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The Tutorial Mode

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Below you will find the three core tutorial modes for the game - and besides the fact that completing all three will unlock an Achievement - they are all worth doing if only so you learn the finer points of the game!

First Tutorial - The Basics

Before you begin a new game in the Campaign - or play in the Sandbox - it would be an idea to run through the tutorial play - and not just because there is an Achievement associated with it either! Though really that is a pretty good reason...

No, seriously, the reason you should run through the Tutorial Missions is so that you get a solid sense of how the game is played. In fact we are starting out the guide by covering those so you can check back here if you forget any of the important bits!

Camera Controls

The first thing that we see covered are the camera controls:

Left Joystick: Moves the Camera

Right Joystick: Rotates the Camera

Right Trigger plus Right Joystick: Rotates the Camera in place.

Right Joystick (Up and Down): Zoom In and Out.

Right Trigger and Right Joystick (Up and Down): Tile the Camera.


The Tasks in the game are listed on the right side of the screen - and by the Task Marker - which you can activate by hovering over it and hitting the 'B' Button.

Fast Forward

To kick the clock into high gear hit the right button on the D-Pad.

To slow down or stop time hit the left button on the D-Pad, or the down button to stop time immediately.

The First Tutorial

Building Selection

Move the pointer over a building and hit the 'A' Button to select the building and pull up its details.

With the building info screen open you can use LB and RB to move through the menu, and Up and Down on the D-Pad to move through the options on each menu page.

Selecting a Citizen

Position the pointer over a specific citizen and hit the 'X' Button to select them... Among the actions that you can take are to Kill, Bribe, Banish, and Discredit that citizen!


It is at this point that a common bug can effect your game - the Tutorial basically stops here for some unknown reason... The most effective method for dealing with this is to save your game and then restart using your save. You may actually have to do that several times. If that does not work, restart a new game and restart the tutorial - you may also have to do THAT several times, but eventually

Extend the Road

You will know that it worked when you see the quest marker appear on the left by the mountain for the extend road quest. Once you see that hit 'B' on it and continue the Tutorial!

Hit 'Y' and select Roads from the Infrastructure Menu, then build the road connecting the Mine to the Town and you will complete that section!

The objective for this quest is to export 100 Iron - and as the Iron is mined it will be automatically moved to the docks, and shipped on the next ship to arrive! A new meter will pop up to indicate the 100 Iron that you need to export.

Once that Iron Meter is filled completely and the Iron is exported, you will complete the Mission, and move on to the next Tutorial phase!


The next lesson is how to build new buildings - you are being asked to build a Catholic Mission - so hit 'Y' then RB to move to the highlighted menu page, select the building, and place it. You want to place it so that the entrances lead onto roads - once it is properly positioned the build starts and you can watch as the building is constructed.

Completing the construction of this building results in completion of this task.

That completes the first Tutorial!

Second Tutorial - Economics

To research new Tech you must first build the Library - so hit 'Y' then select the Research Menu, then select the Library and place it so that its front faces a road. Now wait for the build to complete and you then need to staff it.

To staff the Library, target it and hit 'A' then D-Pad down to the Manager section of the first screen and hire Foreign Workers to staff it. Of course then you have to wait for the boat to arrive with your new workers on it, but once it does, voila! Library Staffed!

You do need to fully staff it - the mistake I made in the tutorial video was only hiring two workers, so I had to wait for another boat with the third before I could complete the task - don't make that mistake in your game!

The Second Tutorial

With your Library complete hit LT and select the 'A' button to open the Research Menu, then select Research Planks to complete that stage.

Next you need to send out Explorers - so open the Screen for the Palace and select Exploration there!

Now you will need to wait out the timers for those two tasks - Planks and Exploration - so you can hit the Fast Forward button if you like - or not, whatever!

The actual Island Exploration is accomplished by selecting the Task and paying the $1000 then moving the pointer to where you want to explore and hitting 'A' which dispatches an Explorer!

The discovery of Planks allows you to build Lumber Mills, and of course the Exploration of the Island will reveal heretofore unseen resources! So win-win!

Raw Resources

Now that you have research and exploration under way it is time to build more industry to take advantage of the Raw Resources. Open the build menu and select the Logging Camp and place it in an area with trees - basically any green highlighted area. Once the construction has started, build a Road to it that connects to your City and voila! Finito!

Establishing Edicts - Building Permits

Back at the Palace for the next Task, we need to issue an Eddict - a special law pertaining to Building Permits... Hit Left Trigger plus 'B' and select Building Permits to get that started.

Once you have done this the goal is to earn $500 for your Swiss Bank Account as part of the kick-backs obtained from buildings.

Lumber Mill

Now that we have the Logging Camp - and it is connected to the Town - it is time to build the Lumber Mill to turn the raw lumber into Planks. Once you have the Mill under construction, look for the next building project - a Country House - and build that too!

Budget Teamsters

Hovering over the Teamsters Building near the Docks is a Task Icon. Hit that to learn that you need to max out the Budget for the Teamsters.

Then open the Teamsters Building, move the pointer over the right-most money stack, and hit 'A' to increase their funding to the max! Once that is accomplished you can look to the Palace for more Tasks.


An agricultural treasure that will both feed the people and produce goods for export!

Finding a place to build the Ranch also means finding a location you can easily and cheaply extend the Road to connect it to the Town in order to permit the Teamsters to service it. Bear that in mind.

Trade Offers

From time to time you will get Trade Offers - and you can set up new Trade Routes. Hit Right Trigger and 'Y' to access the proper Menu Screen then select the Trade Routes and create the new Route.

Managers - Lumber Mill

Now select the Task at the Lumber Mill to hire a Manager, then open the Mill Screen and select Hire Manager, then pick a citizen to be the Manger.

This completes all of the required actions for the Second Tutorial. Well done you!

Third Tutorial - Politics

As your adviser explains, you are presently in the Colonial Era, and so you serve at the pleasure of the Crown...

Political Factions

The adviser explains the different factions to you - hit Left Trigger plus 'X' to check out the different Factions on the Politics Screen to see who is active in this era...

The active Factions are the Royalists and the Revolutionaries - and the Royalists appear to have the larger support base...

Build 2 Guard Towers

Your first Task is to build a pair of Guard Towers - so hit the build menu and do that now!

Once the two Towers are built you need to wait for the popular support to go above 51%, at which point you will get the next Task Marker...

The Third Tutorial

Proclaim Independence

Head back to the Palace and trigger the next Task, then Proclaim Independence Now!

The message you get is simple - you can buy your freedom by going into debt to the tune of $20K - and as that is really the only option... Do it!


With independence - and moving into the World Wars Era - it is time to build an Embassy in your newly independent nation!

Once the Embassy is built you select what country - Axis or Allies - you want to occupy it - and then voila! They do!

Edicts - The Sovereign Debt

Gaining independence required the nation to go into debt - and now you need to issue an Edict that relates to repayment of that debt.

You can sell bonds - but remember you will have to pay Interest on them - so open the menu prompted and buy two bonds to repay the debt with.


This may be a sticky subject, but it is an event that has to take place... Once you complete that and close it out the timer starts on the 12 month delay to the elections.

Happiness Almanac

You can get an idea of where you stand in terms of whether or not you will win the elections by checking the Happiness Almanac. You can get that by hitting Left Trigger and 'X' to open the proper screen and menu.

To improve the Happiness you need to build a Tavern to provide entertainment for the masses...

The Constitution

With free elections coming up, perhaps it is time to also issue a Constitution? Right Trigger plus 'X' will get you the Constitution screen - then hitting 'X' will issue it.

With all of that managed you should see the Entertainment Happiness begin to climb as the counter towards the Election ticks down. Once you reach the desired Happiness level your adviser gives a pop-up message about that... All that remains then is to win the Election! That should be no trouble thanks to the Happiness factor, as your popularity should steadily rise over the remaining months.

The Elections

Your Adviser gives you the option of cheating - by adjusting the results - or not. Since your popularity is so high you really should not need to cheat. But your call!

Either way you get the Election Results and you get re-elected. Good on ya! That concludes this Tutorial...

You also unlock the Achievement Dictatorship 101 (20G) Finished all tutorials. So well done you!

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