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SideQuest - The Chancellor's Quarry

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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SideQuest - The Chancellor's Quarry

This is given by the undead Chancellor in the Eternal Throne, while fetching Nathaniel's “The Lost Soul” side quest. During your journey, you'll encounter Soul Arbiter's Scrolls that contains directions to solve the maze. However, they'll be optional since you're reading this guide already.

Soul Arbiter's Maze

Enter the maze then check the southwest to find a boatman coin. Scale the wall to the north and use the deathgrip hoops to reach the push-switch. Before operating it, look to the west to find a Stone of Power.

Push the switch and wooden pegs will appear from the west. Quickly scale it and swing your way to the eastern balcony. Pull the lever then loot the chest afterward. Head to the northern door.

Follow the path until you reach the real entrance to the maze. Read the mysterious book and grab the Soul Arbiter's Scroll ahead.


Navigating the Maze

The Maze has 10 levels that features multiple rooms. You can access each room based on the general directions. (N, E, W, S) You have to defeat the enemies that ambushes you in each room then choose your direction. Refer to the directions below to successfully conquer the maze. “Secret” directions lead you to treasures while normal directions will take you to the next level.

The enemies will get stronger each level  and since there's no way to identify the directions you have taken already, you'll have to be careful in remembering the directions you took.

LV1: Declination
Secret: S, E
Normal: N, W

LV2: Apprehension
Secret: N, N
Normal: E, S, N

LV3: Opposition
Secret: N, S, E
Normal: W, E, N, N

LV4: Separation
Secret: W, E, N
Normal: E, W, N, S

LV5: Deception
Secret: W, N, S (Black Demise)
Normal: W, W, N, E

LV6 Isolation
Secret: E, E, E, S
Normal:  S, E, E, N, N

LV7 Revulsion
Secret: S, S, W, N, N
Normal: S, W, E, E, E

As you approach the portal leading to the next level, collect the Stone of Mystics on the wall behind it.

LV8 Inversion
Secret: N, S, S, E, N
Normal: N, W, N, W, E

LV9 Benediction
Secret: S, W, E, E, N
Normal: E, N, E, N, S

LV10 Ascension
Secret: N, S, E, W
Normal: W, E, N, S, W

Boss: Soul Arbiter

This battle isn't necessarily hard. Evade the Soul Arbiter's attacks and launch a counterattack. Once you've dealt considerable damage, he will raise an impenetrable shield and summon an army of undead. After taking out the army he summoned, you can resume fighting him.

Once he suffers significant damage, he will raise his shield again, this time summoning a more powerful undead army. Defeat this army and continue the battle. For the third time, he will summon an undead general and raise his shield. The only challenge is that he will also join the attack. Concentrate in taking out the general to remove the soul arbiter's shield then move in for the kill.

After the battle, go downstairs to loot the chest then exit the maze. Talk to the Chancellor to complete the quest and earn your reward.

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