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SideQuest - Lair of the Deposed King - Kill the Deposed King

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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SideQuest - Lair of the Deposed King - Kill the Deposed King

ou'll find the lair southeast of the bridge in Leviathan's Gorge. You can explore the dungeon as soon as you arrive for the first time but it is impossible for you to defeat the resident boss, Argul at your current level.

Head to bottom of the stairwell, you'll find the second Death Tomb but you can only open it after collecting a total of 20 pages and selling the second chapter to Vulgrim to get the key.  For now, clear the area of enemies then shoot the Stone of Power on top of the door.

To start off, enter the second door in the stairwell and drop off from the ledge until you land on the wooden beam. Swing using the deathgrip to reach the other beam across.

Continue scaling the wall up then follow the hallway to reach the chest containing a Skeleton Key. Before leaving, perform a vertical wall-run to reach the Boatman Coin (43) overhead. Backtrack to the stairwell then enter the first door.

Go downstairs and look for the hand-holds to the right, before dropping off the broken stairs. Scale the wall and follow the hand-holds until it goes around the corners. Wall-run then climb up to the upper ledge to find a Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll (1).

After getting the scroll, jump down back to the main hall and continue going downstairs east. Drop off the broken stairs and look behind to find a Relic of Etu-Goth. (2) Head north and loot the chest, then exit to the door.

Ignore the locked door for the meantime then continue north. Wall-run to reach the second ledge then destroy the boxes to get a Boatman Coin (44). Deathgrip on the hoop above to loot the chest.

Backtrack to the locked door and open it. Before activating the lift, you may want to scale the wall to the left first then pull the lever to open the gate. This will allow you to easily access the lift if you need to come back later.

Attack the crystal in the lift to descend. You can eliminate all ice skeletons in the area for extra exp. Check the southwest corner of the southern cavern to find another Soul Arbiter's Scroll. If there's no marker, just step in that small corner and the scroll will be picked up.

In the hall ahead lies the Deposed King. You can try fighting him to gauge his strength; otherwise, fast-travel outside  and come back later.

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Comments for SideQuest - Lair of the Deposed King - Kill the Deposed King

3 comments, latest first.
Feb 18th 2013 Guest
Actually it was real simple. Beat him in the third try. Do use Achidna's Fangs, and only that. Keep L2 to focus on Deposed King and keep away from him as much as possible, so use R1 when you see him about to strike. Usually on the third or fourth swing his mace will get stuck on the ground. When this happens, beat the living daylights out of him with the fangs, but as soon as he pushes you off, R1 to the right to avoid his strike. Continue this throughout the fight because he does the same thing over and over again. Hope this helps you out. Ciao
ID #255598
Dec 10th 2012 Guest
Level: 17
Weapons Used: Bheithir's Talons & Achidna's Fangs
Abilities Used: Lvl 2 Teleport Slash (Lvl 1 Death Blossom) Lvl 2 Aegis Guard (Lvl 1 Reflect), Exhume (decoys), and Lvl 3
Murder (Lvl 3 Bless & Lvl 3 Heralds of Death)

Let your Murder crows pick away at him while evading and keeping distant until he gets close for his "ice slam". Evading TOWARD him put me past the swing and to his rear. Hack away at him with an "X" and "Y" flourish to start fire and venom damage while his sceptor is stuck. Then summon your Ghouls when he recovers to distract him and get distant again. I went Reaper form when my HP reached 50% and used Wrath potions to keep my abilities available since you can't really stay close attacking for Wrath. This is what worked for me. I tried different strategies the first 3 times and died, even with my maxed possessed weapons which did triple the damage of the Talons/Fangs. I couldn't "tank" my way so I had to play chess with him. Once he hit 10%, I casted Aegis Guard and went berserk on him a few more seconds until he handed over his Sceptor...(which I can't even wield yet) :-/ Well, hope this gives some insight!

ID #218746
Nov 19th 2012 Guest
haha nothing is obvious to me and my man, we just cant seem to kill the the deposed king. We have tried everything. If there is some help out
there. Please.
ID #210198