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The Key to Redemption

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The Key to Redemption

You'll find yourself in Lostlight. Approach the Crowfather for a brief chat. You need to head to the Crystal Spire far north but the path is laden with various collectables, which we will cover along the way. Head north then summon Despair when you can.

Continue riding north until you find a split in the path. Loot the chest along the way then head to the southeast to find Vulgrim. Trade with him if you want. Otherwise, just loot the Relic of Etu-goth behind the bush near the stairs.

Return to the main path and ride further north. You'll find another chest along the way. Shortly past that is the third Death Tomb. You don't have the key for now so just take note of its location. Get the Boatman Coin to the left of the Tomb's entrance and shoot the Stone of Mytics above the Tomb's dragon statue.

After the two collectables, continue north until you reach the bridge. Don't cross the bridge yet; instead, look for the Book of the Dead page to the southeast of the ruin. Cross the stone bridge afterward.

The angels prove to be more annoying since they're flying and they tend to flock together. Use your crowd-control skills and the deathgrip to bring them closer to your weapons' range. After the battle, Nathaniel will talk to you.

Corrupted Angels

While speaking with Nathaniel, you can select the blue conversation option to start a new side quest. (The Lost Soul) You can also trade with him if you like. Otherwise, either ask more questions or proceed with the exploration. Start by getting the Boatman Coin behind him. Next, ride to the southeast to find a Stone of Mystics tucked in the statue's sword.

Continue riding to the south. You should find a Relic of Renagoth in the corner dead-end to the southeast. Find a nearby chest up the stairs and loot it. Be careful since an army of vengeful souls will appear and attack.

Backtrack to Nathaniel and look for an angel statue to the southwest. If you found it, look for the Stone of Mystic stuck on its sword. After getting all the collectables, enter the Crystal Spire and pull the lever to ascend.

After the elevator stops, exit then circle around to the east to find a shadowbomb pod. Kill all the corrupted angels in the vicinity first, then  get the Boatman Coin in the trench. Next, get the Stone of Power on the statue to the north.

Soul-split then make your way to the other side, using the hand-holds. Grab the bomb and throw it back to the other soul. Switch souls and run north until the crystal formation is visible. Throw it there to clear the wall. Revert to your original form, loot the chest then continue up the spire.

Continue upstairs and watch the scenes. This completes the mission. Before taking the portal, loot the chest in the opposite plight of stairs.

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