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Mission 7: Hope

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Campaign Part 2: Hope (7 of 7)

The saga is about to come full-circle, and a lot has happened that was not really expected. But hey, at least we have established that the future can indeed be changed!

Unfortunately the hope in question is the hope that we can survive invasion after invasion! That's right, the primary aims for this Mission are just to survive!

The recommended settings for this are:

Island: Puerto Coco

Economic Difficulty: Medium

Political Difficulty: Medium

Disasters: Occasional

Fortunately we have done a fair bit of development for this island, so we actually have tools to work with in terms of getting the job done.

Once you have a handle on your industry and you know that you have a reliable income stream, you need to look to your military - and when we say that we don't mean just start building willy-nilly either.

First take stock of the bases you have, then upgrade ALL of them. Get the most modern weapons they can have for all of them.

Once you have done that and you have an idea of your force dispersal you know where the weak or uncovered sections of your island are. You want to be able to protect industry first, then infrastructure so that is where you start the building. But at the same time you need to maintain Happiness and the community, and your income stream.

Mission 7: Hope

When the invasions come they will come in small groups to start - you should have sufficient forces on the island now to deal with the first few assuming you upgraded them right away.

Fortunately the goals and tasks that you receive tend to balance out the direction you need to take and that especially applies to indicating the best places for improved military presence.

You should try to remember though that you have to look to the secondary support structure of the island as well as the primary industries... That means ensuring that there are plenty of Teamsters available, plenty of High Schools and Colleges to provide the workforce, Police to keep the peace, adn Power Stations to provide juice!

Eventually the biggest challenge you will face is labor. As in not having a sufficient amount of it available to you. Even though you build High Schools and Colleges that only solves the educated worker problem - it does not provide the illiterate labor needed for things like the military and agriculture....

In this case importing labor is not just a good idea, it is necessary. So to sum this up you not only need to be aggressive in terms of building up your military capacity, you also need to be aggressive in bringing in a labor force.

The closer that you get to uniting the world, the more fierce the attacks grow. I would be lying if I did not admit that my Aircraft Carrier saved me on one of the attacks... Just saying, every bit of military power helps.

Ultimately you should focus on completing the tasks from each government so that you get the five of them and win the game. Everything beyond that is pure gravy and even if (it will) means that you have to allow parts of your city to burn or be destroyed in the process, in the end this is the final Mission and what is left? Well it does not really matter.

Out the Other End

As you progress through this Mission you will have plenty of time to work on Happiness levels, so it would not shock or surprise if you unlocked the Achievement Extraordinary Popular Delusions (20G) Had all happiness values above 50.

Once you get all five governments on your side, you win the game and unlock the Achievement Hope (40G) Completed “Hope”.

And that is pretty much it as far as the story / campaign goes! That is not all that there is left to the game for you to do in terms of fun mind you - there are still a bunch of online games to play assuming that you want to unlock all of the Achievements - and you do, right? Of course you do!

There are also the handful of conditional Achievements as well - those include the Sandbox ones, and the ones for doing specific tasks such as having 20 Guard Towers in a game and etc.

After you reach this point and have beaten the story mode, you should take the time to review what Achievements of the latter type you still have yet to unlock and go after those first. Just saying.

That wraps up our guide to Tropico 5 - and well done you!

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Jul 12th 2015 Guest
"Just saying" ?
Either it is a guide or isn't.

In the final scenario where all 5 powers need to be pleased, this scenario never lets you know who you have already pleased, and leaves you completely in the dark.

After 30 years of strategy gaming I can happily say this is the worst designed scenario I've ever encountered. The missions are generally AI random ones, so it holds no water to claim you will win by fulfilling missions for each of the powers.
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