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The Aether Foundation

Pokemon Sun Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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The Aether Foundation

In addition to Team Skull, there is also yet another organization found in Alola: the Aether Foundation. Their goal was to provide a place of refuge for Pokemon from Team Skull's antics, at least that's the perception they try give within the Beginning. As the storyline unfolds, it becomes clear that Aether has been working with Team Skull the entire Time. This is mainly in part to Lusamine, the President of Aether, and her obsession with Ultra Beasts and wanting to be with them and their so-called beauty.

Aether Foundation Encounters
Encounter 1 - Game Intro: You first get a glimpse of Aether in the intro to the game, where Lillie is seen running from employees after having taken Cosmog. The cut-scene ends with Cosmog creating a portal for it and Lillie to escape.

Encounter 2 - Diglett Tunnel: The first real encounter your player will have with Aether is in Diglett Tunnel. They will merely tell you how Team Skull has been riling up Pokemon, and that they often interfere with Pokemon and their trainers as well.

Encounter 3 - Memorial Hill: The next Time you find Aether will be in Memorial Hill, where one of their Admins are arguing with a Team Skull member to prevent them from taking Slowpoke's Tail. You will end up battling Team Skull, and after defeating them, Aether will suggest you to go to the Hano Grand Resort Hotel to Talk to their Admin further.

Encounter 4 - Hano Grand Resort: Once your reach the hotel, the Aether Admin will introduce himself as Faba. He will then invite you to come to Aether Paradise with Hau, a special island the Aether Foundation built in the middle of Alola.

Encounter 5 - Aether Paradise: After arriving to Aether Paradise, you will be given a tour by Wicke, ultimately ending by you finding and meeting the President of Aether, Lusamine. Lusamine seems to be all about protecting Pokemon from Team Skull, having built this island for Pokemon to escape their evil ways, but she also quickly seems hung up on what she feels is true beauty. But as you are speaking with her, an Ultra Beast appears through a wormhole, Nihilego (Level 27), and it is you to you to defeat it and send it back to Ultra Space. After battling it, Lusamine will have a weird look come upon her face, admitting she needs the help of a Pokemon that was stolen from her to find the Ultra Beasts.

Encounter 6 - Return To Aether Paradise: You will again be forced into going to Aether Paradise when you find out that Team Skull has kidnapped Lillie and Cosmog and has brought them here, of all places. You will have to make your way through the numerous swarm of Aether Employees, including Faba himself, to find her and Cosmog, but with the help of Gladion and Hau at your side. (Wicke will also assist you with her knowledge and Care.) Faba is a Psychic Type Trainer, having a Level 39 Slowbro, Level 39 Bruxish and Level 40 Hypno.

Eventually you will find Lillie, being held by both Guzma and Lusamine. It is here you find that Team Skull and Aether have been working with each other, at least Lusamine revealed she needed help with retrieving Cosmog. Lusamine will eventually use Cosmog's power to summon the Ultra Beast you defeated earlier, after not caring if it could Cosmog and verbally chastising her children, creating a large wormhole in the process. Cosmog will then turn into a New form, one that doesn't move nor seems to have any motion at all.

You will then have to face Lusamine in a Battle. She has a Level 41 Clefable, Level 41 Lilligant, Level 41 Mismagius, Level 41 Milotic and Level 41 Bewear. After defeating her, the wormhole will being to close. The Ultra Beast will return to Ultra Space, as well as both Lusamine and Guzma. You will then be placed with the responsibility of finding them and saving Lusamine.

Ecounter 7 -Ultra Space: After evolving Cosmoem into the Cover Legend, it will take you to Ultra Space. You will then travel through Ultra Space to find Lusamine, when Lillie will finally reveal her true feelings about her mother to the very woman herself. Lusamine will still be mainly obsessed with the Ultra Beasts, not caring for much of Lillie has to say. She will then release Nihilego from a Beast Ball, before mysteriously merging into one with it. You will then Battle her again as this hybrid Pokemon thing. She will have a Level 50 Cleefable, Level 50 Lilligant, Level 50 Mismagius, Level 50 Milotic and Level 50 Bewear. All of Lusamine's Pokémon have got Stat boosts in various Stats: Clefable in Sp. Def, Mismagius in Speed, Lilligant in Special Attack, Milotic in Attack, Bewear in Defense.

After defeating her, the Ultra Beast and her Body will separate from each other. Lusamine will then pass out, but not before stating how beautiful Lillie now appears to her with the Madness of the Ultra Beasts, as Guzma would say, now being removed. She becomes very weak, and Lillie ultimately takes her mother to Bill in Kanto at the end of the main storyline.

Encounter 8 - Aether Paradise: After defeating and ultimately saving Lusamine from herself, you can Return To Aether Paradise to receive a number of apologies from current employees. Gladion will even give you a Type: Null, and Faba will Battle you again with a Level 61 Slowbro, Levl 61 Bruxish, Level 61 Alolan Raichu, Level 61 Alakazam and Level 61 Hypno. You will even visit Wicke at Aether Paradise during the Ultra Beasts Storyline.

Encounter 9 - Pokemon League Rematch: You will encounter Faba at the Pokemon League during one of your rematches, being one of the numerous trainers looking to Battle the Champion. His team remains the same from the last encounter: Level 61 Slowbro, Levl 61 Bruxish, Level 61 Alolan Raichu, Level 61 Alakazam and Level 61 Hypno.
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