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Book of the Dead

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Book of the Dead

Collect ten pages to form a chapter, which can be sold to Vulgrim for a reward.

Page 1: Northernmost part of the Stonefather's Vale

Page 2: Baneswood, behind the maker statue in the middle-east portion of the map.

Page 3: Cauldron, near the second blue ball needed to unlock the gates holding the second skeleton key.

Page 4: Cauldron, after defeating the boss you'll come across a balcony with a large turning lever. Destroy the objects in the northwest corner to find this page.

Page 5: Drenchfort: Head to the right (west) then drop down the hand-hold. Wall-run and move to the far-right until you reach a ledge containing the page.

Page 6: Drenchfort: Shortly after getting ambushed, you'll be in the aqueduts. Continue north past the aqueducts. Use the hand-holds to the left to reach the northermost portion were a Book of the Dead page is hiding.

Page 7: The Lost Temple: Found in the floor where you need to operate two custodians to unlock the narrow corridor.

Page 8: The Lost Temple: In the area where you need to scale the wall to find a required ball to unbar the door below. Cross the wooden beams to find a Book of the Dead page (8) to the left.

Page 9: The Foundry: After getting the Deathgrip for the first time, access the lower deathgrip and follow the tunnel and scale the wall to reach it in the upper ledge.

Page 10: Weeping Crag: After opening the locked door proceed to the narrow, submerged corridor. You can wall-run, bouncing from wall to wall to reach the page at the end.

11. The Nook: Go to the courtyard. Find the scalable wall with a deathgrip hoop in the southwest corner of the courtyard. Blow up the crystal to reveal a Book of the Dead page (11).

12. Shattered Forge: After defeating the Construct Sentinel and its minions, destroy the urns in the corner to find a Book of the Dead page.

13. Gilded Arena: After exiting the Eternal Throne, you'll find Ostegoth. The page is nearby.

14. Gilded Arena: While working on to get the second Animus Stone, you'll find a lantern statue past the pit that you need to wall-run to get across. Turn it to the west to raise the drawbridge and for you to access a Book of the Dead page.

15. Phariseer's Tomb: Once you found the lift, check the room to the east and search the statue on the far eastern side to find this page.

16. Phariseer's Tomb: After the Phariseer sabotages the lift and you hit the bottom floor, head to the east and climb the wall to find it.

17. The Spine: In the bridge heading towards the City of the Dead, find this page in the easternmost corner of the bridge intersection.

18. Judicator's Tomb: After defeating the tormentor, enter the room to the north. Prepare your deathgrip then wall-run. As soon as you cross the wooden peg, use the deathgrip to grab the Phariseer and pull yourself towards him. Enter the narrow corridor behind then turn to the left to find a Book of the Dead.

19. Judicator's Tomb: Located in one of the ledges in the same chamber as the second soul.

20. Judicator's Tomb: After blasting the crystal blocking the elevator, you'll find yourself in the next room with a pool and broken stairs. Make your way to the upper ledge to find this.This path leads to the third soul where you need to fight the Bone Giant.

21. Fjord, Eastern Keep: Move your physical body in the central platform, soul split then move the two souls on the pressure plates to raise the platform. Quickly deactivate soul split to return to your physical form then quickly jump off the platform to reach the upper ledge.

Step on the pressure plate to the right, then soul split. Have one soul climb the hand-holds to the northwest corner and step on the other pressure plate. Switch to the other soul to collect the Book of the Dead.

22. City of the Dead: In the room where you need to fight a couple of skeletal champions and an undead general, the page is located to the southeast.

23. City of the Dead: While reaching for the lever to activate the rotating bridge, find this page in the southeast corner of the balcony.

24. City of the Dead: After getting the lantern, return to the main hall and check the northeastern alcove to find the lantern. Pull it towards you then make your way back to the lantern statue to the west. When you reach the pit, put the lantern down, wall-run then grab it again using your deathgrip. Place the lantern to statue and rotate it south to open it. Get the Book of the Dead page inside.

25. City of the Dead: After getting the skeleton key, exit the hall and jump down to the lower level. Head east then use the wooden pegs to climb up the wall and reach the locked door. Enter the door then immediately destroy the crates there to get a Book of the Dead page.

26. Lostlight: Found in the small ruins before crossing the bridge.

27. The Scar: In the chest where the skeleton key is located, look around to find a hand-hold to the west. Follow the hand-hold until you find a Book of the Dead page. Now backtrack jump off to grab the Boatman Coin and land back on the chain.

28. Earth: Past the first trapped hellguard is a parking lot. Continue to the northwest and before entering the tunnel, look to the southwest to find this page.

29. Earth: After getting the Staff of Arafel, follow the stairs and you'll find it along the way.

30. Earth: After Uriel opens the gate (and getting the previous page), follow the path until you reach a tunnel. The page should be beside the iron grate.

31. Earth: After going through the building across the chest containing the Dungeon Map, you should reach the next street. Enter the nearby building to find this page. This is right before you jump down the broken street to face the Noss.

32. Earth: After getting the Eye of Arafel and meeting up with Uriel, look to the south to find this.

33. Ivory Citadel: After defeating the Corrupted Champions and some angels, continue to the north then turn west to reach the western tower. From there, check around to the left to find a Book of the Dead page there.

34. Ivory Citadel: When you reach the circular, walled area for the first time, go past the fire orb and portal for the meantime and head west, to the dead end. You should find a Book of the Dead page there.

35. The Fjord, Vulgrim's Ruins: This is found behind the small cluster of corruption crystals on the second floor.

36. Shadow's Edge, Central Keep – You have to go through this small keep on your way to the Black Stone.  Take the western path and follow it until you see the exit. Before heading out, climb the wall to right to find a Book of the Dead page.

37. Black Stone: After receiving the Phasewalker, don't leave the area yet. Check the stairs to the east to find this page.

38. Black Stone (past): After climbing up the vertical shaft and reaching the upper ledge, you'll find a Book of the Dead page to the right.

39. Black Stone (present): After getting the skeleton key, head north and open the portals in the upper room and in the lower alcove. Swing over to the opened portal using the deathgrip hoop then loot the chest to the west. Search the southwest corner again to find a Book of the Dead page.

40. Black Stone (present): Before climbing the platform leading to Samael's chamber, head to the east where you teleported from and carefully stand in the corner until you see the portal to the right. It's near the edge so carefully move while in aim-mode until you get a clear shot at the portal. Head to the west and activate the portal and enter it.

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Comments for Book of the Dead

2 comments, latest first.
Sep 14th 2014 Guest
what is the cheat to get all book of deadpages???
ID #447574
Jan 27th 2014 Guest
Great guide, just what I was looking for to help me complete the secondary quests
ID #348826