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Team Skull

Pokemon Sun Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Team Skull

Team Skull is the main antagonist group of The Alola Region, or so you're led to believe as you first begin your journey. You will be asked to stop them from causing trouble throughout your journey. From stealing Pokemon to looking to harm Pokemon to taking over a previously flourishing city to ultimately kidnapping both Lillie and Nebby, you will have your hands full with them as you take on your Island Challenge. You will have twenty different encounters with them, both during and after defeating them.

Team Skull Encounters
Encounter 1 - Hau'oli City Marina: The first Time you'll ever encounter Team Skull is in the Hau'oli City Marina, where you and Ilima will team up to defeat two Team Skull grunts that were trying to take Pokemon. They will leave after being defeated, saying no one needs to know about their failure.

Encounter 2 - Berry Fields: You'll next find Team Skull in Berry Fields, where they are trying to take all the berries from the owner. Again, you must stop these two grunts.

Encounter 3 - Verdant Cavern: During you're First Trial, Team Skull will interrupt you as revenge for stopping them earlier. After defeating these grunts once again, they will further try to slow you down by blocking paths during your Trial. However, they will ultimately help you by doing so.

Encounter 4 - Route 5: You will next find Team Skull on Route 5 on Akala Island, two New grunts to be exact. But they don't Battle you, but instead yell at Gladion for stopping them earlier from stealing the Totem Pokemon. They mention that though Guzma might like him, he'll never be apart of Team Skull.

Encounter 5 - Route 6: As you approach Royal Avenue, you will notice the two grunts from back on Melemele trying to steal a Drifloon. However, they have been halted by a trainer called Hapu, who will ask you to stop them with her in a Battle.

Encounter 6 - Diglett Tunnel: As you go deeper into Diglett Tunnel, you will be stopped by two more grunts that you will team up with Hau to defeat.

Encounter 7 - Memorial Hill: As you reach Memorial Hill, you will encounter two Aether employees battling with two Team Skull grunts. Aether requests your help, so you Battle the two grunts. After defeating them, you soon meet Plumeria, an admin for Team Skull that mentions Gladion mentioned you to her. She then will challenge you to battle with her Level 25 Golbat and Level 26 Salandit.

Encounter 8 - Route 10: The next Time you must Battle Team Skull is one Route 10 at the bus stop. Defeat these grunts, and they will say they are returning to their "mansion".

Encounter 9 - Malie Garden: As you enter Malie Garden, you will quickly find Kukui taking on two Team Skull Grunts. When you go to help, Guzma, the boss of Team Skull, will interrupt you from doing so, ultimately ending with a Battle with you. He has a Level 31 Golisopod and Level 30 Ariados.

Encounter 10 - Route 15: As you approach the Aether House on Route 15, you will have to stop a Team Skull grunt who is trying to steal the Pokemon in Lillie's bag.

Encounter 11 - Route 15: After completing Acerola's Trial, you will return to the Aether House to find that Team Skull have stolen one of the preschoolers Yungoos. Plumeria is still there when you arrive, and she will Battle you with her Level 34 Golbat and Level 35 Salazzle. You will then have to travel alone to save the Yungoos.

Encounter 12 - Route 17: As you approach Po Town to get back the Yungoos, you will be challenged by two more Team Skull grunts on Route 17. After defeating them, they will head into Po Town but keep you locked out. A mysterious trainer will come and let you in, who you will eventually find is the Ula'ula Kahuna, Nanu.

Encounter 13 - Po Town: At the end of Po Town is the Shady House where Yungoos is being held. You will have to Battle through a multitude Team Skull grunts to get there.

Encounter 14- Shady House: As you enter the Shady House, you will have to work your way through even more Team Skull grunts to get to Guzma and the Yungoos, as you find the clues to the riddle one grunt will hold you to answering. The Passwords are Golisopod, Tapu Cocoa, Beat Up, and finishing by yelling No instead of yes to the final question. At the end of Shady House is Guzma, who will Battle you with his Level 37 Golisopod and Level 36 Ariados. After defeating him, you will receive Buginum Z and they will release the Yungoos.

Encounter 15 - Aether Paradise: You will return to Aether House from Po Town that Team Skulll has kidnapped Lillie and has taken her to Aether Paradise. You will then go to Aether with both Hau and Gladion to help find her. This is where you will find that Team Skull has actually been working with The Aether Foundation, at least of late. After making your way through all the Aether Employees, you will have to Battle Guzma with his Level 41 Golisopod, Level 40 Ariados, Level 40 Masquerain and Level 40 Pinsir. In the end, both Lusamine and Guzma will go with the Ultra Beast into Ultra Space.

Encounter 16 - Ancient Poni Path: As you attempt to revive the Cover Legend, you will again be stopped by Team Skull grunts on Ancient Poni Path. Defeat all of them, and Plumeria will show up and apologize for what she did to Lillie. She will give you Poisonium Z, hoping you'll be able to save Guzma from Ultra Space.

Encounter 17 - Ultra Space: When you go to Ultra Space to find Lusamine, Guzma will also be there. He will tell you how he tried to capture the Ultra Beast, but it instead took control of his mind and now he knows what fear truly is. He also tells you Lusamine is too far gone with her madness, along with voicing his desire to leave the place.

Encounter 18 - Post Game: After defeating the main storyline, Team Skull members can still be found throughout the region, primarily in Po Town and on Route 13 where Plumeria can be found outside of her Team Skull clothing.

Encounter 19 - Route 2 & Hau'oli City: When you go to the house on Route 2 after defeating the main storyline, you will find Guzma there. He will demand for you to come to the beach-side in Hau'oli City to have a Battle. He will have a Level 63 Golisopod, Level 63 Ariados, Level 63 Pinsir, Level 63 Masquerain and Level 63 Scizor. After defeating him, Hala will come and mention how Guzma was once his apprentice. He will then offer to be Guzma's mentor once again, and Guzma will give you a Dawn Stone, which he insists is not an apology.

Encounter 20 - Pokemon Leagure Rematch: One of the many trainers who will challenge you for the title of Alola Champion is Plumeria, being convinced by Nanu and Molyane to challenge the Elite Four. Her team consists of a Level 61 Gengar, Level 61 Muk, Level 61 Crobat, Level 61 Toxapex, and a Level 61 Sallazle with Poisonium Z.
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