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Mission 6: MAD

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Campaign Part 1: MAD (6 of 8)

If you are wondering, yes, they mean THAT M.A.D. - Mutually Assured Destruction. You see the time has come for you to start taking advantage of those “special” mines with that “special” ore in them!

So the next challenge has us charged with becoming a Nuclear Power -- but there is a catch... There is a strict time limit involved -- so bear that in mind mates, you need to become a Nuclear Nation before that timer runs down!

The recommended settings for this are:

Island: Boa-boa

Economic Difficulty: Medium

Political Difficulty: Medium

Disasters: Occasional

Before you start there are a few things to take note of: during the Exploration of the island during the previous missions you should already have revealed the mines that contain Plutonium - so you already know what part of the target is here.

With any luck you actually have roads built nearby. So the big task then is to get your Tech Geeks working on researching the Tech required for your little island nation to join the International Nuclear Club. For the record, when you go Nuclear you will be joining the following OTHER club members:

  • China

  • France

  • India

  • Israel

  • Pakistan

  • Russia

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

Seriously - as far as we know there are only those eight nations in the Nuclear Club. Actually that is not entirely accurate - the thing is the Ninth Member is not a country at all - it is a cult. And what is even more disturbing? When they tested their Nuke they did it in Australia - and at the time nobody actually noticed...

The Private Nuke Saga

In the 1990s the Japanese doomsday cult slash religious organization most commonly known as Aum Shinrikyo purchased the very large and very isolated Western Australian sheep station known as Banjawarn Station.

Previously operated as a family cattle and sheep station the cult appears to have continued to operate the station as a sheep station through the early 90s as a cover for its scientific experiments and its weapons development efforts.

What we know is this: the cult did successfully manufacture its own custom modified version of Sarin that it weaponized in both liquid and gas form. In addition to that, it is pretty clear at this point that the cult also managed to create their own Nuclear weapon - bomb - using ore its members mined on property they owned in Oz.

The station was used as a science research and weapon development lab - facts about this only being revealed AFTER the cult's Sarin attack on the Tokyo Subway network on 20 March 1995. Following the attack the Australian Federal Police (AFP) - which is the Australian equivalent of the USA's FBI - sent forensics teams to Banjawarn and discovered the remnants of animal testing of Sarin as well as evidence that the cult had detonated one or more Nuclear weapons on the property.

According to the testimony of Phyllis Thomas, an aboriginal official from the nearby aboriginal community, scientists at the station were seen in full Chemical Suits, as well as anti-radiation suits at various points in 1993 and 1994.

The incredibly wealthy cult had improved a landing strip on the station property and used it for their private planes, bringing in staff and resources outside the view of Australian Customs. It appears that among the people and kit that was flown in was the stuff required to refine and weaponize plutonium and other ores for the construction of a sophisticated bomb.

According to witnesses interviewed following the event, on the evening of 28 May 1993 a very bright flash of light and explosion was witnessed from over a hundred miles away - and at the same time instruments all over Australia picked up a mysterious seismic disturbance that was traced directly to the bush property on Banjawarn Station.

So it seems that Aum Shinrikyo pretty much beat you to become the Ninth Member of the Nuclear Club... Just saying.

Mission 6 - Mutually Assured Destruction

But Back to the MAD Mission

The Mission begins on Bao-bao, where you resume play with a briefing from Lord Oaksworth in which he communicates the situation to you: the USS Battleship “Secret Plan” took refuge in our territorial waters, because its Captain refused to fire their nuclear missiles to avoid starting World War III - and now the USS Secret Plan is on the run from its own country!

Elements of both the US and Soviet Navies are on their way to our waters and our only Hope to prevent our island being over-run and potentially conquered is for our own Scientists to ramp-up our weapons of mass destruction research and put a nuclear deterrent in play prior to their arrival!

Well, that pretty nicely explains the name of this Mission, right?

Our objective for this Mission is to complete our Nuclear Program within the 24 Months time limit we have been given. Any failure - even partial - on our part will very likely lead to World War III - so let's be sure we get this right because as they say, failure is NOT an option!

So to begin at the beginning, you should instantly check your Tech Tree and start fulfilling the requirements to unlock the wisdom for the use of Uranium straight away and as soon as the Mission starts!

Impossible Schedule?

When you look at the timers involved in discovery of the tech and then what you have available in terms of resources you will notice that there is no way you can get the weapons program launched in 24 Months. But hey, no worries - you don't actually have to!

There are steps that you can take to delay that deadline - so begin by getting the research started, then accept the various Tasks - some of which will add to the timer and delay the confrontation - while at the same time creating any buildings that will speed up Research by adding Research Points to your available pool.

Two of the delaying Tasks that you can activate will quickly appear at the Palace - one for Big Oil, and another for Big Atom - that allow you to pay the bribe for them using your Swiss Bank Account - so even though you probably lack the funds in the treasury to cover that combined $10K you certainly have that amount in your personal account - so spend it!

When you pay the $10K bribe you will boost the invasion timer to 63 months - and THAT is a time scheme you can work with because it actually gives you enough time (assuming you make no costly mistakes or cause no delays in your other efforts) to see your Weapons Program to fruition!

Building Towards a Plan

To start this off - once you have obtained the delays and you have the research process started - you should make sure that the following buildings are built and running in your nation - and if they are not, make them so as fast as you can!

  • Library (Generates Research Points)

  • High School (Educates Citizens)

  • College (Further Educates Citizens)

  • Observatory (Generates Research Points)

  • Drydock (Increases speed of all Trade Ships)

As the Mission gets started you will meet Professor Zweistein - who has come to assist you in your efforts!

Focus upon building Research Points while keeping the economy well on-track. Keep the natives from rebelling, and this is probably the easiest of the missions so far! Well, that is assuming you came into it with a stable economy... If not, this can be the hardest Mission in the game.

You will find that this challenge is a lot easier if you fully upgrade the Observatory and the College for the extra RP - as that makes this fairly easy to win.

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