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Music Discs

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Did you know that you can build a Jukebox that will actually play music in your home?  Well, it will play music once you actually obtain some of the Music Discs that are available as loot in the game that is...  The Discs are obtained either by luring a Creeper into a position to be killed by a Skeleton's Arrow (which can spawn a Music Disc as a drop), and as rare loot in dungeon Treasure Chests.

Each Disc plays original music that was composed by a player named "C418" (Daniel Rosenfeld).  In addition to producing the music for the Discs, C418 is also credited with producing many of the sound effects as well.

At the present time there are a total of 11 Music Discs in the game -- and some are considered more desirable than others -- but none are really rare since they are mostly a random drop and you have about as much chance of getting one as another for most of them.  There are exceptions to this, though they mostly apply to Disc 11 and variations of Discs.

Discs 13 and cat are found in roughly 8% of dungeon chests, and are also dropped when a Creeper is killed by a Skeleton's arrow.  All of the discs except for 11 can be obtained in dungeons, strongholds and dropped by Creepers killed by Skeletons. 

The following Discs appear in the game:

-- 11 -- The contents of Disc 11 is not music, but is a collection of sound effects including a person running over different block types and other actions.

-- 13 -- Another Disc that contains sounds rather than music, though mostly the sounds on this Disc are mechanical in nature.

-- cat -- An upbeat synthetic melody.

-- blocks -- An upbeat melody.

-- chirp -- An upbeat melody.

-- far -- A calm and relaxing melody.

-- mall -- A calm and relaxing melody.

-- mellohi -- A slow, creepy guitar piece.

-- stal -- A very cool jazz piece (widely considered to be the best Disc in the game to find).

-- strad -- A reggae tune.

-- ward -- Chopin's Funeral March.

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15 comments, latest first.
Aug 19th 2015 Guest
ID #600084
Jun 29th 2015 Guest
I have a trick to play any song you want to play that is not minecraft music go to you tube start the song you want to play minamise you tube go back in minecraft and the music will be playing if you did it right ps minecraft is soo awesome
ID #577193
Apr 25th 2015 Guest
I love all music disks except 11 and 13
ID #547534
Jul 14th 2014 Guest
i can not found the Stal disc music i was everywhere i watched videos but i cant find them i have the PS3 version. on my nether there is no disc music

ID #418277
Mar 15th 2014 Guest
I think that disc 11 is a broken story! Once, a Steve was walking in a mine
Until he stumbled against an enderman, but with white eye instead of purple!
The enderman chased Steve into a big cave and Steve hid-out in a dark part if the cave.
Next, Started to make chain armor (or use flint and steel) and found A mysterious enchantment table
In the middle of a weird room in the cave. He enchanted most of his armor,
But the enderman was coming fast. Steve ran but was not fast enough and got killed by the enderman.
(That us what the roar was at the end, it was the enderman attacking Steve.
ID #364379
Feb 15th 2014 Guest
minecraft is the best GAME EVER!!!
ID #355116
Sep 26th 2013 Guest
Cheap way to make a farm: Make a pen with fences, but leave 2 blocks open.Instead of fence gates,use pistons + netherbrick fence.Wire the pistons together to a switch.When the pistons activate, the netherbrick fence should be in line with the fences.However, netherbrick fence and fences don't connect,forming a gap between that you can walk through,but mobs can't.
How to use it:Get a creeper to follow you.Run through the pen and when the creeper enters, flip the switch and get out with the gap between the fence and netherbrick fence.
ID #311224
Jul 15th 2013 Guest
On creative you can get the all music discs
ID #297723
Dec 17th 2012 Guest
ID #223095
Sep 7th 2012 Guest
Currently this is for the pc version only disc 13 and cat can be acquired through killing a creeper by having a skeleton shoot it in the current Xbox version.
ID #184059
Aug 17th 2012 Guest
Is this for the PC or Xbox 360 version?
ID #177154
Aug 7th 2012 Guest
i can only obtain disc 13 and disc cat, i have about 10 of each and was wondering do you do anything different to recieve a different disc?
ID #173456
Jul 18th 2012 Guest
Make a hole about 5x5 fill with water depth is 3 dig out middle block
Dig out area around hit creeper with dimonad and stone sword once
Lure in hole lure in skeleton get sckeleton to shoot creeper music disc
Need help on xbox me memorex222 i will help and show
ID #165932
Jun 28th 2012 Guest
yes just mod
ID #157974
Jun 11th 2012 Guest
Is there any way to glitch and get a disc than doing all the hard work.
ID #151451
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