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Follow the dark path or use the light

12B: Eden Under Siege

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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12B: Eden Under Siege

The Proudclad Boss Battle

Basically you are working your way along the path, winning a series of battles with a variety of mobs, stopping to grab the Rebel Heart from a Treasure Sphere in the middle of the road halfway along. 

After the fight with the Proto-Behemoth grab the Otshirvani from the Treasure Sphere, then hit the nearby save point!

When you jump over the rubble you will see ahead of you a large mob - this is 'The Proudclad' and it is a boss mob so this is a boss fight!  Stagger and beat it.  You do not actually kill it - yet - but you should easily 5-star this battle before it flies away.   We are treated to a brief CS after the battle in which we all get fired up on the fight to come, and then we are back in control of the team!

Jump across and enter the lift, using its controls to lower it.   When you reach the bottom you will trigger another CS which you see the nearby battle between Cocoon forces and more of the Pulse Mech Units and monsters.  Cocoon does not do so well - no surprise there - and then you are back in control of the team and facing one of the huge walkers from Pulse.  Actually it is called an Adamanchelid but it reminds me of the walkers from one of the later Star Wars flicks.

Once you stagger the walker it is wicked easy to kill - it is getting it staggered that is the challenge, especially with the high damage that its special can do to your team.  After a brief CS we are put back in control of the party in a nice cinematic panning view, and then we just need to continue along the path!

Use the nearby save point first - it would be a pity to have to re-do all of this, right?

Ahead on the right by the blue car is a Treasure Sphere with a Punisher in it - grab that before you continue along the path and start fighting again.  The first fight is with some troops, the second with a Humbaba - both are easy and quick. 

Jump down and continue along the lower path, follow that around and open the door ahead for another CS and zone, then run ahead and on the right to the save point and use it.   The path continues to the right of the save point, so follow that until you come to a split in the path.  Basically the right split gives you some more mobs to kill but you end up following the same path in the end so it is your call.  I chose to clear out the area to the right before continuing on.

Note that in addition to more mobs to kill, in the area to the right branch there is a Treasure Sphere with 2 Blaze Rings, a Tyrant to fight, and on the inner ring of the left hand circle is a Treasure Sphere with a Champion's Badge in it.  Finally on the outer path on the lower left just past the hook-like switchback is another Treasure Sphere, this one containing a Librascope. 

While the last Sphere is not really important the previous two are, especially if you are intent upon getting all - or nearly all - of the Trophy/Achievement unlocks in the game. 

You are no doubt thinking that there is an awful lot of fighting in what is supposed to be one of the shorter chapters of the game - and yes, that is true.  That is especially annoying if you have already capped your CP bank - as the only thing that we gain from these fights is spoils -and that being the case, if you have not remembered to arm the Collector's Catalog now would be a good time to remember that!  You may also want to arm the Survivalist Catalog as well, as that will increase your chance of getting shrouds as loot.

Towards the end of this zone section is a Tyrant and a Vernal Harvester for you to fight - as long as you get the drop on them staggering and killing them is trivial.  Just past that battle you hit a zone point and get a CS - and discover that your path is blocked!

Just when you think you are going to have to turn around and look for another route Snow's old group of rebels appear!  The CS takes a more personal tone for Snow at this point.  The crew from NORA heads off to do their bit, and you continue along doing yours, and all is right in the world!

Ahead of you is a save point - use that and then continue along the path to the path to the end of the curve where there is a Treasure Sphere with an Antares Deluxes (a set of weapons for Sazh). 

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