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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Relics of Etu-Goth

1. Leviathan's Gorge: After reaching Leviathan's Gorge for the first time, head to the east to find this relic in the end.

2. Lair of the Deposed King: In the passage past the first door,  drop off the broken stairs and look behind to find this relic

3. Gilded Arena: After raising the long bridge, you'll have to continue and jump down a spiral staircase. Before entering the door there, go back upstairs a bit to find this relic.

4. Eternal Throne: Found behind the King's throne

5. Sentinel's Gaze: Behind a torch in the same platform where the shadowbomb pod is located.

6. Phariseer's Tomb: After defeating the undead general and some wraiths in a room full of pillars, destroy the crates to the northwest to find this.

7. The Spine: From the entrance of the Soul Arbiter's Maze, look south in the edge of the eastern cliff

8. Judicator's Tomb: In the room where you need to wall-run around and pull yourself towards the Phariseer to get across, continue up to the upper level to find a lever. Pull it to reveal a deathgrip hoop in an enclosed corridor. Backtrack and you should see some hand-holds on the wall to the left. Climb up and go around the corner to reach the inner corridor.

9. Psychameron: After crossing the bridge leading to the chamber where Basileus and Achidna are waiting,  turn southwest to find this relic.

10. City of the Dead: In the L-shaped rotating bridge, you'll find this behind the lever that's used to operate the bridge.

11. Lostlight: Behind a bush near Vulgrim's location

12. Earth: In the hotel ruins, find this across the first chest in the area.

13. Ivory Citadel: After clearing the western tower, follow the aqueduct to the north. Drop down and find this relic under the falls.

14. Ivory Citadel: After entering the main room leading to the Scribe's chamber, find this behind the statue on the ground floor.

15. Black Stone: (Past) In the room with the shadowbomb pod and portal, check the southeast corner to find this.


Relics of Renagoth

1. Gilded Arena: Head to the southeast corner to find a hand-hold. After reaching the second floor, turn to the right to the south to find another hand-hold. Climb on it then run to the north to climb another ledge. Use deathgrip to cross the gap, then wall-run to reach a Relic of Renagoth.

2. Leviathan's Gorge: After receiving the  Interdiction ability, exit the Eternal Throne on foot (don't fast-travel) and follow the stairwell to the bottom. There will be a massive door there leading outside.

3. The Spine: Located at the edge of the cliff, south of the eastern ruins.

4. Psychameron: After getting the skeleton key and climbing out of the shaft, look up to find a deathgrip hoop on the wall.  Use it to go up and reach a Relic of Renagoth.

5. City of the Dead: In the main area, head north to the locked door. There should be a Relic of Renagoth on the eastern vent.

6. Lostlight: In the Crystal Spire's vicinity, ride to the southeast to reach a dead-end. The relic is located there.

7. Earth: Before or after getting the Staff of Arafel, check behind the red crystals to the northwest to find this relic.

8. Earth: After getting the Dungeon Map, go around the street to the northwest to find this relic.

9. Ivory Citadel: After clearing the eastern tower, follow the aqueduct and after the second fall, turn around to find a Relic of Renagoth.

10. Ivory Citadel: In the area where there are two cranks, head to the push-switch then check the corner across it.


Relics of Kha-goth

1: The Maw, southeast ruins of Serpent's Peak. Push the switch there then immediately scale the wall up to reach the relic.

2. Judicator's Tomb: In the first soul's chamber, dive down to get this relic.

3. Ivory Citadel: After clearing the last water supply, check the webbing to the east to find this.

4. Shadow's Edge: You have to go through this small keep on your way to the Black Stone.  Take the western path and follow it until you see the exit. Before heading out, climb the wall to right to find a Book of the Dead page. Now step on the pressure plate and soul-split there. Backtrack to the fork where the tome is then take the path to the right. This should lead you to a Relic of Khagoth.

5. Shadow's Edge: Inside the fourth Death Tomb


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