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Hau'oli City

Pokemon Sun Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Hau'oli City


Walkthrough: After defeating all the trainers at the Trainer's School, the path to Hau'oli City will open to the west of Route 1. Hau'oli City is the largest city in all of Alola, and it's separated into three given areas: Beachfront, Shopping District, and the Marina. Outside of the Marina, the only trainers you will find here are in the Battle Buffet.

Useful Characters:
Move Deleter - The Move Deleter can be found in the Pokemon Center.

Hyper Training - Within the Mall is Mr. Hype, a person who will raise your Level 100 Pokemon's IVs for exchange of Bottle Caps.

Pledge Moves Tutor - Within the mall is the Move Tutor for the Pledge Moves, teachable to any Starter Pokemon.

Elemental Beams Tutor - Also found within the mall is the Move Tutor for the Elemental Beams, teachable to the final evolution of any Starter Pokemon.

Gift Pokemon:
Magearna - Receive from man in Antique Mall after Event QR Scanned

Wild Pokemon:

Initial Pokemon - Surfing (Levels 15-18): Finneon(40%), Tentacool(40%), Wingull(20%)

Shopping District

Initial Pokemon - Daytime (Levels 5-8): Abra(25%), Wingull(20%), Yungoos(20%), Meowth(10%), Magnemite(10%), Grimer(10%), Pichu(5%)

S.O.S. Pokemon #1 - Daytime (Levels 5-8): Abra, Wingull, Yungoos, Meowth, Magnemite, Grimer, Pikachu

S.O.S. Pokemon #2 - Daytime (Levels 5-8): Abra, Wingull, Yungoos, Meowth, Magnemite, Grimer, Happiny

S.O.S. Pokemon #3 - Daytime (Levels 5-8): Abra, Wingull, Yungoos, Meowth, Magnemite, Grimer, Pichu

Initial Pokemon - Nighttime (Levels 5-8): Abra(25%), Wingull(20%), Rattata(20%), Meowth(10%), Magnemite(10%), Grimer(10%), Pichu(5%)

S.O.S. Pokemon #1 - Nighttime (Levels 5-8): Abra, Wingull, Rattata, Meowth, Magnemite, Grimer, Pikachu

S.O.S. Pokemon #2 - Nighttime (Levels 5-8): Abra, Wingull, Rattata, Meowth, Magnemite, Grimer, Happiny

S.O.S. Pokemon #3 - Nighttime (Levels 5-8): Abra, Wingull, Rattata, Meowth, Magnemite, Grimer, Pichu

Trainers (Battle Buffet- Shopping District):
Sightseer Amy - Level 13 Diglett
Sightseer George - Level 13 Grimer
Gentleman Ronald - Level 13 Pikipek
Cook Carver - Level 13 Psyduck
Madame Kathleen - Level 13 Delibird
Black Belt Walter - Level 13 Makuhita
Pokemon Breeder Savannah - Level 13 Pikachu
Office Worker Cody - Level 13 Magnemite
Office Worker Kristen - Level 13 Carbink
Preschooler Hannah - Level 13 Drifloon
Rising Star Kainoa - Level 13 Bagon
Beauty Carolyn - Level 13 Cutiefly
Lass Salla - Level 13 Petilil
Youngster Kai - Level 13 Charjabug
Ace Trainer Tori - Level 13 Growlithe

Zygarde Cells: There are two Zygarde Cells scattered throughout Hau'oli City.

Potion (Beachfront) - From woman next to building
Poke Ball (Beachfront) - On ground by ramp to beach
Fresh Water (Beachfront) - North beach (hidden)
Pearl (Beachfront) - In palm trees (hidden)
Icicle Plate (Beachfront) - Near Coast (hidden)
Dawn Stone (Beachfront) - Defeat Guzma (Post Game)
Lens Case (Shopping District) - From Lillie outside Apparel Shop
Make-Up Bag (Shopping District) - From Lillie outside Apparel Shop (Female Only)
Silk Scarf (Shopping District) - From woman outside Apparel Shop
Heal Ball (Shopping District) - From man outside Pokemon Center
Lumiose Galette (Shopping District) - From woman in Ilima's house
Ether (Shopping District) - North of Ilima's house
Tiny Mushroom (Shopping District) - Right of City Hall behind fence
Great Ball x5 (Shopping District) - Watch Pokemon Ride Show
Everstone (Shopping District) - From Ilima in house after defeating him
Revive (Shopping District) - Fenced area opposite of Pokemon Center
Ultra Ball x10 (Shopping District) - Scientist in Information Center
Insect Plate (Shopping District) - In palm tree near hairdresser (hidden)
Stardust (Shopping District) - Fenced area opposite Boutique (hidden)
HP Up (Shopping District) - Battle in Battle Buffet
Meadow Plate (Shopping District) - Near City Hall (hidden)
Revive (Shopping District) - From man in City Hall
Shell Bell (Shopping District) - Delibird in City Hall
Draco Plate (Shopping District) - Police empty parking (hidden)
Gracidea (Shopping District) - Boutique
Master Ball (Shopping District) - Lottery Prize
Rare Candy (Shopping District) - Lottery Prize
PP Max (Shopping District) - Lottery Prize
PP Up (Shopping District) - Lottery Prize
Moomoo Milk (Shopping District) - Lottery Prize
Toxic Plate (Shopping District) - Near Route 2 Exit (hidden)
TM48 (Round) (Shopping District) - Complete Grimer Cleaning At Mall At Night
TM49 (Echoed Voice) (Shopping District) - Near Marina Entrance

PokeMart (Throughout Game Progression):
Poke Ball - Great Ball - Ultra Ball - Potion - Super Potion - Hyper Potion - Max Potion - Full Restore - Revive - Antidote - Paralyze Heal - Awakening - Burn Heal - Ice Heal - Full Heal - Escape Rope - Repel - Super Repel - Max Repel - Honey - Adrenaline Orb

X Speed - X Attack - X Defense - Guard Spec - Dire Hit - X Accuracy - X Sp.Atk - X Sp.Def

Big Malasada

Antique Mall:
Adamant Orb - Lustrous Orb - Griseous Orb - Red Orb - Blue Orb

Sky Plate - Zap Plate - Stone Plate - Iron Plate - Fist Plate - Dread Plate - Splash Plate - Pixie Plate

Post Storyline
Details: After defeating the storyline much later in the game, you can return to the Hau'oli City to Rematch all of the Battle Buffet Trainers with their now fully evolved Pokemon. You can also have your final Battle with former Team Skull Boss Guzma, after finding him in a house on Route 2, the first since Team Skull disbanded. You will also find out that he use to be a student of Kahuna Hala.

Sightseer Amy - Level 55 Dugtrio
Sightseer George - Level 55 Muk
Gentleman Ronald - Level 55 Toucannon
Cook Carver - Level 55 Golduck
Madame Kathleen - Level 55 Delibird
Black Belt Walter - Level 55 Hariyama
Pokemon Breeder Savannah - Level 55 Raichu
Office Worker Cody - Level 55 Magnezone
Office Worker Kristen - Level 55 Carbink
Preschooler Hannah - Level 55 Drifblim
Rising Star Kainoa - Level 55 Salamence
Beauty Carolyn - Level 55 Ribombee
Lass Salla - Level 55 Lilligant
Youngster Kai - Level 55 Vikavolt
Ace Trainer Tori - Level 55 Arcanine
Pokemon Trainer Guzma (Beachfront) - Level 63 Golisopod, Level 63 Ariados, Level 63 Pinsir, Level 63 Masquerain, Level 63 Scizor

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