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Pokemon Injection

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Pokemon Injection

This guide wouldn't be complete without at least mentioning the process of Pokemon Injection on the Nintendo 3DS, the newest non-legitimate way to obtaining Pokemon. Like Cheat Codes, Pokemon Injection is another way to obtain any Pokemon you would like. However, their legitimacy, even if the Pokemon is perfect in every way and technically passes all the tests, is often questioned, like cheat codes. Consequently, Nintendo has since released new 3DS Software to prevent the process of injection. But even that doesn't mean people still do it, the ones with a 2DS or 3DS with older software anyways (The most commonly used way).

In order to successfully achieve Pokemon or QR Injection, you will need one of two things: 1) An Unlocked 2DS System or 2) A 2DS or 3DS System with Software Firmware 9 - 9.5.0-22. You will also most likely need to download PkHeX Software (PokeGen), or at least find some Pokemon QR Codes online.

Note: There Are Hackers Constantly Making Outside Programs To Help Override The Firmware To Allow Pokemon Injection On The Newer Firmware Versions - Check The Web To Find Out More.

Injection is basically a way to bypass the restrictions on your 2DS or 3DS and your 3DS Pokemon Game, and literally inject Pokemon into your PC Boxes. Contrary to cheat Codes but similar to what PokeTransfer has evolved into, you can inject as many Pokemon as you'd like into your PC. You can even edit or clone the Pokemon already in your PC Boxes at a click of a button.

However, with QR (Code Pictured Above) Injection, you can only insert one Pokemon at a time. It will appear as the first Pokemon in the first PC Box, so you must have this Pokemon Slot empty. If there is a Pokemon in this place, it will be erased and the new Pokemon will take its place.

How It All Works:

Pokemon Injection Steps: (Note: This Way Of Injection Is No Longer Available Through The PkHex Software- You Must Use And Download The Homebrew Program To Inject/Dump Entire PC Boxes)

1) As mentioned, you must have a 2DS or 3DS with Firmware 9 - 9.5.0-22, or an unlocked 2DS. (Will not work otherwise.)

2) You must also have PkHex (PokeGen) Software downloaded to the computer you are using.

3) Remove SD Card from said DS and insert it into your computer.

4) Go Online and find PCOUT and PCIN Bin Files For Pokemon Injection.

5) Download them onto the SD Card.

6) Safely Remove the SD Card and put back in the DS.

7) Start up game without the internet on.

8) Once in-game, hit the Home Screen Button on system.

9) Go into internet browser (keep Wi-Fi off for now).

10) Add two new Bookmarks: (Label as PCOUT in Bookmarks) & (Label as PCIN in Bookmarks).

11) Clear Cookies and History (Always Do Before Injection).

12) Go into Bookmarks and turn on Wi-Fi (only after in favorites and deleting cookies).

13) Click on PCOUT Bookmark. Let system crash (green screen may appear) and a message will appear, and then turn off DS.

14) Remove SD Card once again and insert in computer. Open PkHex now.

15) In PkHex, click on Tools and then Toggle Box Interface, and then drag new file PCDATA from SD CARD into Green Toggle Box on PkHex.

16) Edit and create as many Pokemon you would like.

17) Once done, save data back on PCDATA File.

18) Remove SD Card and insert it back into DS. Turn off Wi-Fi and open up your 3DS Pokemon Game.

19) Once the game has loaded and you're back in-game, click the Home Screen Button and then go into your internet browser. Keep Wi-Fi off as you once again clear cookie and history.

20) Go into Bookmarks and turn on Wi-Fi, but this time click on PCIN.

21) After system crashes, go back in-game and look to make sure the Pokemon were injected into your PC Boxes. If satisfied, save your game file after this. Injection Complete.

22) From this point forward, you will really only have to use the PCIN Bookmark and PCDATA File as you don't need to use PCOUT Bookmark since you already have the PCDATA File. However, if you'd get a new Pokemon and you'd like to get and not erase its data, simply delete the current PCDATA File on the SD Card and do this process over again so said Pokemon will be in the new PCDATA.

QR Injection Steps:

1) Again, you must have a 2DS or 3DS with Firmware 9 - 9.5.0-22, or an unlocked 2DS. (Will not work otherwise.)

2) Log into game.

3) Once in-game, make sure the first slot in the first PC Box is cleared and unused.

4) Once out of the PC, click on home screen button.

5) Turn off Wi-Fi and clear cookies and history in internet browser (must always do beforehand), before going into your QR DS Camera.

6) Turn on Wi-Fi and match your camera screen to the QR Code you have on your computer.

7) After it has scanned the code, it will ask and then go into your internet.

8) Let the system crash.

9) Check first PC to make sure Pokemon is there. If it is, save game. QR Injection Complete.

(Go ahead and try it on the QR Code above!)

If you'd like to trade these Pokemon over Wi-Fi after injecting them into your game, you will actually need a second Nintendo 2DS or 3DS with updated Firmware (Can't trade over Wi-Fi otherwise, unless using an outside program that allows for updated firmware and injection). Insert your game from the Injection DS into the DS with the updated firmware. You will then be able to trade these Pokemon online to other people.

Be warned, however, that if your Pokemon have even the slightest inconsistency to a legitimately captured Pokemon, the system will flag it and prevent it from being traded. This includes Event-Only Ribbons, Wrong Abilities, Unlearnable Moves, etc.

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