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Z-Status Moves

Pokemon Sun Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Z-Status Moves

Along with specific Z-Moves that Z-Crystals allow, there are also a number of other non-specific Moves that Z-Crystals can be used on. These are called Z-Status Moves. These are Z-Moves with a Base Move of that is actually a Status Move, like Bulk Up. When you use these Z-Moves, certain Stats for the Pokemon using them increase accordingly. However, these moves still do indeed count for your once-per-Battle Z-Move.

All Known Z-Status Moves:
Boosts Attack By One Stage
Bulk Up, Hone Claws, Howl, Laser Focus, Leer, Meditate, Odor Sleuth, Power Trick, Rototiller, Screech, Sharpen, Tail Whip, Taunt, Topsy-Turvy, Will-O-Wisp, Work Up

Boosts Attack By Two Stages
Mirror Move

Boosts Attack By Three Stages

Boosts Defense By One Stage
Aqua Ring, Baby-Doll Eyes, Baneful Bunker, Block, Charm, Defend Order, Fairy Lock, Feather Dance, Flower Shield, Grassy Terrain, Growl, Harden, Mat Block, Noble Roar, Pain Split, Play Nice, Poison Gas, Poison Powder, Quick Guard, Reflect, Roar, Spider Web, Spikes, Spiky Shield, Stealth Rock, Strength Sap, Tearful Look, Tickle, Torment, Toxic, Toxic Spikes, Venom Drench, Wide Guard, Withdraw

Boosts Special Attack By One Stage
Confuse Ray, Electrify, Embargo, Fake Tears, Gear Up, Gravity, Growth, Instruct, Ion Deluge, Metal Sound, Mind Reader, Miracle Eye, Nightmare, Psychic Terrain, Reflect Type, Simple Beam, Soak, Sweet Kiss, Teeter Dance, Telekinesis

Boosts Special Attack By Two Stages
Heal Block, Psycho Shift

Boosts Special Defense By One Stage
Charge, Confide, Cosmic Power, Crafty Shield, Eerie Impulse, Entrainment, Flatter, Glare, Ingrain, Light Screen, Magic Room, Magnetic Flux, Mean Look, Misty Terrain, Mud Sport, Spotlight, Stun Spore, Thunder Wave, Water Sport, Whirlwind, Wish, Wonder Room

Boosts Special Defense By Two Stages
Aromatic Mist, Captivate, Imprison, Magic Coat, Powder

Boosts Speed By One Stage
After You, Aurora Veil, Electric Terrain, Encore, Gastro Acid, Grass Whistle, Guard Split, Guard Swap, Hail, Hypnosis, Lock-On, Lovely Kiss, Power Split, Power Swap, Quash, Rain Dance, Role Play, Safeguard, Sandstorm, Scary Face, Sing, Skill Swap, Sleep Powder, Speed Swap, Sticky Web, String Shot, Sunny Day, Supersonic, Toxic Thread, Worry Seed, Yawn

Boosts Speed By Two Stages
Ally Switch, Bestow, Me First, Recycle, Snatch, Switcheroo, Trick

Boosts Accuracy By One Stage
Copycat, Defense Curl, Defog, Focus Energy, Mimic, Sweet Scent, Trick Room

Boosts Evasion By One Stage
Camouflage, Detect, Flash, Kinesis, Lucky Chant, Magnet Rise, Sand Attack, Smokescreen

Boosts All Stats By One Stage
Celebrate, Conversion, Forest's Curse, Geomancy, Happy Hour, Hold Hands, Purify, Sketch, Trick-or-Treat

Increases Critical Hit Ratio By One Stage
Acupressure, Foresight, Heart Swap, Sleep Talk, Tailwind

Resets All Stat Modifications
Acid Armor, Agility, Amnesia, Attract, Autotomize, Barrier, Baton Pass, Calm Mind, Coil, Cotton Guard, Cotton Spore, Dark Void, Disable, Double Team, Dragon Dance, Endure, Floral Healing, Follow Me, Heal Order, Heal Pulse, Helping Hand, Iron Defense, King's Shield, Leech Seed, Milk Drink, Minimize, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Nasty Plot, Perish Song, Protect, Quiver Dance, Rage Powder, Recover, Rest, Rock Polish, Roost, Shell Smash, Shift Gear, Shore Up, Slack Off, Soft-Boiled, Spore, Substitute, Swagger, Swallow, Swords Dance, Synthesis, Tail Glow

Restores HP
Aromatherapy, Belly Drum, Conversion 2, Haze, Heal Bell, Mist, Psych Up, Refresh, Spite, Stockpile, Teleport, Transform

Restores Replacement Pokemon's HP
Memento, Parting Shot

Becomes Center of Attention
Destiny Bond, Grudge

Changes Into Standard Z-Move Base On Type

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