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Alternate Forms

Pokemon Sun Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Alternate Forms


As in each Generation of Pokemon, there are also a number of New Pokemon with multiple or alternate forms in the Seventh Generation. Most of from the current set of New Pokemon, while a few are from the previous generations. There are also a number of Existing Forms for older Pokemon that can be changed within the game too.

New Pokemon Forms
Oricorio's has four different forms: Pom-Pom Style, Baile Style, P'au Style and is Sensu Style. Each different form has a different secondary typing (Electric for Pom-Pom, Fire for Baile, Psychic for P'au, and Ghost for Sensu), which will also be the type of attack its exclusive move of Revelation Dance will be. Each different form is exclusive to each island of The Alola Region, but a player can also change their given form by having it hold a corresponding color of Nectar.

Lycanroc has two different forms that each have a different learnset, Stat spread and ability: Midday or Midnight. Midday is a much quicker Pokemon, while Midnight Lycanroc is a little more bulky. If you catch a Rockruff in Pokemon Sun, it will always evolve into Lycanroc's Midday form; in Moon, it's Midnight Form. However, a player can find the opposite form of Lycanroc by finding it in the wild either at day )Midday) or night (Midnight).

Wishwwashi is another Pokemon with an alternate form; however, they revolve around its ability of Schooling. When below Level 20 or when over Level 20 with less than 25% HP remaining, Wishwashi is in its Solo Form and is one of the weakest Pokemon known to man. When over Level 20 with more than 25% of its HP remaining, Wishwashi is in its School Form. When in its school form, Wishwashi is one of the strongest Pokemon in all of Alola.

Silvally was built by The Aether Foundation in resemblence to Arceus, so it's not surprising that Silvally's Form changes, due to its RKS Ability, when it holds a given item, a specific memory item to be exact. Depending on the type of memory, Silvally will become that typing, as well as its exclusive move of Multi-Attack becoming the same.

Minior is yet another Pokemon that changes forms based on it HP. When its HP is over 50%, it's in its much more defensive Meteorite Form. When below 50% HP, it will turn into its much more offensive Core Form. Each Core form of Minior is of a different color, and is decided randomly once caught.

Greninja also receives a New form, called Ash-Greninja, based on its role in the anime series. Ash-Greninja is only obtainable from the Special Demo Version of Pokemon Sun & Moon, and it cannot be bred. This special Greninja has the ability of Batttle Bond, which turns it into its Ash-Greninja form after knocking out another Pokemon in Battle. This form of Greninja has much better Stats.

As mentioned on a previous page, Zygarde has three different forms in the Seventh Generation (10% Form, 50% Form, Complete Form). The form of Zygarde you get depends on the Zygarde you build on Route 16 from the Zygarde Cells and Cores you can find throughout Alola. 10% Form is fast but very frail, 50% Form is the exact same from Pokemon X & Y, and its Complete Form is very bulky with a little more offensive power.

Another Pokemon that will be receiving a New form is Pikachu, which will be called Pikachu Wearing a Cap. These Pikachu will have one of the given ball caps Ash has worn during the Anime Series, but they are only obtainable by a to-be WiFi Event. They each can learn an exclusive Z-Move.

Existing Pokemon Forms
A player can change their Deoxys' Form at anytime by interacting it with the meteorite in the Hokulani Observatory. It still has four different forms: Normal, Attack, Speed & Defense.

A player can change their Rotom's Form at anytime by going to the basement of Kukui's Lab on Route 1 with it and interacting with the given boxes. Rotom still has six different forms: Normal, Fan, Frost, Heat, Mow & Wash.

A player can change their Giratina's Form by using the Griseous Orb. This orb can be bought from the Antique Mall in Hau'oli City.

A player can change their Shaymin into its Sky Form by using the Gracidea. A player can obtain the Gracidea by visiting the Gracidea Shop in the Hau'oli Mall and talking to the receptionist.

A player can change their Furfrou's trim this Time around by going to the Punk Girl in the Salon within Malie City. Furfrou has many different forms to choose from.

Hoopa & Kyurem
In order to change their Hoopa or Kyurem Forms, a player must visit Aether Paradise after defeating The Aether Foundation. In Secret Lab A, an employee will give you the Prison Bottle to change Hoopa's Form, as well as the DNA Splicers to change Kyurem's Form.

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