselves standing beside the next Stone in the series!

Stone Mission 20: Words Unspoken

After the battle, hit the Treasure Sphere that is to the left of where you fought the battle and rejoice in your 20 Sinister Fangs!  The next Mission Stone is inside that round tower-like chamber to the left, so go ahead and follow the path in that direction, entering the building at the end of the path.

Once you pass through the first hall you get a CS of entering the Tower - which is where we want to be - I don't know about you but the CS was sort of cool...

If you look around this area before you get into that contraption you will notice some mobs to kill, a Treasure Sphere with 4700 Gil, and another with some Chipped Fangs in it.  That wraps up the assets for this area, so go ahead and hit the save point that is right beside the entrance to the contraption - and then climb on board the contraption and use the control panel to reach the Second Tier.  Run around the  path to the middle platform area - that is where our next stone is!

As you step forward you will trigger a CS in which you have a sort of confrontation with the Fal'Cie that we saw earlier, and then we get a mini-tutorial on The Menhirrim - explaining that we need to do missions for the Menhirrim on this level before we can continue on along the path.  Is this helpful or what?  Excellent!

Go through the blown-open wall and you will see a large stone statue with a red swirl in from of it - presumably this is the Menhirrim.  Go ahead and examine it, flagging Stone Mission 21!

Stone Mission 21: A Tremulous Terror

Now walk over to the statue here - look for the red swirl - and examine it to flag Stone Mission 22.

Stone Mission 22: Infernal Machine

The next statue is naturally on this platform, and as there are no Treasure Spheres or mobs for us to kill here we may as well go right to it!

Stone Mission 23: Natural Defenses

With the final glowing sword the statues change position and the flames on the main path extinguish, leaving us a clear path to proceed along the narrow balcony running along the inside of the tower.  As we pass through the hole in the wall we get a CS in which the statues do battle with the Fal'Cie and then disappear.

If you follow the balcony all the way around you arrive at a Treasure Sphere with 5 Spark Plugs, which you should grab.  Now backtrack to the entrance to the stairwell on the right, and fight the mobs here before continuing up the nearby stairs, stopping to grab teh Simurgh from the Treasure Sphere on the landing.

At the top of the stairs is a pair of Managarmr to fight, and then enter the next chamber and fight the Pulsework Galdiators. 

You are now on the third tier of the tower - and at a dead end.  Or are you?  Walk to the statue and examine it, and get a CS in which you see the changes to the tower configuration, and then receive the notice that the elevator can now reach the fourth tier of the tower.

Exit onto the balcony outside and head immediately right to the Treasure Sphere and grab its 2 Metal Armbands, then head to the other side and up to the top of the ramp, where you trip a sensor that calls the elevator to you.  Using the controls inside go to the fourth tier and exit, then use the save point to save your game.

At the end of the balcony is a Treasure Sphere with 2 Glass Orbs, and inside the next chamber a pair of Yakshe for you to kill.  After you do that, head up the ramp to the elevator here and use the controls to go to the fifth tier of the tower inside the chamber with our next Stone Mission.

Fight the mobs here and then get the Ancient Bones from the Sphere in the back of the chamber, then take out the trio of mobs at the other end of the chamber.  Now move to the statue and examine it for the next mission.

Stone Mission 24: A Potent Sting

Use the elevator to return to the fourth tier and exit onto the balcony.  Run to the elevator and out the other side, stopping to grab the Gale Ring from the Treasure Sphere before entering the next chamber and the pair of Varc's here.  At the far end of the chamber is a Treasure Sphere with 2 Rainbow Anklets - this is really been a treasure-rich area!  Once you have those, hit the elevator ramp and use the controls to go to the sixth tier.

Exit the elevator and run around to the back and use the save point, and then examine the statue to flag the next mission.

Stone Mission 25: Spectral Haunt

After the fight grab the Librascope from the nearby Sphere, then head along the corridor and examine the statue in the next chamber. 

Stone Mission 26: So Shrill, The Cry

Completing this mission causes a pair of the statues to change their pose and then we are back in control of our party.   Work your way to the third chamber and use the stairs to go down to the level below, then down the corridor and out on to the balcony, turning to the right.  At this point you will trigger a CS in which the Fal'Cie returns - and the statues fight it again.

The statue point she way for you to go, and then disappears - and your party heads off in the direction of the new path.  At the end of the balcony there is a statue - examine it to reconfigure the tower again, and get the notice that the elevator can now reach the sixth tier.

Turn around and head to the entrance to the chamber (first door on the left) and go inside to the elevator there, and use it to go to fourth tier, and then go to the central elevator and take it to the sixth tier, which now gives you access to the side of the balcony you could not reach before!

Follow Hope out of the elevator and fight the Vampire at the entrance to the first chamber.  Hope runs inside the chamber and you fight another Vampire, After the fight grab the 8 Tears of Remorse from the Sphere inside the chamber, then grab the Clay Ring in the Sphere at the other end of the chamber.  Now head into the next chamber and take out the trio of Vampires before using the elevator to go to the Apex Level of the tower.

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May 21st 2011 Guest
i think the walkthrough is great but i'd like to see a more detailed way to kill some of the bosses and monsters
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