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The Mad Queen

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The Mad Queen

Since you have the Voidwalker, it will be a good idea to explore a few extra locations and dungeons to collect some extra collectables and loot.

Weeping Crag – Access the treasure trove to find the third GnoMAD's Gnome and a Boatman Coin. (See the Side quests section for details)

The Fjord – Swim to Vulgrim's location in the Fjord then open the portal at ground level. Go to the second floor and activate the portal through the gap in the wall. Return to the ground level and enter the portal. Grab a shadowbomb there and throw it at the portal.

While inside the shadowbomb room, shoot the Stone of Resistance near the ceiling then use a shadowbomb to destroy the small group of crystals in the other room. It may take a few attempts since you have to throw the shadowbomb at a specific gap/ spot to reach the crystals. Loot the chests in the lower floor then go up to the second floor to find a Book of the Dead page.

The Nook – Head to the basement and activate the portal there. Enter the door where the two elevators are then climb up to the upper ledge. Once there, go to where the energy ball is placed and peek in the corner to find the other portal. Activate it as well then enter the lower portal to reach the two chests inside.

Breach – Return to the portion of the dungeon where there are drawbridges. Pull the switch the bring the first drawbridge down and climb the tower beside it. Activate the portal nearby then peek to the edge and use a charged shot to activate the other portal. Enter the portal to reach a chest.

After getting the chest, return to the circular arena where you fought tons of skeletons before. Head to the west and step on the pressure plate. Soul-split there, have one soul step on the pressure plate near the corridor and another one near the triple iron gate. Once the gate goes down, quickly get past the gate to reach another chest.

The Spire / East Tower Ruins – To the east of Judicator's tomb lies a tower ruin that you should have looted earlier. Climb to the top and drop to the second level where the portal lies. Approach the portal and look up at the broken ceiling to find another portal. Activate it and go through it to get another chest.

Psychameron – Return to the portion of the dungeon where there are three switches you need to activate to get the skeleton key. Activate the lower portal then use a charged voidwalker shot on the upper portal to the right. Jump to the lower portal and you should be launched past the iron gate to reach a couple of chests.

Once you're done with the extra stuff, return to Shadow's Edge to continue with the mission.

From the Tree of Death, ride south to the keep. Take the western path and follow it until you see the exit. Before heading out, climb the wall to right to find a Book of the Dead page. Now step on the pressure plate and soul-split there. Backtrack to the fork where the tome is then take the path to the right. This should lead you to a Relic of Khagoth.

Return to your physical form and exit the hall to find Ostegoth. Trade him the relics you have collected so far and sell some unwanted stuff as well. After talking to Ostegoth, ride to the north, passing the fourth Death Tomb along the way. Enter the Black Stone afterward.

After entering, circle around a group of black corruption crystals to the west to find a Boatman Coin. Backtrack and enter the eastern door afterward. Follow the stairs to reach the second floor and encounter Lilith. Here your voidwalker ability will be enhanced to a Phasewalker. You'll have the capability to travel through time. This quest will be completed afterward.

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