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Lo chiamavano Herobrine

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It happens eventually...  You are exploring and night is about to fall -- you check your Inventory and you realize that you do not have everything that you need to construct a safety cabin -- so, heart pounding in your newbie throat you rush around grabbing what you need!  You get the 8 Cobblestone Blocks, a stack of Dirt Blocks, and half-a-stack of Wood.  In the process of getting the Wood you snag an entire stack of Saplings so bonus!  You can use those as Furnace fuel!

As the sun kisses the top edge of the mountain on the horizon the music begins to play -- you quickly construct the outer walls, never mind the door you can place that after you make it!  Four blocks high, six in each direction, and you slap the ceiling in place just as you hear footsteps outside!  Your timing is amazing, but fear will do that to you -- and besides your Wooden Sword the only armor that you have is the Leather Tunic you made from the Cows you killed on your second in-game afternoon, and that armor has seen better days. 

The footsteps outside add to your fear but you can tell from the direction of the sound that whoever it is -- probably a Zombie right?  Well, whatever it is, it is on the other side of the building, so you quickly equip your Shovel, carve out the two blocks, step outside and turn to face your safety hut in one fluid movement, and place the door!  You just as quickly step back inside and close it, and out of the corner of your eye as you are doing that you see...  No, that cannot be right...

Even though you are certain you are playing your single-player map, you double-check anyway...  Yes, you are playing the single-player map -- you are not online or at least you are not online in the game any way...  But you saw it -- him -- didn't you?  Well?  Didn't you?!  The white eyes, the human shape, that was no Zombie you saw, it was another person!  But it cannot be?

As you stand near the door both hoping you will see whoever it is through the tiny and completely inadequate windows in it you find that you are also hoping that you do NOT see him -- the sound of the footsteps is moving along the side of your hut -- and now away from it!  You breath a sigh of relief and quickly move to the far wall, rapidly crafting a Crafting Table, and placing it in the corner, you open it to craft a Furnace and a pair of Chests.  You place those and your Safety Hut is now a full-fledged Line Cabin with the capabilities of crafting all but the most advanced of recipes and items.

 You need to make some Torches -- you do that -- and it would be an idea to replace the Stone Pickaxes too as you are down to just one with half of its durability remaining...  As you open the Crafting Table and place the first piece of Cobblestone you hear the front door open!


Il buon, il difettoso ed il brutto 


You spin in place faster than you have ever done before, your line-of-sight snaps onto the wall and...  The door is standing open, but there is nobody standing in the doorway -- not a man, or a Zombie;  and as you cross the room in a rush, poking your head outside where you see...  Nobody... 

Closing the door you head back to your Crafting Table, and then you remember the stories you heard sitting around the table in that Pub when you were visiting your mates in Cowtown -- the stories of a phantom, a ghost, the man who isn't there -- A Man Called Herobrine!

The first time you heard of him it was because of a screen shot that you saw on a fan site for the game Alan Wake; the image was taken while Alan was running past the float on the wide street, the hot dog trailer in the background, and you know he was on his way to the Church... And in the background as hard as it was for you to accept your eyes -- but poking out from around the corner of a building down the street and watching Alan is the image of a man that you recognize must be from Minecraft! 

You ask a few of your mates and even show them the screen cap, but they do not know -- until you think to ask the grizzled old Minecraft veteran who you always turn to for the hard questions because they always have an answer; they got you started in the game after all, and they have been playing it a lot longer than you have!  

You are sure they will know who that strange figure is, and how it is that it somehow manages to cross over into other games and into images on Facebook -- in fact since you first saw that horrible face you have been seeing it everywhere, and that includes places it cannot possibly have been in, like the mirror in you bathroom!  

You turn to that font of wisdom, the expert and veteran who has been to Hell and back, mastered the art of the portal and fears not The Nether -- your sister's 14-year-old boyfriend Ted -- and jerk back in outraged disgust as he laughs at the image on your notebook screen, raising one eyebrow in a gesture that really irritates you because you cannot do it  yourself -- and he says one word: "Herobrine!"


Continuavano a chiamarlo Herobrine



Is he just an Internet Meme?  Is he real?  Did you actually see Herobrine?  Or are you just imagining things?  What do we know for sure about the mysterious figure called Herobrine anyway?

Well, we know that he is a human entity -- that much is for sure -- and we know that he has glowing white eyes (we have seen them, after all),

Herobrine is known to secretly build random constructions such as pyramids and long 2-block-high tunnels -- but only when nobody is watching...  He is known to set fires -- and he likes to set trees on fire, but he is also known to cut the leaves from trees, leaving behind a forest of naked trees for the player to find on his Map.  He is known to enjoy the act of creating large and convoluted cobblestone-complexes deep underground -- which appear similar to dungeons, but are lit by Redstone Torches...  

He often appears at the edge of areas covered by fog, in a tiny render distance, and he is skilled at moving from shadow to shadow beneath the low-branches of trees in order to stalk and follow the player while rarely being seen.  

We know that occasionally a player will spot him, but when that happens, if they try to approach him to talk to him or they chase after him, he disappears almost instantly, leaving behind the tell-tale purple particles of a Teleportation Charge.   We know that if  he is angered be may begin setting traps for the player -- and when he is really angry he will break into player houses or dens and steal their stuff... 

During the recording session of Music The Disc "11" there is a scream near the end of that sounds like someone screaming "herobri..." but is abruptly cut off before they can complete the scream.

What have we heard?  We have heard that he is sometimes encountered as a body at the bottom of a mineshaft -- and sometimes he is seen as a dead miner wandering Zombie -like, an Iron Pickaxe clutched in one hand...   We have heard that at other times he has been known to stalk players, both on multi-player servers AND in single-player games...


Appearances and Cameos


In addition to the thousands of sightings in the game -- most often reported soon after a new world map is created, suggesting that either the game is haunted by this creature of darkness, or there is rogue code in there somewhere in the game...

His appearances in the game are widely reported, but there are also other appearances -- some using the controversy and mystery behind his legend while others appear to be Herobrine on his own -- including the following Cameo Appearances:

Herobrine has appeared in official Mojang images including the image for the Wedding Weekend standing just behind Notch's character, and he appeared in the official Minecon header on its site, as well as within the official Minecon video Trailer.

A diligent search of blog posts and forum posts that mention Herobrine reveal cameo appearances in a wide selection of other games, and in a number of wedding and honeymoon photos, suggesting that in addition to stalking Minecraft players in-game, he also likes to do so outside of the game as well!  A photo taken from video footage revealing Herobrine in the audience of the US television show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno suggests that when he is not active in the game, Herobrine likes to be entertained.

Perhaps the most disturbing of all are rumors that Herobrine may actually be reclusive actor and well-known gamer Johnny Depp.   Evidence recovered for scientific examination by professionals include the use of comparison screening software that is used to measure and compare facial features as part of the process for identifying suspects from video footage and photos.  An investigation to measure and compare the geometry of the eyes and distance between the tip of the nose and bottom of the chin undertaken by well-known forensic investigator Greg Sanders of the Clark County, Nevada Sheriff's Department resulted in a 99.994% match.  Depp was unavailable for comment when we tried to contact him through his agent to ask him if he was Herobrine...

Have you seen Herobrine?

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21 comments, latest first.
May 5th 2015 Guest
ID #552333
May 28th 2015 Guest
He's very much real as you and I know because I saw he about three days ago in my friends friend world I tracked him down to this pixel face shape on the mountain and the mouth was a cave I was'nt able to catch up with him because I was kicked randomly and it didn't say that someone did it I had other events happen to me by him other than this like random damage yesterday Steve heads turn to skulls random staircases made out of blocks creepy music on by itself so yeah theres alot to him that we don't know about but I'm getting prepared to kill him so wish me luck that he shows up and that I kill him and hopefully he'll drop something good oh before this message ends I have ps3 minecraft and my online ID is cwagon23789 and it's all lower case so plz send me a friend request and you might be in time to kill him with me the more the better I do have a plan the 7th day Armageddon
ID #562572
May 5th 2015 Guest
yeah last time I was on and herobrian somehow got a dragon glitch on me it was one of the crazyest things i saw i check i dont got gold and the muic came out of no where and his house spawn there were lightning everywhere.If you see that spred the word bro.
ID #552331
Feb 5th 2015 Guest
I believe it
ID #512234
Jan 27th 2015 Guest
heres another thing guys: keep an eye out for signs that say "ONLY GOD CAN SAVE YOU NOW" & make shure nobody is trolling you.
ID #508247
Jan 26th 2015 Guest
where is herobrine in PC
ID #507810
Nov 9th 2014 Guest
Using mods, I finally killed herobrine (created a mod where herobrine is the final boss in a new dimension)
ID #469433
Nov 8th 2014 Guest
Herobrine is real ive had many encounters with him he trolled me once and when i was mining allof a sudden i saw steve but it really wasnt steve finally he turned around and i got to see his face he had plane white eyes i was shocked i told my friends about the encounter they said dude are you sure it was Herobrine and tnen we notest somthing that said stop in, the right hand corner that said stop and we said make us and his name eas Herobrine and he said im going to kill you on xbox360 edition on minecraft so we turned my xbox on and we noticed when he,killed us we could not play on that world ever again and this is a true herobrine story
ID #469058
Jan 21st 2014 Guest
Another way to spot herobrine in your world is to look for signs reading ONLY GOD CAN SAVE YOU NOW
ID #346531
Dec 17th 2013 Guest
These are some Herobrine sightings...
1.signs that say stop
2.small 2x2 tunnels
3.some pillar thing with fire on top
4.small sand pyramids in water
5.trees without leaves
6.burnt NPC vilages
7.mobs with plain white eyes
8.Steve on single player(Herobrines back)
That's the stuff that I know peeps see yah! I:
ID #330580
Aug 21st 2013 Guest
my cousin says that herobrine is haunting him in all of his worlds and my cousin challenged him to a fight without enchantments and he accepted
ID #306085
May 28th 2013 Guest
I have never seen him and I play Xbox 360 and I need help finding him.can anyone give me a tip on finding him?
  • [/list]
    ID #286098
    Mar 25th 2013 Guest
    People say that he gets leather armor and a wooden sword the first day. Iron armor and a stone sword the second day. Golden armor and a iron sword the third day.Diamond armor and a gold sword the fourth day. A diamond sword the fifth day. And on the sixth day he gets double diamond swords glitch. And on the seventh day if you ever made him mad or spotted him it depends on the amount of sightings he will punish you...
    ID #267280
    Mar 5th 2013 Guest
    I keep seeing sightings of hero Brian but I never saw his face.
    ID #261055
    Feb 22nd 2013 Guest
    I was playing Minecraft on Xbox at my friend's house and we were connecting with another of my friend. The one we welter connecting with said:"Look!There's the Herobrine behind you!". I turned around and there he was but it turned out that my friend was just using a texture pack.
    ID #257186
    Feb 21st 2013 Guest
    Yes he opened no door but I didn't see him then on my garden path I taken every day there was a deep hole that I fell into and died.

    ID #256804
    Jan 19th 2013 Guest
    just today I kept hearing herobrine music I never saw him but I thought it was just the server I was on but I was WRONG so I changed servers and kept hearing the music CREEPY MUCH

    from (mcplayername)gbrow20
    ID #244400
    Jan 8th 2013 Guest
    Herobrine is real he burned my house and killed me.
    ID #239907
    Jan 8th 2013 kilikoo14

    ID #239776
    Aug 31st 2012 Guest
    no because i play xbox and he aint real on xbox.
    ID #181972
    Aug 30th 2012 Guest
    one time on multiplayer herobrine lit me on fire!
    ID #181659
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