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Island Trials

Pokemon Sun Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Island Trials

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Unlike previous regions that have Pokemon Gyms found throughout, The Alola Region has what are known as Trials to test a trainer's ability. Each Trial is designed by a Trial Captain, has a given task a trainer must perform, and a final Totem Pokemon to Battle to defeat the Trial. There are seven total Trials: one on Melemele Island, three on Akala Island, two on Ula'ula Island, and one on Poni Island.

Island Trials

Trial #1: Normalium Z

The First Trial is set by Captain Ilima in Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island. Once you are sent into Verdant Cavern, you are sent to find three Pokemon, in the cave area. When you find them, the first two being Yungoos, you will be forced to Battle each of them, which all are at Level 11. Like all Trials, the Pokemon found within them cannot be captured at that given Time.

Halfway through the Trial, Team Skull will appear and try to distract you. Defeat them, and you'll then be able to find the third Pokemon, Gumshoos, which will also be at Level 11. After defeat the third Pokemon, you will have to face the Totem Pokemon, which is another Gumshoos, but this Time at Level 12. As you enter Battle with it, the Totem's Pokemon will have its Defense increased by one stage. The Totem Pokemon can also call upon help, which in this case will be Yungoos at Level 11. Defeat them to obtain Normailum Z and complete the Trial.

Trial #2: Waterium Z

The second Trial is set by Captain Lana in Brooklet Hill on Akala Island. Once you enter the challenge, she will note of strange happenings in the area, and it's up to you to investigate. In the process of doing so, you will descend the hill and Battle multiple Wishwashi at Level 18 in their normal form.

Once you reach the bottom of the hill, you will have to swim out to sea to Battle the Totem Pokemon, which is another Wishwashi, but this Time at Level 20 in its School Form. Again, the Totem Pokemon will have its Defense raised by one stage stage, with the ability to again call for help, this time from other Wishwashi and Alomomola (all at Level 18). Defeat the Totem Pokemon to obtain Waterium Z and complete the Trial.

Trial #3: Firium Z

The third Trial is set by Captain Kiawe in Wela Volcano Park on Akala Island. This Trial has you look at two different dances by Alolan Marowak before having to spot the difference. If you fail, Marowak will Battle you and you will have to try again. If you succeed, Marowak will still battle you but you will still progress. A hiker is then added to the mix before the final Challenge with the Totem Pokemon.

After getting the final dance correct, you will Battle the Totem Pokemon, which is Salazzle at Level 22. This Time, the Totem Pokemon will have its Special Defense Raised as the battle begins, with the ability to call on Salandit at Level 20. Defeat the Totem Pokemon to obtain Firium Z and complete the Trial.

Trial #4: Grassium Z

The fourth Trial is set by Captain Mallow in Lush Jungle on Akala Island. In this Trial, you will be given the Forage Bag by Mallow and you must search for a Mago Berry, a Tiny Mushroom, a Revival Herb and a Miracle Seed that are hidden in the Jungle, meaning you must use Stoutland to help you. As you go through, you will be attacked by a Level 22 Parasect, a Level 22 Fomantis an a Level 23 Formantis after finding the Tiny Mushroom, Mago Berry and Revival Herb, respectively. Collect the final ingredient of the Miracle Seed, and Kiawe and Lana will join you and Mallow.

After Mallow cooks her meal, the Totem Pokemon will come to Battle you, a Lurantis at Level 24. It's Speed will be boosted by one stage as the Trial begins, with the ability to call for help from both Castform and Trumbeak (all at Level 22). Defeat the Totem Pokemon to obtain Grassium Z and complete the Trial.

Trial #5: Electirium Z

The fifth Trial is set by Captain Sophocles in the Hokulani Observatory on Ula'ula Island. As you reach the observatory, you will first be challenge by the former Trial Captain, Molyane, to see if you are ready. After defeating him, you can take on the Trial with Sophocles. He has created a system to summon the Totem Pokemon, but it causes thee power to cut out. You must then answer audio questions to fix it, resulting you battling a Level 27 Grubbin and two Level 27 Charjabuug as you answer correctly.

After correctly answering all the questions, you will face the Totem Pokemon, aa Level 29 Vikavolt. All of its Stats will be boosted once thee Battle begins, and it will be able to call upon Level 27 Charjabug to assist it. Defeat the Totem Pokemon to obtain Electirium Z and complete the Trial.

Trial #6: Ghostium Z

The sixth Trial is set by Captain Acerola in the Abandoned Thrifty MegaMart on Route 14 on Ulua'ula Island. The trial involves you searching through the building and taking pictures of three Ghost Pokemon, Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, all of which are at Level 30.

After taking pictures of all three Pokemon, a ghost Pikachu will lead you to the backroom, the same you will later find from Acerola that doesn't exist. Once in the so-called backroom, you must take a picture of the Totem Pokemon to Battle it, which is a Level 33 Mimikyu. All of it's Stats are increased by one stage as the battle begins, with being able to call upon both Haunter and Gengar at Level 27. Defeat the Totem Pokemon to obtain Ghostium Z and complete the Trial.

Trial #7: Dragonium Z

The final Trial happens in Vast Poni Canyon on Poni Island after you meet the final Trial Captain, Mina, but it has nothing to do with her or her Fairy Type Pokemon as she hasn't created her Trial yet. Instead, you will find the original Trial Site where Trials first began long ago. All you must do is the Battle the Pokemon that appear in the path to Dragonium Z, including Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o (both at Level 40).

As you reach the end of the path, but before you can collect Dragonium Z, you will be challenged by the Totem Pokemon of Kommo-o, which will be at Level 45. All of its Stats will be boosted by one stage as you enter the Battle, with the ability to call on help from both Scizor and Hakamo-o (both at Level 32). Defeat the Totem Pokemon to obtain Dragonium Z and complete your final Trial.

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