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Pokemon Trainer Gladion

Pokemon Sun Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Pokemon Trainer Gladion

As you progress further in your journey, you will come across a trainer named Gladion and his Type: Null. He works for Team Skull when you first meet him, but as the storyline progresses, you will learn of his origins of being the brother of Lillie and son of Lusamine. You will encounter him on nine separate occasions

Gladion Encounters
Encounter 1 - Route 5: The first Time you encounter Gladion is on Route 5, after him having just defeated Hau. He is upset that Hau didn't take battling seriously, and thus challenges you to a Battle. He has a Level 17 Zubat and Level 18 Type: Null. After defeating him, he will explain how he is working for Team Skull.

Encounter 2 - Royal Avenue: When you participate in your first Battle Royal, Gladion will be one of your thre competitors. He will use his Level 19 Type: Null.

Encounter 3 - Route 8: The next Time you see Gladion will be in the motel on Route 8. You will be told by the receptionist that someone has paid for a room for a long time in advance, which you will find is Gladion. He will tell you to leave if you try talking to him.

Encounter 4 - Route 13: When you reach Route 13 with Hau,Gladion will suddenly appear and tell you that Team Skull is looking for a Pokemon named Cosmog. He will ask if you know anything about it, and Hau's behavior has Gladion feeling you do. He then will tell you to protect Cosmog at all cost, that though it isn't a strong Pokemon, it has the power to summon strong Pokemon to Alola.

Encounter 5 - Aether House: After defeating Guzma and Po Town and returning to the Aether House to find Lillie being kidnapped, Gladion will become angry at you for not protecting her and Cosmog and will demand a Battle. His team now consists of a Level 37 Golbat, Level 37 Sneasel, and Level 38 Type: Null. After defeating him, he will apologize and ask you to help save Lillie by going with him to Aether Paradise.

Encounter 6 - Aether Paradise After arriving at Aether Paradise again, you will have to Battle your way through Aether Employees to find Lillie, who is being held by Guzma and Lusamine. It is here that you discover that Gladion, Lillie, and Lusamine use to be a family, as well as how Aether and Team Skull have been working together. You ultimately must face Lusamine, which will still lead to her using Cosmog to summon the Ultra Beast Nihilego. Nihilego will then take Lusamine and Guzma to Ultra Space, as Cosmog has now changed Forms (actually evolved into Cosmeom).

The next day, Gladion will give you one of the Flutes to help summon the Cover Legendary, in hopes that it will help you get to Ultra Space to find Lusamine. He will then take you to Poni Island, hoping their Kahuna can help you find the other flute.

Encounter 7 - Mount Lanakila: After saving his mother and defeating the Island Challenge, Gladion will appear at the base of Mount Lanakila as you head towards the Elite Four. He will challenge you to another Battle, ultimately telling you that even though you aren't really friends, you are still far from rivals. His team consists of a Level 52 Crobat, Level 52 Weavile, Level 52 Lucario, and Level 53 Silvally. His Lucario will being holding Steelium Z, while Silvally will be the type of Pokemon that is super effective against your Starter due to the Memory Item it is holding.

Encounter 8 - Aether Paradise: After defeating the Elite Four, you can find Gladion back at Aether Paradise in the Conservation Area. He will give you another one of the Type: Null that the Foundation created, as well as all the Memory Items for when it evolves into Silvally for helping save his mother.

Encoutner 9 - Pokemon League Rematch: Just like Hau, Gladion too will also be one of the number of trainers that will try to challenge you for the chance at being the next Alola Champion. His teams is composed of a Level 63 Crobat, Level 63 Weavile, Level 63 Porygon-Z, Level 63 Lucario, and Level 63 Silvally. Again, Lucario will be holding Steelium Z and Silvally will be holding the Memory Item that makes its typing super effective against your Starter.

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