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There are two types of Mobs in Minecraft, the hostile ones and the peaceful ones. The hostile ones will actively attack you either with or without provocation, while the peaceful ones usually run away if attacked or just let themselves get whacked.

Hostile Mobs


Health: 10

Exp: 5

Location: Everywhere that is dark.

Zombies are found in poorly-lit corners of the world: caves, everywhere during nighttime, and structures without light sources. NPC villagers become zombies when they are killed by zombies. Some zombies even have weapons and armor. Zombies are allergic to sunlight, they burn when they are exposed to it, and are penalized in their movements. Some zombies are equipped with armor and weapons, but they will never bring ranged weapon with them.


Health: 10

Exp: 10

Location: Nether

They are the faster and mobile version of Ghasts. Blazes can shoot quick-burst fire shots (not AoE). They also have small bodies making them hard to hit. Being hit with its projectile will make you catch fire.


Health: 10

Exp: 5

Location: Nether

Ghasts look like ethereal squids that fly around. They do have tons of health and shoot fireballs that have projectiles. Their attacks are so powerful their fireballs destroy anything in the world, bet it the wall, the ground or anything.


Health: 16

Exp: 5

Location: Dark corners of the world

Spiders can actually come out of the darkness and walk in daylight without taking damage unlike the Zombies. Spiders can also climb smooth walls and have this jump attack. Spiders are the most athletic hostile mobs. There are two variants of Spiders, one is the normal Spider and the other one is the Cave Spider. The Cave Spider is small and colored blue; it has an attack that is extremely poisonous.


Health: 10

Exp: 5

Location: Same as Zombies / Nether (Wither Skeleton)

Skeletons are equipped with a bow. They are very accurate with their bows. Like the Zombies, the Skeletons are very weak against sunlight. There is also a chance that you will have encounter a Skeleton riding a Spider. Aside from the vanilla Skeleton, there is also a different kind of Skeleton called Wither Skeleton. Wither Skeletons are only found in the Nether and is equipped with a cursed sword instead of the bow.

Zombie Pigman

Health: 10

Exp: 5

Location: Nether

Another Nether-dweller, Zombie Pigmen is difficult to deal with because they come in groups. They are armed with a sword, and are the only. Being zombies, you would think that they burn under the sun, they don’t. They are not usually worth to fight, since damaging one will call every Zombie Pigman in the area towards you.


Health: 20

Exp: 5

Location: Same as Zombies

An Enderman is a curious character. They can move blocks and can teleport everywhere at relatively large distances. Also, they have this teleport-attack and will backstab you given the chance. They have this ridiculous fear of water that they actually get killed if they get drenched during the rain or if it find itself in the middle of a lake or river.


Health: 10

Exp: 5

Location: Dark corners of the world

Creepers are bombers and they do spawn with the same conditions as Endermen and Zombies. These are suicidal bunches, as they will blow themselves up. They can sneak up on you, so be very careful. They do not produce sound up until they are already near and about to explode.


Health: 13

Exp: 5

Location: Witch Huts (Swamp Biome)

Witches, like its real-world counterpart, or at least what are they known to do, use potions to heal and inflict damage or curses to the player. They also can buff themselves with increased resistances and speed. They are “easy” to kill because they have short range, however, do not get too confident as their potions are very potent.


Health: 16 / 4 / 1

Exp: 4 / 2 / 1

Location: Swamp Biome / Underground

Slimes are mobs that multiply upon hit, albeit will have a major health drop for each of the pieces that lived off it. Slimes are going to aggressively chase the player and will take the shortest path, therefore, lure them into the water or off the cliff and they will die, by falling or by drowning.

Magma Cube

Health: 16 / 4 / 1

Exp: 4 / 2 / 1

Location: Nether

Magma Cubes are Slimes made of lava. They come in varied sizes and they can split into smaller Magma Cubes or Cubelets, if you want to call them that. It is not a surprise that Magma Cubes are immune to fire since, you know, they are made of fire.


Health: 8

Exp: 1 – 3

Location: Forest Biomes

Wolves go about their lives until you poke them. They will attack you in a pack. It is not easy to outmaneuver them because they are so quick. They can be tamed though by feeding them with bones.

Peaceful Mobs


Sheep are found everywhere. They are essential to your survival because they provide an ingredient for your Beds. Sheep have different colors, they are usually white, rarely dark grey / light grey / black, and extremely rarely are colored pink.


Chickens drop a lot of items. They are also very fragile, hence, very easy to farm. Chickens can drop food items namely: Eggs, Raw Chicken, and Cooked Chicken. Feathers are also plucked off them, and these are needed ingredients for Arrows.


Cows are best source of food. The following are the food resources from Cows. They have the Raw Beef, Steak, and Milk. Milk is used for Cakes, and is renewable, meaning, it keeps on replenishing. Leather is also somewhat useful in low level, early game.


Pigs also spawn everywhere, like the Sheep, but they do not spawn underground. Pigs give out Raw and Cooked Porkchops. Also, you can ride a pig, you just need a Saddle and an a Carrot, and a Stick.


Squids will not retaliate when attacked, instead they drop Ink Sacs.


Ocelots are cats that can be found in the Jungle biome. They can be tamed, and then very useful then. They can be tamed with an uncooked Fish. Ocelots scare creepers away and do listen to your commands. They can also be bred, that is an army of Cats!


Mooshrooms are like Cows, only with Mushrooms growing out of their body. They can only be found in Mushroom Islands. They have the same drops as the cows but there is an additional food, the Mushroom Stew, also replenishes. Don’t we forget about the Mushrooms.

Golems (Iron / Snow)

The Iron Golem are spawned in villages with lots of residence (at least 21 houses) and residents (at least 10 dwellers). Their main purpose is to protect the villages from zombie attacks. Iron Golems can also be created by the players using 4 blocks of Iron and a Pumpkin. Iron Golems only protect villagers not the player though.

Snow Golems are creatures that are crafted by putting up together two Snow Blocks and a Pumpkin. Snow Golems do not have any use other than to wreak havoc against the Blazes and the Ender Dragon. They do not survive the non-Snow Biomes though.

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