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Mission 1 - Changing the World

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Campaign Part 1: Changing the World (1 of 8)

The start of the Campaign is a Mission called Changing the World, and represents the main campaign and story mode for Tropico 5. When you first begin the game you select New Dynasty as your starting choice, and then name your Dynasty...

With that managed you need to create your character - and their looks. The menu for doing so is pretty straight forward - but you need to pay attention to the Skill Setting as it has different options that will impact your game play! Those are:

  • Environmentalist (Reduces pollution in Tropico by 10)

  • Financier (Grants $200 annual income)

  • Foreman (Global effectiveness of production buildings increased by 2)

  • General (All Tropico soldiers inflict 2% more damage)

  • Administrator (Service buildings construction costs decreased by 10%)

  • Agent (Detects hidden roles in Tropico 20% faster)

  • Agitator (Converts 2 votes when cheating on elections)

  • Altruist (Grants $2,000 bonus starting money)

  • Celebrity (Foreign aid increased by 10%)

  • Cheapskate (All constructions are 4% cheaper)

The following screen is purely appearance - and once you have completed your decisions with respect to the settings, the game campaign and story mode begins with a cut scene setting the stage for your Colonial island nation.

Starting Settings

The next screen you encounter is where you actually put in the starting settings for your campaign play - which includes the Economic Difficulty, Political Difficulty, and Disasters Rate. Unless you are a well skilled Tropico player we recommend that you leave them at the default settings, which are:

Island: Cayo de Fortuna

Economic Difficulty: Medium

Political Difficulty: Medium

Disasters: Occasional

With your choices made above you next need to decide which of the islands you are going to play on - your choices are Cayo de Fortuna, and Bao-bao. The former has more natural resources in terms of agriculture and wood than the latter, but the latter has natural resources in abundance of its own. You need to decide how green you want your world and country mates!

Starting City Resources

As the game begins in earnest and the CS ends, you have learned your standing, and you are introduced to Lord Oaksworth, the emissary of His Majesty the King.

You see what you have to work with - which includes the following:

A vast and largely unexplored island nation whose resources you really have no idea about save for trees and farmland. It is reasonable to expect that there will be some mineral resources as well, but in terms of buildings, you have the following:

  • Construction Office x1

  • Country House x4

  • Dock x1

  • Palace x1

  • Plantation (Corn) x1

  • Shacks (random number)

  • Teamsters Office x1

The Tutorials should have taught you that there are certain buildings you will want to build straight away - and those include the following:

  • Catholic Mission

  • Library

  • Ranch

  • Plantation

  • Logging Camp

  • Lumber Mill

  • Grocery

After that, you can start to decide for yourself which direction your economy and society will progress in, but among the buildings you will want to build regardless is housing and schools - because your citizens will need housing, and to have a good and educated work force you need schools!

Mission 1 - Changing the World


When you check in at the Palace. Lord Oaksworth will tell you that the King wants you to start making him money as he has plans that require an influx of that precious commodity!

Over at the Docks Lord Oaksworth is waiting to skin you half-alive with a deal of his own... Yes, the corruption is alive and well thank you very much!

Basically you have three options available - and while the Platinum package is the most expensive, it also offers the best returns in the long run. But YMMV.

Evita - your adviser - will suggest that you need more Scientists for new discoveries - and that is not really bad advice, but it requires you to build quite a bit first. So you want to get on that, and get your core buildings built!

The Order

A mysterious organization that will begin to encourage you to seek independence from the Crown and will also demand that you prove your worth by achieving specific goals...

Reaching the Objectives

Regardless of how far you get in term so research, your primary goal was to satisfy the requirements for independence by building up a revolutionary force and dealing with the issues that are constantly being thrown at you.. Building plenty of raw resources and industry are the trick to that, as is a consistent approach to your governing decisions...

Actually reaching Independence prior to the clock running out takes you into the next era and ends this segment of the campaign. Assuming you met each of the many requirements you will also have unlocked the Achievements Heir And Now (10G) Recognized a new heir, and A New Dawn (10G) Comleted “A New Dawn”.

Bear in mind that, if you have the economy in stable enough a position so that you can take the $20K hit that the Crown slaps you with as the cost for Independence, you are WAY ahead of the game... So that may be a goal you want to shoot for at a minimum...

That said, no matter how you reach the point at which you gain Independence, that is still a good job so well done you!

Strategic Advice

Part of the problem with this game is that at the start you don't know what is truly strategic or important. And as each of the later missions actually is impacted by what you do in the previous ones - the things you build remain and are there when you rotate back to the island for each later Mission - what you do here is critical to your success later!

The best advice that we can give is this:

First, try to lay out your city in an organized fashion.

Second, do NOT develop mines just because you can - really don't tap into ANY natural resource unless the Mission explicitly requires you to. The reason we say that is because later you will NEED those resources and you won't have them. Then you will have to import them and that slows everything down.

Third, even when the game DOES task you with making use of a natural resource, do NOT tap into ALL of the ones of that type at the same time! Why? Because anything you don't use each month gets exported! You need to conserve resources as much as possible.

Fourth, always look to renewable resources as the backbone of your economy. Wood, Crops, and Fish are the way to go early on! Later you have options to make all three renewable.

Just the four pieces of advice above will allow you to absolutely dominate this game and all its missions!

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