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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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You'll have to find these stones for the quest Sticks and Stones which is given by Blackroot in the Fjord. You can collect stonebites by shooting at them using Redemption. There are three different stonebites:

Mystic Stonebites (34)

1. (Fjord) First one is right after talking to Blackroot. Look up and you'll find the Mystic Stonebite there.

2. (Fjord) Found along the narrow passageway leading to Drenchfort.

3. (Drenchfort) Found hanging above the southern doorway.

4. Tri-Stone: Furnace's south side.

5. The Nook: In the elevator room, eastern corner.

6. Lost Temple: After getting the custodian, return to the main hall where you defeated the construct sentinel and destroy the group of crystals to the south. Approach the hole where the construct must stand on but dismount first and collect the Stone of Mystics below.

7. Weeping Crag:  Fast-travel there and go past the bridge. Look up to find this stonebite.

8. Stonefather's Vale: Head to the deadend where you got the Book of the Dead page. The stone should be latched on the stone wall to the south.

9. Baneswood, northwest ruin: Scale the wall to reach a ledge that previously contains a chest. The stonebite should be attached on the ceiling.

10. Baneswood, on a cliff with some stone pillars, to the middle-north.

11. Baneswood Trail: Attached in one of the stone pillars in the round ruins.

12. Baneswood Trail: Inside the ruins with a sitting statue, look up in the northeast corner.

13. Charred Pass: Latched in a jagged stone overhead, in the entrance of the trail leading to the Scar.

14. Charred Pass, southwest ruins: Inside the ruins, there's an opening on the wall to the west. Enter it to find the stonebite above.

15. Shadow Gorge, Shattered Forge entrance: You should find this on the wall to the right of the Shattered Forge's entrance.

16. Serpent's Peak: Find the path leading to Vulgrim's glyph and look at the ceiling.

17. Gilded Arena: After entering the Gilded Arena from the Eternal Throne's exit, you should find this stuck on a statue along the hallway.

18. Gilded Arena: When attempting to find the first Animus stone, you'll come across a chamber with lots of undead. Look at the ceiling to find this stonebite lodged there.

19. Gilded Arena: In the cavern where the first animus stone is found, look for the stonebite stuck on a hanging cage to the west.

20. The Maw: Head to the southern gate from the Phariseer's tomb to find this stone on the wall.

21. Phariseer's Tomb: On the wall of the lift.

22. Judicator's Tomb: Look up in the ceiling of the chamber where you fought the bone giant.

23. Psychameron: After going through the door leading to the last chamber where Basileus and Achidna are waiting, turn around to find to find this stone above the doorway, before crossing the hanging bridge.

24. Boneriven: Once you reached a fork in the road, take the lower trail first then loot the chest to the east. Take the left trail and continue past the cavern and to the next trail. Fight more enemies and you should find a Stone of Mystics in one of the pillars.

25. Lostlight: Above the dragon head statue in the Death Tomb

26. Lostlight: Head southeast of the Crystal Spire to find this on a statue.

27. Lostlight: Head southwest of the Crystal Spire to find this on a statue.

28. Earth: In the initial area, look for this on the building wall to the north.

29. Earth: In the room where you'll get the Staff, look up the ceiling in front of the large demonic growth on the western wall.

30. Earth: On your way to get the second part of the Rod of Arafel, you'll come across a bridge where a Suffering with attack you. Look at the building to the west to find this stone.

31. Earth: When crossing the long bridge, you'll find a broken part. Look down at the support beam to find it.

32. Ivory Citadel: After going through a tunnel the first time and climbing up, turn around then wall-run to reach the other ledge that contains a chest and this stonebite.

33. Ivory Citadel: On your way to the eastern tower, you'll find this on top of stair's archway.

34. Soul Arbiter's Maze: After clearing the 7th floor, head to the portal leading to the 8th floor. The stonebite is found behind it.

Power Stonebites (25)

1. Fjord: Inside the small keep to the northeastern most trail of the Fjord. It is located above the entranceway.

2. Lost Temple: In the area where you need to climb up a wall to dislodge a ball, the Stone should be perched in the corner of the broken ceiling. You'll also find a Book of the Dead page by jumping on the wooden beams.

3. Charred Pass: Dive in the well and swim to a small cave where a chest is located earlier. The stone is latched on the wall.

4. Weeping Crag: In Gorewood's chamber, look up to the southeast to find it large on a rock

5. Lair of the Deposed King: Go to the bottom of the stairwell to find the Death Tomb. The stonebite is lodged on the dragon relief's forehead.

6. The Maw, northwestern ruin: Enter the ruin and  look overhead to the southwest corner to find a Stone of Power.

7. Gilded Arena: After getting the animus stone, backtrack to the statue where you placed the lantern earlier then take the east hallway. Exit through the door and walk a bit to find a nook. Shoot the Stone of Power held by a skeleton on the ceiling.

8. Phariseer's Tomb: After wall-running and shimmying around the lift chamber, you'll find a room with a statue in the middle. The stone is located on the hilt of the sword the statue has.

9.  The Maw: Head to the southern gate from the Phariseer's tomb and exit it. Before leaving the gate, scale the wall using the wooden pegs to reach a chest and this stonebite.

10. The Spine: In the interior of the eastern ruins from the Judicator's Tomb.

11. Judicator's Tomb: After reaching the main area with hanging cages, look up to find it attached to one of the cages there.

12. Sentinel's Gaze: At the back of the statue on the topmost level. You'll need the Soul-splitter ability to clear the crystal and reach it.

13. City of the Dead: Once you've reached the L-shaped rotating bridge and after activating the push-switch, follow the corridor behind it to find a dead-end room with a chest and the stonebite.

14. Lostlight: In the Crystal Spire, use the elevator to reach the upper floor. Find a statue to the north that has this stonebite above its head.

15. The Scar: In the dungeon entrance, on the overhead pipe. You have to aim from the dungeon entrance to get a good view at it.

16. Earth: Once you've reached a car tunnel, check the alcove that has a chest. The stonebite is located above it.

17. Earth: In the ruined hotel room, look around to the NW when you reach a wide room with a slope. It's the same room where you'll find the  Fists of Elhazar.

18. Ivory Citadel: After reaching the upper balcony of the main hall, shoot it from the statue's chest.

19. Ivory Citadel: After reaching the second crank, look to the southwest to find a Stone of Power lodged above the rocks.

20. Black Stone (past): After activating the lever from the east, look to the northwest and shoot the Stone of power at the belly of the six-handed statue.

21. Black Stone (present): In the large area where the central platform containing a large group of corruption crystals (with the skeleton key chest inside), shoot this stonebite on the northern wall.

22. Black Stone (past): After defeating the Maelstroms, head to the south platform to find a Stone of Power lodged on the southern wall.

23. Death Tomb 4: On the ceiling

24. Soul Arbiter's Maze: Found in the western wall of the initial area with the deathgrip hoops.


Resistance Stonebites (10)

1. The Foundry: As soon as you enter, stand still first and look at the passing cauldrons. Wait until a stonebite appears in one of the cauldrons and shoot it to collect the Stone of Resistance (1). In case you missed it, you can just wait until the cauldrons recycle and pass by again. Jump to the shallow waters to the east to loot a chest.

2: Eternal Throne: In the cargo hold.

3. The Breach: On the rooftop, past the lantern statue. You have to activate the other statue in the other tower. (Refer to the main walkthrough “Phariseer”, and the Maw under the same chapter)

4. Leviathan's Gorge: Navigate the area under the bridge until you reach the last ledge where you'll need to use Soul-splitter to loot the chests. The stone is found there.

5. City of the Dead: After exiting to the rooftop and getting ambushed by undead stalkers and prowlers, find the stone on the northern tower.

6. Earth: After defeating the Noss for the first time, get this stone bite on the wall of the northern building.

7. Ivory Citadel: After unlocking the door in the west tower, look up to the right after entering to find this stonebite.

8. Ivory Citadel: This is found along the enclosed chest where you need to activate a portal to access to. This is right before the Scribe's chamber.

9. The Fjord: Inside the shadowbomb pod room in Vulgrim's ruins.

10. The Black Stone: Found in the secret chamber in the second floor. Follow the instructions below, after defeating the Legion Champions for the first time:

Head to the southeast door after the battle. In the next hallway, loot the chest to the left, then continue downstairs. Wall-run to the first platform and then wall-run again and bounce on the walls until you reach the hand-hold at the end. Climb up and ignore the chest in the middle for now. Continue along the corridor and defeat two enemies inside. Walk until you find a pit with a deathgrip hoop. Use it to reach a hand-hold above. However, don't climb up yet but drop down instead.

You'll grab a hidden hand-hold below. Shimmy to the right and enter the corridor. When you see the deathgrip hoop at the end, don't use it; instead look up to your right to find another hidden deathgrip hoop. Use it and perform a vertical wall-climb to reach a secret chamber containing a Boatman Coin, a Stone of Resistance on the ceiling to the south and a unique weapon called Demonflame Renders.

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Aug 31st 2013 Guest
Methinks this guide missed a stonebite of Power in the Lost Temple.
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Awesome,was looking for a guide like this instead of all those video guides.. Thnx
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