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Pokemon Trainer Hau

Pokemon Sun Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Pokemon Trainer Hau

As you travel through you journey, you will meet-up with Hau, both your friend and Rival, on a number of occasions, nineteen to be exact. Some of these times he'll just Talk to you or give you some items, and at other times he will be looking for a Battle.

Hau Encounters
Encounter 1 - Iki Town: The first Time you will encounter Hau is in Iki Town after choosing your Starter Pokemon. He will immediately challenge you to Battle with his Starter Pokemon, which will always be the Starter that is weak to your Starter Pokemon's Typing. He will have either Rowlet, Litten or Popplio, at of which will be at Level 5.

Encounter 2 - Iki Town Festival: The next day at the Iki Town Festival, you will again Battle Hau, but this Time in honor of Tapu Koko. He has leveled his Starter by two levels, as well as adding a Level 6 Pichu.

Encounter 3 - Pokemon Lab / Hau'oli City: The following day after, you will meet Hau again when you go to the Professor's Lab to receive your Pokedex. He will then travel with you and Lillie throughout Hau'oli City.

Encounter 4 - Route 2: The next Time you see Hau is for a short chat on Route 2. He will give you a few Revives and show you where the next Pokemon Center is.

Encounter 5 - Route 3: After finding Lillie and helping Lillie in Melemele Meadow, you will be challenged by Hau on Route 3. His Starter Pokemon will now be at Level 14 (still unevolved), but his Pichu has now evolved into Pikachu and is now at Level 13. After defeating him, he will watch you Battle Hala in your first Grand Trial.

Enccounter 6 - Boat Ride To Akala Island: The next Time you see Hau will be when Kukui takes both you and him, as well as Lillie, to Akala Island to continue your Island Challenge.

Encounter 7 - Paniola Town: Right as you reach Paniola Town, Hau will appear and challenge you to another Battle. His Starter Pokemon has now evolved into its Second Stage, being at Level 17 and holding Normalium Z. His Pikachu has also leveled up to Level 16.

Encounter 8 - Route 5: The next Time you see Hau is when you'll first meet Gladion. Gladion has just defeat Hau in a Battle, and now wants to challenge you.

Encounter 9 - Royal Avenue: Once you arrive at Royal Avenue and are to participate in a Battle Royal, Hau will want to join you and Masked Royal in it. He will only use his Second Stage Starter Pokemon, which is at Level 19.

Encounter 10 - Diglett Tunnel: As you travel through Diglett Tunnel to reach Konikoni City, you will run into Team Skull and The Aether Foundation. The Aether Foundation will warn you about Team Skull, and you will end up facing two Team Skull Grunts with Hau.

Encounter 11 - Ruins of Life & Aether Paradise: After defeating Olivia, Hau will come to challenge her next. As he does this, you will be asked to meet Faba of The Aether Foundation, and he will end up taking both you and Hau with him to Aether Paradise. You and Hau will encounter an Ultra Beast there, one you must defeat.

Encounter 12 - Malie City: After defeating the Ultra Beast at Aether Paradise, you will be given a ride over to Ula'ula Island. Right after arriving, Hau will challenge you to another Battle. His Second Stage Starter is now hold the Z-Crystal that matches their typing, as well as being at Level 29. His Pikachu has also evolve into Alolan Raichu, now at Level 28. He even has added an Eeveelution that is now at Level 28, being the exact type that your original Starter Pokemon is weak to for a better show at beating you (Flareon for Rowlet, Vaporeon for Litten, Leafeon for Popplio).

Encounter 13 - Route 13: You will next see Hau on Route 13, where he will say hello and give you some Max Potions. Gladion will then show up and question the two of you about Cosmog, and Hau will let it slip that you two know something about it. Gladion will then tell the two of you to protect Cosmog from Team Skull at all cost.

Encounter 14 - Aether House: As you first arrive at Aether House, Hau will appear and the two of you will have to Battle some preschoolers.

Encounter 15 - Aether House: After completing Acerola's Trial and you return to Aether House, you will find Team Skull there looking for Cosmog. Hau and Acerola will help you defeat Team Skull. After doing so, you will find that Team Skull has taken one of the preschooler's Yungoos to Po Town. Hau will remain at Aether house while you go to Po Town.

Encounter 16 - Aether Paradise: After defeating Team Skull in Po Town and rescuing Yungoos, you will return to Aether House to find that Lillie has been kidnapped by Team Skull. Hau will join you and Gladion to go to Aether Paradise, in hopes of finding Lillie there. In Aether Paradise, you will be challenge by a number of Aether Employees, some alone and some with Hau. His Pokemon team has changed quite a bit: his Raichu is at Level 38, his given Eeveelution is at Level 38, and his given Starter has now evolved into its final stage and is at Level 39 while still holding the Z-Crystal that matches its typing.

After defeating the magnitude of employees standing in your way, you will finally reach the end of the Aether Paradise where you know Lillie will be. As you finally find Lillie, you quickly realize that Team Skull and The Aether Foundation have been working together, that heads Guzma and Lusamine have been a Team this entire Time. Hau will challenge Guzma as Gladion takes on Type: Null, while you are forced to try to stop Lusamine. But even after defeating them, the Ultra Beast will take Lusamine and Guzma to Ultra Space with it.

After such, Hau will pledge to get stronger. This is mainly because he wasn't strong enough to stop Team Skull from taking Lillie and Cosmog in the Beginning.

Encounter 17 - Mount Lanakila: After saving Lillie's Mother from Ultra Space and defeating the Island Challenge, you will then take on the task of climbing Mount Lanakila to the Elite Four. But right before facing the Elite Four, Hau will challenge you to a Battle, having also now defeated the Island Challenge. His team has gotten a lot better: his Riachu is at Level 53, his given Eeveelution is at Level 53, his New addition of Komala is also at Level 53, and his given third-stage Starter Pokemon is at Level 54 with their Z-Crystal that still matches their typing.

Encounter 18 - End of Main Storyline: After defeating the Elite Four, Hau will join you in your celebration back in Iki Town. He will then join you in saying goodbye to Lillie as she leaves for Bill in Kanto. And after that, the following day to be exact, will come to your house to tell you he is heading to train some more at The Battle Tree.

Encounter 19 - Pokemon League Rematch: As you rematch the Elite Four, one of the many trainers that will challenge you for the title of Champion is Hau. His team has gotten even stronger than before with his recent trip to The Battle Tree, all of his Pokemon now being at Level 63: his Raichu, his given Eeveelution, his Komala, his New Crabominable, and also his given Final Evolution Starter Pokemon that remains holding the Z-Crystal for its given typing.

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