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Minecraft PC Cheats and Tips

We have 50 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Minecraft please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Mac : Android

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Gives 2 64 stacks of diamond blocks,obsidian and,bedrock also gives a diamond pakaxe diamond sword and a diamond axe also gives a full set of diamond armor gives you 1 64 stak of tnt a saddle 1 64 stack of cooked pork chops and spawns 4 tamed wolves

Find Dungeons Easily

Always make sure you have weapons and plenty of torches when searching for dungeons as you may encounter a monster. Look for an area that you think may have dungeons and stake it out with torches so it is well-lit when night falls. Press 'Esc' to open up the menu and select 'Options', change the difficulty from 'Peaceful' (or whatever difficulty you are on) to 'Hard' and then close the menu. When you now press F3 ID numbers will appear on top of every animal or monster in range. Look towards the ground and search for an unusually large cluster of ID numbers underground. This is more than likely a group of monsters and will either lead you to a cave or a dungeon.

Cheat Mode

In Single-Player mode press the 'T' or 'C' key to display the 'Commands' bar and then enter the following codes (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect. Note: the 'Allow Cheats' option must be set to 'On' when creating a new world for these to work.

Change to Survival Mode:

Type '/gamemode 0'

Change to Creative Mode:

Type '/gamemode 1

Change to Adventure Mode:

Type '/gamemode 2

Change to Spectator Mode:

Type '/gamemode 3


Type '/effect (player name) 22 (seconds) (level 1-255)'


Type '/effect (player name) 15 (seconds) (level 1-255)'

Fire Resistance:

Type '/effect (player name) 12 (secon..

Get the Dragon Egg

Do the following to take the egg that was dropped on the fountain by the Ender Dragon. Left click the egg to teleport it and then dig down 2 blocks and break the block beneath the block the egg is on. If you now place a torch there and break the block below the egg it will drop itself as an item.

Rainbow Sheep

If you name a sheep 'jeb_' (without the quotes) it's wool will continuously change colour.

2 really good npc village seeds

These are good NPC village seeds both with diamonds!

First is ravinecave (no spaces or caps or this)

2nd is -992740883(that one has 7 obsidian too!)

Painting Secrets

There are paintings that appear in Minecraft that are easter eggs to other games, below is a list.

King's Quest:

The painting with the person that wears a red shirt and white skin colour is Graham from the King's Quest series of games.

Space Quest:

The paintings with the spider and Graham is the scenery from the game Space Quest.

International Karate+

The painting of the two karate men is from the game International Karate+.

Donkey Kong:

The painting of the old arcade version of Donkey Kong is from the game Donkey Kong.

Make a nether bomb

If there was a bomb that could only work in the nether wouldnt that be handy so all you got to do is place a bed anywhere in the nether then try to use it then it will EXPLODE!

In Game Key Strokes

Press the following keys during gameplay to enable the corresponding effect.

Display Framerate:

Hold F3 during gameplay.

Show Current Lag:

Hold F6 during gameplay.

Toggle View:

Press F5 during gameplay in Survival mode to switch to third person view.


Press F5 during gameplay in Creative mode.

1.2 Update [Mob Traps]

As you know, 1.2 came out, and to some of you it's a problem.

Mobs are now smart enough to not fall in pits or get trapped from a wall, and that is REALLY NOT helpful for making mob traps.

So now your trap won't work, so FORCE them to fall into something... By using water currents!

Mobs cannot outrun water currents like you can.

This can be helpful for making Fall Traps, Grind Traps, or even Drown Traps!

I hope this helps with your traps! Smile

Get Items Without Looking For Them! 100% Effective!

If you have cheats on then you can look up the item code(usually a number and just press "t" and type, /give (player name) (minecraft:(item) (item codes will not be accepted in the future)) (how many)

For example (I'll use a fake (obviously) username):

/give ABCDEFG1234 minecraft:diamond 64

Type exactly as shown including spaces with the info you need/want and you should be good to go! This is legit don't worry I was unsure too at first.

Get Fountain Dragon Egg

To get the egg that was dropped on the fountain by the Ender Dragon you need to left click the egg to teleport it and then dig down 2 blocks and break the block beneath the block the egg is on. If you place a torch there and then break the block below the egg you will find it will drop itself as an item.

Rare items in house

What you want: rare stuff in your house

How to do it: get two enderchests place one enderchest in your house

Put the second enderchest at source/ore of material

Fill enderchest #2 with the stuff

Then destroy enderchest#2 then go home enderchest#1

Will be loaded with your goodies!!!!

Looking but no falling

Want to see inside a hole without falling in? Or want to build something below without falling down? Now you can!

Press Shift while walking or looking at the thing you want to look at. You will not fall down. Even if you are trying to make yourself fall, the crouching (shift) will stop from making you fall!

You're Not Alone

When you're working in tunnels, be sure to carry hundreds of torches with you and light every step of the way as you go. If any area reaches a low light level, or no light level at all, it allows Mobs to spawn. If you don't light your tunnels, they'll sneak up behind you and kill you, even if you've checked your tunnels before. A helpful tip for the miners.


Ok, in this, I am going to tell you how to enchant your items with a program called NBTedit. To get started you are going to need to download and install NBTedit, to do that go to your "search" page and type in this exactly: NBTedit Download After that hit the download link, button or whatever the website currently has. It will download and install onto your computer. So, go to MineCraft, and get yourself a sword of any kind, even wood. I will tell you why wood later in this tutorial. So after getting yourself a sword, go search for NBTedit in the thing that you have to search for stuff in your computer b typing this exactly: NBTedit

After you searched for NBTedit, click on the icon, and it will appear on your computer's screen. So, it will say this: root:0entries..

When exploring dungeons and underground...

When you are exploring underground, and you think you may get lost, bring lots of torches and place them on your right when going deeper underground, so when you are looking to go back up to normal ground, follow the torches that are on your left, this should help you find your way.

Wicked_Willow x

Item ID 56 (diamond)

I have found a way to get unlimited diamond! But no like having to drop it leave your server then come back. No, instead all you have to do is get a furnace of course and type... /give username 56 64. Then you will get 64 diamond and you can do as many times as you want just don't add a period. But remember you need a furnace you will only get the raw materials and you can't make armor or weapons with that.

Avoid Death By Creeper

If you enjoy the challenge of Normal Mode or harder, but don't like how an explosion by a Creeper kills you instantly, keep this in mind: Most armor will protect you JUST enough to survive a creeper blast. Armor seems like it may not be all that useful, and can sometimes be overlooked, but it's worth your time to use it. Iron and Diamond armor work the best!


To spawn a giant hit t and type this /spawnmob giant

How to find diamonds

First dig all the way down to the first layer of bedrock (remember they're five layers of bedrock) Second go too the 14th layer closest to bedrock build a 15x15 room, and poof there ya have it DIAMONDS!

Minecraft cheat codes and coomads for pc

Survivors spawn survival mode

Rain rain and thunder

Gunnnn all gun unlock sent from cleo

Chest have a chest

Copyy allly secret cleo and invisible zombie

Come all zombie recruit


If you need to enchant your swords, bow, pickaxe... Etc. Place your enchantment table down, and lots of bookshelves allow you to get higher XP selections, so before you placed any bookshelves, your highest XP thingy... Amount would be only five, now it's higher. I think you can also place anvils around for high XP point boosts. Depending on the amount of mobs you have killed, it depends on how much XP you have, when placing your item you wish to be enchanting in the square section, you can keep taking it in and out, until you get the highest one you can get (again, depending on your amount of XP). Once you have selected one, you can't go back. I think when enchanting a bow, you can only get: Power 1 . I don't know though.

Wicked_Willow x

Finding Diamond

If you're like me, you've had trouble finding diamond ore. Well, I've figured out a trick to it. All you have to do is dig down until you hit the bedrock. Go up three blocks, and start digging a tunnel in any direction that's one block wide, and three blocks high. Dig until you just can't dig anymore. Move over two blocks, and start digging your way back. You're almost guaranteed to hit Diamond Ore soon enough.

64 64

Ask your friend to come and play with you then get a chest with one diamond or other things then open the chest with your friend then click the THING the same time then a maybe 5 or 7 seconds later each of you will get 64 stacks of DIAMOND or other and you can do this in the PE minecraft to and enjoy.

How to beat the game easily

Ok, first make a new world. Make sure you have it set to creative mode. Then create a end portal so you can access

The end. Then go in it. Add a sword, and a bow to your inventory so you can fight the ender dragon. (p.sif you enchant it it will help a lot.) and by the way, the portal won't work automatically. You have to erase some of the portal blocks and replace them with portal blocks.

Then justkill the ender dragon in creative and you win!


Most servers use gold ingots or emerald for currnec, while villagers us emerald for money. You can either mine emerald, or trade an item, like 15 steak, for a few emeralds to spend

Great seeds and great spots in the seeds

#1- Minecraft seed: 889425903

Generate Structures? ON

World Type? Superflat

Chest #1 Co-ordinates:




Chest #2 Co-ordinates:





#2- Minecraft Seed:-919200780

Generate Structures? ON

World Type? Default

Mine Co-ordinates:


Starting up on first -2nd day(s) of play

First kill the trees until you have 19 logs and then you need to turn them into planks until you have 2 stacks of 64 planks then make you tools by making sticks and making a chest and a tool shed by making a square of planks after that get lots of stone and make a stone house you should make barrier from bomber at the wall so they can't jump over it.

The risk is worth it!

So if you're like me, you avoid every natural cave or mine you find and patch it up with stone. Then you turn left or right and continue mining. Well for all those people who are afraid of exploring them, it's worth it. Just make sure you either leave occasional dirt blocks or something like that so you don't get lost or don't go far. The reason the risk is worth it is because mines are littered with GOLD! And caves have some too. Not to mention redstone is also common. If you don't want to risk getting lost or something that makes sense. Just remember how much gold you can be missing out on. I once found 54 gold in one exploration.

Duplication glich

1.get whatever you item you want more of put in into one of the 9 boxes (not invitory)

2.then throw it on the ground and exit to title (with items on the ground)

4.go back into the gamepick the iems up

5.go to a chest open in then without saving close minecraft completly it back up go in to the levi and you should have double

If you don't understand me read this outloude

Teleportation Survival Hint

If you need to mapmaker a secret base on one of you survival worlds, here is how to do it:

Step one: Create a tunnel to where your base is or where it is going to be.

Step two: Place temporary ladders into the tunnel. On the first bottom block place any kind of track.

Step three: Climb the ladders and then delete them. At the top of the tunnel, looking down, place a minecart on the track.

Step four: Then place a preferred block that blends in with it's surroundings.

Step five: Try it out. Hold down the block which your minecart is underneath and you should be teleported into the minecart.

Step six: Fill your base with all your treasures!

Hope this helped Smile

Killing the ender dragon

The ender dragon will dive towards you. Thats it's attack method.You can only kill it with swords and arrows.Arrows work better but swords work too.To protect yourself from endermen ,wear a pumkin on you head. It will be hard to see but it works.Before you try to kill anything, break the crystals on the obsidian pillars.The crystals will heal the ender dragon.Heres a tip. Place a bed on the ground.When the dragon is close, get in bed than jump out of bed. This will go boom in front of the dragon.When the dragon is killed a portal back to earth is around the middle pillar.A mighty prize is waiting on top of that pillar.

How to get out of a stuck in the underground (hint)

There's many ways to solve this, but there's a thing that can you do by the right way (no checting like killing urself or restrating)

Let me tell you a story.....

That time I was exploring I bring nothing but weapons (swords), that time I saw a big cave, so I came in a checked it out, but that time I slipped and fall, I'm very scared I can't get out, I can't die to spawn back, it's all the things that can only be picked up with a picaxe, (cobble stones, iron ore, etc) but then I found something, idk what that is but I can pick it with my bare hands, so I pick many of them and climb back up by pressing space and click to the bottom until we got back, I was very proud of myself that time, I hope this helps

(PS:Never give up, and always bring a spare pickaxe when explor..

How to make paper in minecraft

It was finding out the recipe for how to make paper in Minecraft. The massive popularity of the video game Minecraft is due to the relevance a player finds with real life in the game. It might be just a survival game, but it is close to being authentic, and that is one quality that sets the game apart from the other games in the same genre. Paper, for instance, is one of the many essential things in our day to day life but finds a lot of use. The same is the case with paper in the Minecraft game as well.

However, it is not readily available in the game for an easy and direct collection like it is available in shops in real life. Instead, a player has to learn how to make paper in Minecraft to craft an essay which in turn comes in use while crafting other necessary items in th..

How to get to the end easily

Make a world in creative with cheats on

Then spawn an eye of ender then follow them to the portal then activate the portal and make sure you get a full set of diamond amour a diamond sword and a bow with a 64 stack of arrows these items will be needed to kill the ender dragon after you did evereything type the cheat /gamemode 1 or 0 to change your gamemode then jump in the portal and prepare to kill the HARDEST monster in the game and plus watch out for enderman they are EVEREYWHERE in the end

Mine Craft under ground lair

OK first you nee a 4 by 4 hole then you need 8 sticky pistons and red stone and a lever. So you place 4 sticky pistons in the 4 by 4 hole and run red stone through it and some red stone outside and place the lever bye the red stone and cover it and the lever with some blocks and dig down and down until you have the lair that you want as deep as you want it and decorate the inside and even put trees on the outside and if this was useful email me at [email protected] and I hope it was useful it worked for me so when you are done I hope you like your new lair!

Pick up 64 blocks at a time

Hold shift and click on the block you want . ( note this cheat only works in creative . )

Cobble generator

Get lava,water,and any block.put lava on the right and water on the a cannon with closed you endings and open midle.

Super Chests Glitch

To create a Super Chest is very simple and easy to do if you follow these instructions:

1) Obtain three chest blocks (Item ID 54)

2) Obtain an Iron Bucket (Item ID 325)

3) Fill said Iron Bucket with water (Item ID 326)

4) Place two chests next to each other to form a Large Chest.

5) Place the water on either end of the Large Chest. Not front or back, but left side or right side.

6) Place the third chest on the water.

Doing this creates a Super Chest which is three times larger than a single chest, and 50 percent more space than a Large Chest. Be aware, some servers outlaw glitching, seeing as that's what this is. In Minecraft, this is a glitch which Notch needs to fix. This MIGHT work with Lava, but I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND TRYING IT. Not..

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