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Final Fantasy XIII Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII Guide and Videos
Final Fantasy XIII Guide
Complete Final Fantasy XIII Game Guide with over 70 videos. Chris takes you through the whole game in a fun easy to read style, most sections are al..

We have 23 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy XIII please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3

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Angry or Tired Character

If you quickly move the analog-stick Left and Right repeatedly when you are not in a battle your Character will become angry or tired.

Unlock Gamer Pics

When you gain the indicated Achievement you will be rewarded with the corresponding gamer pic.
Unlock Fang Gamer Pic:
Obtain the Treasure Hunter Achievement.
Unlock Hope Gamer Pic:
Obtain the Instrument of Change Achievement.
Unlock Vanille Gamer Pic:
Obtain the Instrument of Faith Achievement.
Unlock Snow Gamer Pic:
Obtain the L'Cie paragon Achievement.
Unlock Lightning Gamer Pic:
Obtain the Superstar Achievement.
Unlock Sazh Gamer Pic:
Obtain the Loremaster Achievement.
Unlock Serah Gamer Pic:
Obtain ALL Achievements.

Easy CP

It is possible to gain 6,600 CP in about 2 minutes performing the following trick. At Gran Pulse there are two Behemoth-like enemies fighting each other and when you approach them a preemptive attack will always happen. Use the following Optima set-up: Attacker/Enhancer/Enhancer, wait until you get Haste and Fire elemental offense and then switch to Attacker/Blaster/Blaster. Killing the purple creature first will make the white one easier to defeat. If you return near the save point they will respawn allowing you to repeat the process.

Change Options before Boss Battle

To do this press 'Menu' just as the cinematic before a Boss battle ends. If you have timed it correctly a menu screen will appear which will allow you to reconfigure paradigms, weapons, etc.

Easy CP

At Gran Pulse (Disc 3) you will be told to go to Vanille's village. Before you reach this location you must go through a tower called Taejin Tower. Follow the steps below to get past it and collect easy CP.
1. Defeat the Boss at the apex of Taejin Tower.
2. Take the elevator down to level four, and then the other elevator (the first room on the left when exiting the elevator) up to level 5.
3. You will see a mission statue directly in front of the elevator (mission 24)
4. Select the statue and re-accept the mission. The target will spawn in the same room.
5. Kill the group of three that spawns and get 6,000 CP and an item that sells for 6,000 Gil.
6. Go back to the statue, re-accept the mission again and complete it...

Easy CP

When you reach the assault on the Estheim house do the following trick to get easy CP. Instead of taking the red circle out of the room run around the circular hallway. The soldiers that you will encounter are easy to defeat and you can gain anywhere from 120 to 200 CP per battle along with an incentive chip which you can later sell if desired. The easiest way to perform this trick is to attack the soldiers at the window instead of turning around and going straight for the soldiers that are behind you. Keep going around the hall attacking and by the time you make it back the soldiers at the window which you killed will have respawned.

Capped Weapon Experience Equation

Use the following equation to understand how much experience you will need to spend to get any weapon capped at it's current level.
N = Increase your weapon will grow after every level obtain. For example at level 1-2 you need 1,000 experience. From level 2-3 you need 1,125 exp. N = 1125 minus 1000, which in this case is 125. So n for this weapon would equal 125.
X = The total number of levels you will need to cap (Star) your weapon. For example, from 1 to 21 (Star) for Tier 1 weapons requires 20 levels (21-1=20).
B = The base experience that your weapon has. For example, Axis Blade at level one needs 1,000 experience to reach level 2. 1,000 is the base experience.
The equation is as follows to determine how much experience it will cost to c..

Sprint Shoes Accessory

You can either be find these or make them. Below is one of the methods to make them using a Tetradic Tiara. Follow the steps in the exact order. This method works best if you have the accessory that makes you more likely to get a drop after a battle and that it is has been upgraded to the top tier.
1.Buy Four Iron-Bangles (500 Gil each)
2.Make sure there are no Tetradic Tiaras in your inventory.
3.Repeatedly do mission 7 (Disc 3, Gran Pulse) until you get the rare drop of a Tetradic Tiara.
4.Save the game.
5.Break down all four Iron-Bangles.
6.Upgrade Tetradic Tiara level 1 to Tetradic Tiara ? (only one level till star).
7.Break down Tetra Tiara ?
8.Repeat the steps as desired.
If ..

How to beat Odin.

Ok so I have been getting a lot of questions from people latley on how you beat the boss known as Odin, so for everyone I'm going to tell you how I did it, and it's pretty simple actually, and it only took me two minutes to beat him:
Ok when going to battle with Odin your going to want to have Hope as Sypt, that way he can get your team shell, protect etc. The beginning for the fight is the most difficult part of the whole fight because when Odin first strikes you as soon as the fight starts it can kill you in like one hit, if not pretty close. So you want to have Hope as Sypt. As for you, "Lightning" your going to want to have your self as Medic. Ok now that you have survived the first hit by Odin you should be alright, switch Hope to Revanger and have him attack Od..

Secret Animation

If you turn the Left analog-stick quickly on the field screen the character that you are controlling will perform a secret animation.

Easy CP. around 750ish in about a few mins

Clock Tower is the place to be! It's in Nautius Park after Sazh says he's going to turn himself in. Save then fight your way through the bad guys until you come to the 2nd Save point. When you pull up your Map the destination is dead ahead, but I always look for all the times :D if you go West of the 2nd save point you will find a large group of Zwerg Metrodroids. They are kinda strong at first so you wont be able to beat them in the 6-10 sec that I can now after 2-3 of training lol, but after you beat them they give you 650 CP. Now instead of saving and restarting that process over and over becuz that'll take to much time, head East of the save point. Make a sharp right, sharp left and another sharp right. If you deffeated the ememies you wont have to again as long as you keep moving. (..

Beating Cid Raines

So you guys want to beat the man named after the imfamous Cid thats dates back to Final Fantasy's long history
Use Snow (Sentinal), Lightning (Commando) and Vannile (Medic) this will sponge his agressive shift
When he shields or heals go into the paradigm >>> (forgot name) (Snow (Ravanger), Lightning (Commando), Vanille (Ravanger)) and work on the chaining then when he goes back to offensive shift then go back to Solidarity (Above)... It will take a while but if you stagger him before lightning goes insane and beats him to a pulp then switch to (Snow (Commando), Lightning (Commando), Vanille (Ravanger) then you can juggle the guy till he's dead.

How to over come numerous enemys.

The key move is to use your sentinel If you have one! They draw all the enemys atttention and are able to take a great amount off damage! Remeber that sometimes a great offense is a great deffense!

Beating Raine

Alright, I had a lot of my friends ask me how to beat this guy! So, I'm going to do this for them! If you keep getting your butt whoopped listen. Set your Party leader to Lightning, the other two should be a sentinal and a medic( I used Snow for my sentinal and Vannille for my medic). Make sure Lightning is a commando. It should be the Paradigm Solidarity. Lightning will attack him while your sentienal takes Raine's blows. Also your medic will feed you the sweeeet cures you need to last. Now take note this is not the only way to beat him and this way takes awhile, but it works!


Wait until Lightning (or another Commando (Snow, Lighning or Fang only) knocks the enemy into the air and finish thier combo. Then unleash your combo and by the time you come down the other commando will be back up and using thier combo. The Ravanger will also be keeping the enemy in the air which is good because your characters take a while to fall. (This technique is best done with a Commando, Commando, Ravanger class.
Your Welcome in advance

Battle Tips pt. 1

With these tips, you will be able to handle pretty much any battle. These tips mostly pertain to random encounters, not bosses..."mostly".
1. Quickly Stagger enemies
Use the "Aggression" Paradigm until the target's chain gauge gets to about 30% filled. Once there, switch to the "Relentless Assault" Paradigm. The Ravager's will then significantly boost the chain gauge. Keep using this Paradigm until the target dies.
2. If you ever get low on health
If you ever get low on health (this means anyone in your party), switch to the Paradigm "Protection", "Diversity", "Combat Clinic", or "Hero's Charge". Afterwards, continue what you were doing.
3. Ultimate Chain Bonuses..

How to beat hard fights!

I know that a lot of Final Fanatasy XIII players get aggervated when the keep getting their butt handed to them by certain engagements. See the way you win is strategy. Don't try to muscle everything out. Use different Paradigms. Always think before you move. Please try and not autobattle everything! I promise things are a lot easier if you plan!

Keep you miscellaneous items!

At the begining of FF13 I always sold my items. But later on in the game you discover the upgrade weapons and items system. Just a tip do not sell all your items. Some give your weapons an insane amount of Experience!

Sell certain items!

You get variuos items in the game that are used to upgrade accesories and weapons, but some are made to sell! Sell anything that has chip behind! Example would be credit chip!

What people forget.

Always remeber to change your Paradigms when you need your medic. Remeber when the screen flashes red your near about dead.

crystogen point farming in multiple locations

I know a few places where you can farm crystogen points up to teijin tower (gran pulse, chapter 11) when you fight dahaka.
I will put what you fight in it (cant put how many CP you get I forgot)and what roles to have with people ( reccomended, what I used)
Nautilus park: sazh & vanille in the clock tower 2nd save point (COM, MED) take out the zwergs and the orions( for the superconductors
The palamecia: fang, lightning, vanille (COM, RAV, MED) before the first fight with barthundalas go up and down the room killing people ( sell incentive chips and but crankshafts for upgrading wepons)(do not use the librascope here, you will need it for barthundalas fight).
(forgot name): fang lightning vanille (COM, RAV, MED) befor the fight with hecatonchier go to the boxed phalanx..

Slo but very easy cp

If you know the mission that is about the undying ceth Zenobia the butcher instead of facing zenobia you face a tonberry beeting it alonbe will give you 7,500 cp but if you allow it to complete it's stages of grudge all the way up to deep seated grudge then you will recieve 15,000 cp the grudge stage is as follows grudging look brooding grudge iminent grudge then deep seated grudge

Quick Repeat

With this cheat, I am going to tell you how to quickly repeat your previously used Ability combinations. First off, you have to be in a battle. Select "Abilities" and select a combo that you want to use. Next, after your bar fills back up, you should see an arrow next to "Abilities". Now, hold the left button on the D-Pad(Directional Pad) and it will say "Repeat". Hit A then select the Target you want to attack. Thats all there is to it.

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