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SideQuest - The Hammer's Forge

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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SideQuest - The Hammer's Forge

This quest is given by Alya after completing Drenchfort. The Shattered Forge is the ruins found in the northern trail of the Shadow Gorge, right before the gate leading to the Fjord. The Deathgrip is required to complete the dungeon so there's no use exploring this area until you cleared the Foundry.

In case you haven't found yet, there's a Boatman Coin under the bridge near the climbable wall.

Once inside, loot the chest behind the stairs in the entrance. Head to the next area then jump to the water. You should find a boatman coin (26) inside. Climb back up and enter the door to the west. Jump to the water and dive through the underwater cavern to the west.

After surfacing, grab the Dungeon Map from the chest, then scale the wall. Head to the west wall to find a narrow corridor. You have to wall-bounce from wall to wall until you reach the next ledge. Next, vertical climb to reach the upper hand-holds, then wall-run on the wall to reach the other ledge. Continue to the next room where a couple of prowlers will attack you.

Defeat the prowlers then grab the shadowbomb from the platform across. Throw it to the nearby crystals and detonate them. Before moving forth, grab another shadowbomb and backtrack to the corridor where you wall-ran. Throw the shadowbomb to the lone crystal there and detonate it. This should reveal a unique treasure behind it. (Omega Blades)

Follow the path ahead then exit the door to the main area where the large block of crystals are located. Pull the lever and wooden pegs will appear on the wall, allowing you access to the shadowbomb pod on the other ledge. Wall-run to reach it, grab one and throw it to the crystals below to clear the path. Jump down and defeat the Savage Stalker and prowlers that will appear. This will unbar the door north.

Loot the two chests along the way then enter the next hallway. Construct Champions and Tainted Construct Warriors will ambush you so you have no choice but to engage and defeat it to continue forth. After the battle, wall-run in the narrow corridor.

In the large hall, don't climb the walls yet but instead, dive down the water first. Go through the underwater tunnel and surface on the other side. Climb back up and continue scaling the wall until you reach a shadowbomb pod.

Grab a shadowbomb and throw it to the group of crystals on the eastern ledge, then grab another one and drop off to the main hall. Head to the northwest and throw it on the crystals on the upper ledge to clear it as well. Loot the chest there once done.

Grab on the hand-holds to the north then wall-run around to reach the door on the eastern side. Enter the room then follow the hand-holds. Loot the chest along the way then continue past the barricade for a checkpoint battle. Defeat the Construct Sentinel and its minions. Before leaving, destroy the urns in the corner to find a Book of the Dead page (12).

Exit to the next door and get the Skeleton Key from the chest. Push the switch to remove the iron gates then jump down. Open the locked door to the south which leads to the chest containing the Splinter-Bone. Travel back to Tri-Stone and deliver the hammer to Alya to complete the quest.

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