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Follow the dark path or use the light

03D: Casting the Net

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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03D: Casting the Net

New amphibians

 A conversation now takes place that gives a little more background on the situation and our status as L'Cie.  Van takes over as the designated optimist, and then we get buzzed by a squadron of fighters and Lightning urges us to get going.

As you progress along the path you will have a few encounters - you know how to deal with those by now.  After you take out the trio of bots that look a lot like Deoxsys from the Pokemon games you should loot the pair of Digital Circuits from the sphere on the right path before you continue on to the jump points ahead and climb the mountain here.

About mid-way up you will see some rubble to the right with a jump point that diverges from the path - take that to the ledge above and empty the treasure sphere of its 2 flasks of Paraffin Oil, and then take the 50 Gil from the next sphere before continuing along the path up.  At the top you get jumped by a mixed patrol, and then if you head to the right and up you find the next save point - which you should use now.

As you move past the save point you trigger another CS in which you get a panoramic view of the area and then Sezh and Van have a chat about being crystals, and then we have an awkward conversation with Lightning about her sister Serah before resuming the path.

A fair way up there is a treasure sphere with 30 Gil, and a bit after that another sphere with a half-dozen Begrimed Claws in it.  Just a bit further and you reach a set of stairs, mid-way up them is a save point which you may as well use now.   You may want to check your kit and supplies now as well, since this is a good time to replenish potions if you have been using them up.  See if you have any better weapons or kit for your team to use as well.

It would be a good time for you to grab a beverage IRL - my wife just brought me a big glass of Neuman's Own Lime Aid which is some wicked good stuff, but you drink what you like...

At the top of the stairs is another Alpha Behemoth - now I bet you are glad you had that drink, right?  Well, you should make short work of this one - use Libra to scope it out and then combo it into the dirt!  Excellent!  Before you move ahead check that alcove to the right and grab 600 Gil from the sphere there. 

At the top of the next area there is a mixed group of Watchdrones (the Deoxsys looking things) and a PSICOM Ranger - you may want to give the Ranger priority as a target since he can sit back on the edge of the fight and take pot-shots at you that can hurt, I am just saying...

To the right of the fight area is a sphere with a pair of Digital Circuits in it, and to the left is a jump spot to take you further along the path.  As you reach the top here there is a jump spot straight ahead and a set of stairs to the right.  At the first landing off of the stairs to the right there is an alcove with a treasure sphere in it that has 6 Begrimed Claws in it that you should grab, and then either continue down the stairs or use the jump spot above.

If you use the jump spot you can get behind the Crusader Mech to get a preemptive strike in, which is always nice.  Otherwise you will go head-to-head with the mobs in the plaza here.  Either way keep an eye on your health bars because the Crusader packs a good punch if it concentrates on a single party member.

There is a second Crusader here backed up by a trio of PSICOM so again, mind your health bars and try to take out the PSICOM first so that they cannot sit on the sidelines and take pot-shots at you, then take out the Crusader!   There is a treasure sphere in the corner on the left with a Spark Ring - and at the end of the hall after the long steep stairs is another sphere with some potions in it.

At the top of the next stairs is a save point - use that and then take a look around.  On the rubble near the save point is a spot you can examine that will permit you to climb over the wreckage here - and Val will remark that it looks like you can get through here.  Before you do that, notice that there are some puppies a little further down the hall?  Be an idea to take them out first before you continue on, right?

Moving deeper into this area prompts an attack by a pair of PSICOM Rangers and a PSICOM Executioner - but they are pretty easy to take down.  Follow the hall deeper in and you get jumped by another group for an easy 25CP and a nugget of Millerite!

Just past the sphere is a fairly large mixed group to take on - keep on eye on the health bars because if they all concentrate on one of your party you could easily lose them.  Nearby is a group of low-level puppies for you to massacre, and that brings you to the area on the other side of the wreckage that you would have reached if you had taken the short cut.  But of course you would not have gotten the CP and spoils not to mention the Millerite had you done that, so no regrets, right mate?

If you like you can go over the wreckage real quick and hit the save point again - it is never a bad idea to save your progress after all!

Back on the other side again if you look to the right you will see a flight of stairs - at the top of which is some enemy and a sphere - kill them and grab the Ferroelectric Film from the sphere and then use the jump point to drop down on the enemy below - which is the same group you would face anyway if you had followed the path instead of going up the stairs.  One of the enemy here is a PSICOM Executioner - they are always fun to kill!

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