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Day 2 in the World of Minecraft - Adding Comforts

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Your goal for this stage of game play is to begin adding the more complicated crafted items to your den, and expanding your den into a stronghold.  While most of this is really optional, a lot of the effort that you put into the optional tasks at this point will pay dividends later.


The Start of Spiritual Day 2


While most of the items on the Day 1 ticklist are common sense or are necessary for your progress through the game, much of what comes next is split between the necessary and the nice...  The former being the items that permit you to Enchant and serve to make life easier through their utility functions, while the latter items and objects are largely there to appeal to and serve the soul.  A piece of art, a Jukebox on which to play Music Discs,  a construct that is used to create Obsidian so that you can craft an Enchantment Table upon which your hard-earned levels can be exchanged for more formidable weapons and armor with special abilities -- this stage in the game broadens the horizon, making it possible to explore further and deeper, and to begin the process of entering and mastering other Biomes and regions for the first time.

As this guide progresses you have encountered and mastered a variety of Mobs and environments, making the Overworld your own; and if it is not a sage haven it is at least a world that is shaped by your presence.  But now it is time to open up new vistas in which unpredictability is the dominant  force -- but before we do that let us explore and complete another ticklist -- you knew that there would be another ticklist, right?


The Spiritual Day 2 Ticklist


-- Expand your den into a stronghold and begin adding resource-generating capabilities like a Wheat Field and Pumpkin Patch, set up your animal pens and coax in your starter breeding pairs, and perhaps build a pond of you do not already have one naturally so you have a place to fish! 

-- Build an Obsidian Plant to obtain a reliable supply -- see the section on how to build this and use it;

-- Build a Portal to the Netherrealm -- your next logical step, and building Portals requires a fair bit of Obsidian (hence the need to build the generator as step one... 

A Nether Portal needs to be four-blocks wide, and five-blocks tall (but does not have to include to corner pieces which will save you some effort).  Check the image to see an example.

Note that these Portals are pretty large -- I built mine on the roof of my Obsidian Plant as that is a safe location -- and once it is constructed all that you need to do to make it functional is use a Flint and Steel    on it!

Before you step through your shiny new Portal make sure you have good armor and weapons, an extra Flint and Steel (you want to be able to come back right?  Well if a mob disables the Portal at the other end you will need to re-open it!). 

-- Grind Levels

The last thing you are going to want and need to do is the one thing that will take the longest -- grinding XP Levels.  The reason you need to do that is a simple one -- you trade Levels when you Enchant -- and without them to trade, you will not be doing any Enchanting!

The easy way to do this is to outfit yourself with plenty of ammo and set up a redoubt -- a building built on a three-block high pedestal so you can come out in the morning and shoot all the Mobs that have gathered.  This works best when you place it near a mob-occupied cave or dungeon, we are just saying...

Every 15 Levels or so you can go Enchant some of your armor and weapons -- remember when to check your armor and weapon durability BEFORE you Enchant!  Laying five levels on a Sword with only a few kills left in it would suck hard.  Ideally you should be crafting new Diamond armor and weapons and Enchanting those and setting them in your kit chest to pull out when you are going adventuring through a Portal...

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