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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Fast-travel to the Gilded Arena and enter the door in the stairwell. Don't worry if it's marked red or inaccessible; just approach it and the lantern statue will rotate and enable the door. Return to the Arena itself and you'll enter the portal after the scene.


As soon as you arrive, you'll have to fight two undead stalkers. Once the first stalker falls, undead prowlers will spawn to join the fray. Take them out while evading often. Once defeated, the path will be cleared. Go upstairs and enter the door.

A pleasant welcome

Summon your dead lords. Before ordering them to step on the pressure plates, climb the ledge to the south to find a chest. Now step on the platform to the east and order your dead lords to step on the pressure plates. Enter the next door.

Summon your dead lords again and order one to step on the pressure plate to the north. Cross that bridge then order the other dead lord to step on the pressure plate behind the gate.

Continue forth and go near the locked door. Call your dead lords and order one of them to trigger the plate across the chasm. Now ready your deathgrip and jump to the chasm. Use the deathgrip to grab onto the deadlord and pull yourself towards him. Loot the chest afterward.

Turn around and look down the chasm to find another pressure plate below. Order your dead lord again to step on it. Once done, switch again to Deathgrip then jump again to the chasm and pull yourself toward him. Before heading south, turn to the left passage and push the switch to open the gate. Backtrack and cross the banishing field and jump down the shaft. Enter the room next.

In the next room, summon your dead lords again. You need to trigger the push-switches on the upper ledge in a correct order; otherwise skeletal enemies will spawn. Ignore the two chests for now since you don't have the ability to reach them just yet. Push the switches in the middle, right then left. Collect the skeleton key from the chest.

After getting the key, climb the wall post and return to the upper ledge. As soon as you exit, look up to find a deathgrip hoop on the wall. Use it to go up and reach a Relic of Renagoth.

Jump down and open the locked door. Continue following the path for a scene. Now step on the summoning stone and call forth your dead lords again. Have one step on the nearby pressure plate to raise the bridge. Before crossing it, look to the southeast to find a pressure plate across the large chasm. Order your other lord to step on it.

Before heading to the newly-opened gate to the northwest, order the first lord to step off the pressure plate. Go through the gate and order the current lord to step on the pressure switch in the lower ledge. Now wall-run and make your way to the right side. Hop onto the hanging post and climb down. Finally leap towards the dead lord and use deathgrip to pull towards him.

Order the dead lord to step off the plate and follow the path. Loot the two chests along the way and turn to the right upstairs to find a push-switch. Push that to remove the gate then backtrack and head southeast. Order your dead lord to step on the next plate. Go past that plate and push the switch to the left to raise a bridge.

Cross the bridge next and get rid of the scarabs along the way. Continue upstairs past the other lord you ordered earlier. Enter the door to the west next and continue to the square chamber. Summon your two dead lords here.

After summoning your lords, a group of skeletal champions will appear. This will be followed by a Bone Giant and finally two Undead Scarab Hulks. Evade often and let your dead lords take the aggro. Attack when clear and use skills as necessary.

Deadly Ambush

Exit through the western door and wall run to reach the push-switch. Push it to enable unbar the door nearby and raise the bridge. Don't cross the bridge anymore since it only leads back to the entrance. Exit through the eastern door next. Follow the path until you exit the door. Turn around and you should find a Stone of Mystics above the doorway.

Cross the bridge to reach a rugged terrain with some scarabs. Get rid of them then collect Relic of Etu-goth to the southwest. Continue along the straightforward path until you reach the dark cavern where Basileus and Achidna awaits.

Boss: Basileus & Achidna

For this battle, you need to perform some quick attacks and evade often, as Basileus also has his own version of your Teleport Slash skill. After evading, quickly close the distance and land some fast attacks yourself. After suffering some damage, he will then ride Achidna which will jump and stomp you (perform a double-evasion to get out of the damage area) then quickly counterattack. Repeat the process until both of them are downed.

Basileus and Achidna Boss Battle

Tip: Killing Achidna also completes the Thane's side quest, “Find and Kill Achidna”. You can return later to the Forge Lands to get your reward.

After defeating the two, you don't have anything to do here anymore. Simply fast-travel back to the Eternal Throne and talk to the King to complete the quest.

Your Interdiction ability will be replaced by Soul Splitter, which allows Death to split his spirit into two; basically performing the same functions as the dead lords. Before exploring the City of the Dead, you can now use this newfound ability to collect some previously unreachable chests and locations.

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Comments for Basileus

9 comments, latest first.
Jan 19th 2014 magic253792
ive fought baslieus and the spider to only be stuck in temple. how do I pull up fast travel so I can leave the area, is there a certain spot u gotta be at
ID #345734
Sep 15th 2013 Hjp jimmy
After killing Basileus and achindna hou i Co to the King? Can any body help my
ID #309774
Jul 24th 2013 Guest
Hè man I'm stuk also don't no wat to doe? Kan somboddy help me?
ID #299931
Jun 11th 2013 CAL156
ya im stuck at this point any pointers
ID #289598
Apr 15th 2013 Guest
For the three switches. Push the middle, right and then the left one.
ID #274501
Apr 6th 2013 Guest
Come somebody got to know something about this are u supposed to do it rigjt after or can u move trough the board first
ID #271199
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
I am stuck i cant go back i killed giant spider but nothing happened i am trapped in damn place , the metal bar wont open and cant get out
Any ideas ?
ID #232465
Oct 31st 2012 Guest
hey ne one can you tell me how to fast travel im stuck
ID #203487
Oct 20th 2012 Guest
Hey I found a glitch. At the part where you have to use your ghost lords to push the 3 buttons to get the key, nothing happens?? I was playing and there was a blackout, when I put it on again this started, I can't get the key! Please help urgently!! Thanks in advance
ID #198798