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The Keeper of Secrets

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The Keeper of Secrets

You'll start off at the back of Despair, your trusted horse. Just simply ride to the next objective point. Charge by pressing RB to charge and make your travel quicker. Once you reach the keep vicinity, Despair will be banished. Climb the stone wall and proceed forth.

From here you'll encounter your first enemies called Ice Skeletons. Follow the combat tutorials and take them out. Collect their loot and equip any new weapon or gear as necessary.

Continue inside the keep and perform a wall run on the left wall. Walk a bit and you'll find an encased ice skeleton. Attack it and defeat it so you can access the chest behind.

Wall-run on the wall to the right then use the wooden hand-holds to get across. Free the encased ice skeletons and defeat them for extra loot and experience.

Continue forth until you find some hanging pillars. Jump to grab hold of one then circle around. Press LT to lean forward then jump to grab on to the next pillar. Repeat once more to reach the next ledge. Go head and free the nearby ice skeleton as well.

Continue forth and you'll spot more encased ice skeletons. These ones will burst free and ambush you. Defeat them all then scale the stone wall ahead. Once you've reached the two, more enemies will be waiting. Take them all out then climb using the vines to reach the next ledge.

Destroy the skeletons then climb up the wall with vines. Hold onto the wooden hand-hold then wall-run to the left to reach an open area. Approach the door to fight the Ice Giant.

Ice Giant

Enter the pathway that opened upon the Ice Giant's defeat. Perform an extended wall-run to get across the pit. Proceed to the machine ahead and operate it. Once the lift stops, scale the wall and proceed to the right to find a tall, narrow path. Perform a wall run then jump to the other wall and repeat the process again until you reach the top.

From here, you'll need to perform a series of leaps, grabs and holds so it will be better to watch the video below on how to do it.

Scaling an ancient wall

After reaching the next area, defeat the ice skeletons and enter the cave. Scale the vine wall and follow it down to find a wooden hand-hold. Grab onto it then move on to the next hand-hold. Drop off the next cavern.  Follow the path until you find some wooden beams. Hop on them until reach the vine wall.

Scale the vine wall until there's a post within wall-run range. Climb up then jump to the next post overhead. Lean to the right and grab onto the next two posts. Lean for the next wooden beam in front then jump to land on it. Hop on the next beam to the left them wall-run up to reach the next ledge.

Boss: War's Shade

This battle is rather easy. First, you need to know the boss's attack pattern. He will always attack with three slashes of his sword. Focus and evade so you can easily avoid taking damage and you can quickly launch a counterattack. Be careful of the long streak of spikes from his third strike.

After his third strike, you can still land some hits on the boss before he blocks your attack. Once he does, quickly evade since he will follow up with a ground stomp with spikes sprouting from the ground. Aside from that, he may lock you down in a sword clash. Just press the indicated button to overpower him. Repeat this pattern until he's defeated. Execute the old fool to complete this chapter

Death Against War

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