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Final Fantasy XIII Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII Guide and Videos
Final Fantasy XIII Guide
Complete Final Fantasy XIII Game Guide with over 70 videos. Chris takes you through the whole game in a fun easy to read style, most sections are al..

We have 16 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy XIII please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360

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Unlock PS3 Themes

When you obtain the indicated Trophies the corresponding special character themes for your PS3 will become available.
Unlock Fang Theme:
Obtain the Treasure Hunter Gold Trophy.
Unlock Hope Theme:
Obtain the Instrument of Change Gold Trophy.
Unlock Lightning Theme:
Obtain the Superstar Gold Trophy.
Unlock Sazh Theme:
Obtain the Lore Master Gold Trophy.
Unlock Serah Theme:
Obtain the Ultimate Hero Platinum Trophy.
Unlock Snow Theme:
Obtain the L'Cie Paragon Gold Trophy.
Unlock Vanille Theme:
Obtain the Instrument of Faith Silver Trophy.

Easy CP

When you arrive at Gran Pulse (Disc 3) you will be told to go to Vanille's village. Before you reach the village you must go through a tower called Taejin Tower. Follow the steps below to get past it and collect easy CP.
1. Defeat the Boss at the apex of Taejin Tower.
2. Take the elevator down to level four, and then the other elevator (the first room on the left when exiting the elevator) up to level 5.
3. You will see a mission statue directly in front of the elevator (mission 24)
4. Select the statue and re-accept the mission. The target will spawn in the same room.
5. Kill the group of three that spawns and get 6,000 CP and an item that sells for 6,000 Gil.
6. Go back to the statue, re-accept the mission again an..

Easy CP

Performing the following trick will gain you 6,600 CP in about 2 minutes. At Gran Pulse there are two Behemoth-like enemies fighting each other and when you approach them a preemptive attack will always happen. Use the following Optima set-up: Attacker/Enhancer/Enhancer, wait until you get Haste and Fire elemental offense and then switch to Attacker/Blaster/Blaster. Killing the purple creature first will make the white one easier to defeat. If you return near the save point they will respawn allowing you to repeat the process.

Easy CP

Do the following trick during the assault on the Estheim house. Instead of taking the red circle out of the room run around the circular hallway. The soldiers that you will encounter are easy to defeat and you can gain anywhere from 120 to 200 CP per battle along with an incentive chip which you can then sell. The easiest way to perform this trick is to attack the soldiers at the window instead of turning around and going straight for the soldiers that are behind you. Keep going around the hall attacking and by the time you make it back the soldiers at the window which you killed will have respawned.

Sprint Shoes Accessory

These can either be found or you can make them. Below is one of the methods to make them using a Tetradic Tiara. Follow the steps in the exact order. This method works best if you have the accessory that makes you more likely to get a drop after a battle. Make sure you upgrade it to the top tier as well.
1. Buy Four Iron-Bangles (500 Gil each)
2. Make sure there are no Tetradic Tiaras in your inventory.
3. Repeatedly do mission 7 (Disc 3, Gran Pulse) until you get the rare drop of a Tetradic Tiara.
4. Save the game.
5. Break down all four Iron-Bangles.
6. Upgrade Tetradic Tiara level 1 to Tetradic Tiara ? (only one level till star).
7. Break down Tetra Tiara ?
8. Repeat the steps as desired.

Secret Animation

Turn the left stick in a slow circle on the field screen and the character that you are controlling will perform a secret animation.

Capped Weapon Experience Equation

The following is an equation to understand how much experience you will need to spend to get any weapon capped at it's current level.
N = Increase your weapon will grow after every level obtain. For example at level 1-2 you need 1,000 experience. From level 2-3 you need 1,125 exp. N = 1125 minus 1000, which in this case is 125. So n for this weapon would equal 125.
X = The total number of levels you will need to cap (Star) your weapon. For example, from 1 to 21 (Star) for Tier 1 weapons requires 20 levels (21-1=20).
B = The base experience that your weapon has. For example, Axis Blade at level one needs 1,000 experience to reach level 2. 1,000 is the base experience.
The equation is as follows to determine how much experience it will cost to..

Change Options before Boss Battle

To access a menu screen that will allow you to reconfigure paradigms, weapons, etc. Press 'Menu' just as the cinematic before a Boss battle ends.

Loot Incentive Chips endlessly

When you're at Palumpolum - The Estheim Residence (which is Hope's home) in Chapter 7, do the following:
1) Open the nearby treasure ball for Phoenix Down then approach Hope.
2) When you gain control of Fang, step in the red circle and press the switch on TV.
3) A battle occurs afterwards. After that, you can save your game.
4) There will be 2 groups of enemies: one close to the save station and the other on the right alley on the right. They spawn indefinitely and you can nab Incentive Chips which are sold 2500 gil a piece.
To make them respawn, just circle the right alley going to the left and reaching back to the save station. Depending on your route, same group of enemies on the same place will spawn and you can fight them again.

Major cp with best strategies

go to the (northern highplain-archyite steppe) and there will be a purple behemoth king and a white megistotherian wolf like monster.those give 6600cp
you always get first attack with them
right in the same location there is a cactaur.
cactaur gives 5,000cp
Giant cactaur gives 10,000cp
cactaur prime gives 15,000cp
cactaur grows into giant cactaur with cactaur dance.
giant cactaur grows into cactaur prime with another way to prepare and then destroy is to have two synergst and one sentinel at the start.when cactaur is done growing turn your team into three commandos.make sure you have enfire so when you attack it counts as a fire attack.
there is also a behemoth king that is solo(by himself) in the same single beh..

Trapezohedron Mulitiplication

As most of us know, Trapezohedrons are the transformation catalysts for creating Ultima Weapons for every character. You COULD spend countless hours of brutal grinding to get enough Gil to both upgrade your weapon all the way (around 1,500,00 Gil and 2 seperate catalysts, depending on the weapon) and a Trapezohedron, which costs a whopping 2,000,000 Gil, or you could do this exploit. Granted, you will need both the Gil and Trapezohedron the first time around, but the exploit will quickly make up for it. Two characters can perform this, Fang and Vanille. Upgrade Vanille's Tigerclaw, Healer's Staff, Belladonna Wand, or Mistilteinn to make the weapon Nirvana, or upgrade Fang's Dragoon Lance, Shamanic Spear, Punisher, Pandoran Spear, or Gae Bolg to make Kain's Lance. Dismantle either to get ..

good battle teams plus places to harvest cp

In chapter 11 it's very simple I've already completed all of my crytigenarium just go around constantly fight fight fight but I advise you don't fight the behemoths there exstremly hard theyll kill you and don't fight the giant dinosaur it's impossible to kill the tower is also good you can kill every thing there and you get like anywhere between 2500cp to 5000 ok now for the battle teams I use fang lightning and sazh when you start have fang as leader in sabatour that way she slows the enemy down then inflicts pain curse and all sorts of other things on them sazh start off with him as a synergist he will cast haste and yet again all sorts of things to help you and then lightning make her either medic or camando she a lil good at medic she isnt stupid when she casts cure shell heal you r..

120,000 CP - 200,000 in Less than 10 minutes

To gain this CP you just simply needed Lightning,Fang,and Hope.(Major Roles must be maxed out)
Power Gloves 2x ( Kaiser Knuckles are optional )
Genji Glove (maximum lvl)
Growth Egg
Genji Glove (maximum lvl)
Power Gloves 3x ( Kaiser Knuckles are optional )
Gaian Ring 2x or Witch Bracelet 2x ( maximum lvl )
Weirding Glyph ( maximum lvl )
Anything that boost their attributes.
Lightning-> Strength and Magic
Fang -> Strength
Hope -> Magic
Primary Target Enemy:
Shaolong Gui
Secondary Ta..

Evading the wrecking ball attack used by the juggernaut

Actually,the juggernaut's attack will use the flame like type two times then 2.the wrecking ball attack which will reduce your hp to zero so to evade it after it uses the flame type two times wait until the wrecking ball text appears above it's head when it appears(don't waste a single second)use the army of one in the ravager's role the 2nd attack won't hit you.

Easiest and Fastest CP in Game

This may be a difficult fight if your not strong enough. after you get to Gran Pulse and go through the Mah'habara caves, take Atomos to Sulyya Springs then ride him again and he will take you to the secret part of the Mah'habara caves (this is also where u need to go to kill one of the mission marks). there will be 2 forks in your path. take a left at BOTH. you will come to a place where there are 6 of those bomb guys. fight them by spamming quake/firaga with Hope and have the other 2 people as COMs to do blitz. you will regain slightly more than 1 TP after each each fight so use quake at least once per battle. this battle will get you 7140 CP in about 10-20 sec if u kill them all before they self-destruct (more that self-destruct, less CP you get). after each battle go back the way you..

Chapter 4 Secret Areas

When you restore power to the power plant in chapter 4 as Vanille and Sazh, you can backtrack to the control panels that were out of power before and activate them to go to secret areas and find components in treasure spheres.Hope this helps!

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