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Biomes are the different terrain that you can find in Minecraft worlds. It is very important to familiarize with the different biomes in this game because most resources are native to certain biomes, and most infrastructures are only located in certain biomes. These resources may be equally valuable to some extent but some are just vital to your everyday survival in-game, hence choosing the right biome for your base is important.

Plains Biome

You will encounter Plains biome a lot. This biome is full of Grass, also Flowers, and trees. Natural structures that you may find in the Plains are caves, lakes, and lava pools. Villages are also expected in this biome.

Plains offer a lot of space for players to build large bases or structures. However, the space it provides will also be detrimental to the players too since the distance to be covered is a lot. Most of the resources needed for base building are not just found in the Plains. The Plains are generally serene, with the more calm Mobs available for the hunt.

Desert Biome

This biome is mostly scant when it comes to resources. The Desert biome is mostly just that, sand all over the place. Cactus is its only exclusive resource; however, it is better for you to get Sand and Sandstone in the Desert biome because they are pretty much abundant here instead of trying your luck in finding somewhere else.

Forest Biome

Forest biome is known for all the trees it could provide. You will encounter lots of Forest biomes in your sessions. Obviously, because of the abundance of trees in this biome, you will have your supply of Wood essentially secured. Also, most of the times, based on my experience, random seeds will likely spawn you in the Jungle. Watch out for the wolves, as they usually spawn in this particular biome.

Remember, it is not the time of day that dictates the spawning of Mobs, but the absence of light. The shadows cast the tall trees in this biome will let the mobs spawn giving you great hunting grounds if you are looking to earn experience or searching for mob drops.

Swamp Biome

It is easy to spot a Swamp biome because it has lots of Oak trees covered in Vines, and more often than not, has Lily Pads and Mushrooms. Well, of course, aside from the fact that swamps are not that hard to distinguish with all the water it has.

For the most part, Witch’s Huts are found in Swamp biomes, but they can be found anywhere now. Lily Pads are essential because they are used to build bridges across water. Vines and Mushrooms have their uses but they are not exclusive to this biome.

Extreme Hills Biome

The Extreme Hills biome is the most breathtaking biome there is. It gives you large hills. There will be huge cliffs, waterfalls, and structure made by “nature”. Caves and the resources that come with it can easily be found here in the Extreme Hills. Meaning, there will lots of Coal and Iron Ore. In fact, there are lots of Ores that you can get outside the caves because of the exposed bedrocks. One type of Ore that can only be found in Extreme Hills is the Emerald Ore.

Mushroom Island Biome

The Mushroom Island biome is one of the two biomes which do not have an equal to real life. Hence, when you see this biome in game, it will really stick out. This biome features Mycelium as its main building block. Mushroom Island is always found in the Ocean Biome, and as its name states, has Mushrooms all around.

As mentioned, the resources that you can find in Mushroom Islands are Mycelium, a purplish grey building block, Mooshrooms which can only be found on Mushroom Islands. Mooshrooms have a lot of resources like Mushrooms growing on them, aside from Milk, Mushroom Stew, and Leather. Giant Mushrooms also provide lots of Mushrooms by just chopping them down.

Also, keep in mind, that there are no hostile Mobs in this biome. Such is a nice play to build a very advanced base. Advanced being, when you can already build tunnels or bridges or any other means you can come up.

Taiga Biome

Taiga is a snow biome with Spruce Trees and is dominated by Wolves. Wolves are not native in this biome though, since you can find them anywhere else. Spruce Trees also are not native, but they Taigas are surefire location of them.

Jungle Biome

Jungle biomes are all about the trees. It is not just the quantity of trees, but also the size. There are large trees in the Jungle biome, and of course thick foliage. Jungles also house lakes, and are sometimes located on hill. The most important resource that you can get from Jungle biomes is the Ocelot. They are difficult to catch and tame, but when they are tamed, they are the most useful mob as they can be used as guards from the attacking hostile Mobs.

Obviously, Wood can be chopped off the huge trees, and on these trees there are vines. There are also Cocoa Pods, if you will need some of it for your food. Most of the times, you will be spawned in this biome because it just makes sense. The Jungle biome is the most conducive biome for your base, as it is complete with the essential resources, and it also has the best mob (the Ocelot) to boot.

Ocean Biome

Like the real oceans, the Ocean biome is just all water. Blocks and blocks of water are all you will ever see. However, when you dip into the oceans, you will find under water caves. There are also Squids, they are most prevalent here. Squids though find their way into other bodies of water, but if you are really looking for one, the Ocean biome is your best bet.

Nether Biome

The Nether is the most dangerous biome, but also is the biome with the most resources to offer. The Nether is known for all the flames, and the lava, and very hostile Mobs. There are also few food resource in the Nether. There are also tons of resources that can only be found in it. Nether Racks, Nether Bricks, Soul Sand, Glowstone and Nether Warts are exclusive to the Nether biomes.

There are tons of very aggressive Mobs in this biome too. The most obvious reason on why this biome has the most aggressive mobs is, this is the only place where you can find all the necessary resources to get into the “endgame.”

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