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Five Things that I Wish I had Been Told When I first started Playing...

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There are a number of tips and potential mistakes that I wish someone had told me about when I first started playing the game, as many a hard-learned lesson would have been good to know before I actually did it -- so I have put together a list of tips, tricks, and actions that are best avoided for this section of the guide so that months from now you don't remark to yourself that you wish someone had told you about these things when you first started out....

Most of these factoids and bits of advice apply regardless of the version of the game you are playing, many are common sense that, had I taken a moment to consider them, I feel are obvious after the fact, but then there you have it...

(1) Don't Assume that it is safe to exit your house just because the Sun has risen!

One of the most frustrating experiences in the game is exiting your den only to learn the hard way that you failed to notice the presence of that Creeper -- and it makes its presence known by blowing itself up along with you and the outer wall of your den!

Seriously -- it is just this sort of event that explains why Glass Blocks exist in the game!  If you fail to install an adequate view out of the front of your house -- or better yet, build an upper-story exit to a patio or ledge that allows you to reconnoiter the area visually before committing yourself to walking outside you really can only blame yourself if you end up being forced to spend the day rebuilding your den rather than doing what you originally intended to do when leaving the house that morning.

(2) NEVER dig directly up or directly down!

When you dig up, you risk having a flood of Lava pour down upon you, killing you nearly instantly and destroying all of your possessions because of this careless act.  A similar disaster potentially awaits when you dig on the block you are standing upon -- a careless gesture that can easily see you plummeting through the air and into a Lava pool or into a group of Creepers because that block was the only thing between you and the dungeon below!

Both of these events happened to me -- remember what I said about learning things the hard way?  If I had a moment to consider the possibilities -- but of course why would I have done that?  I suppose that these are lessons that are meant to be learned the hard way, but I still wish that someone had warned me early on.

(3) Do not assume that the night is safe just because you are only stepping outside of your den for a moment or you don't SEE any threat...

Getting killed because you carelessly step outside of your den at night is such a crappy way to die...  Needing that one piece of Sugar Cane, or just a few Wood Blocks may be a reason to just dodge out real quick even though it is night -- after all, what is the worse that could happen?  Cha!  Right!

(4) Just because you managed to pull off a melee kill on that first Creeper does not mean you are good at melee battles with Creepers!

Chalk this one up to the natural ability for humans to fail to realize that they simply got lucky -- but when you deal with Creepers -- especially when they are stalking the front door of your den in the morning -- trying to melee them is just asking to experience a Creeper explosion... 

The hard-learned lesson here is when there are Creepers creeping about, head up to the sniper's roost and take them out with a Bow.

(5) Try not to waste resources -- especially the harder to obtain stuff like Diamonds and Gold...

You never need Diamonds until you really need them, and perversely in the world of Minecraft when you really need a particular resource for the object you want to craft that you lack, you always end up finding loads of everything except the resource you need!

On the first Map that I ever played I dug a mine down to bedrock and got lucky, as in under an hour I had nearly half-a-stack of Diamonds - so of course I just assumed that they were easy to get.  Fast forward to a new Map that I am playing while I write this guide and I cannot find a Diamond to save my life. 

It is situations like this that make you regret the fact that you made an entire set of Diamond Tools just so you could say you did -- when clearly the Diamond Hoe, Shovel, and Axe are a total waste of that valuable resource! 

While Gold has very limited uses, it having it available to make the really important stuff -- and specifically Powered Rails for your track run -- is key to happiness.  Wasting it on tools or Gold Armor?  That is a good reason to kick yourself.

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17 comments, latest first.
Jul 31st 2015 Guest
I absolutely LOVE enderman. My friends nicknamed me "Endergirl"... I'm so honored!!
ID #592066
Oct 6th 2015 Guest
thats so cool my lil brother nicknamed me "stupidface' but my friends call me "katgirl" ether way yer name is cooler
ID #614487
Mar 21st 2015 Guest
I need help on knowing if u can install mods with the Xbox 360
ID #531410
Jan 11th 2015 CMBF
Generally whenever there is flooding it means that somewhere else you will have been mining and released a spring, and that spring has flooded the area where your house is. You can fix that by plugging the gap you previously opened.
ID #499629
Jan 1st 2015 Guest
How do I stop the water from flooding my house? And where do I find the leak? Does ice melt? could that be my source of flooding?
ID #493900
Nov 24th 2014 CMBF
I know exactly what you are saying - and for a lot of players that is true! But a lot like to learn in advance of their mistakes - learn from others mistakes - and take a certain satisfaction from avoiding them. But hey, we get the best of both here, right?
ID #475896
Nov 15th 2014 Guest
I remember when I didn't know these things. I used to not know anything about minecraft, and for some reason, the game seemed more fun back then. I was really dumb-I used to think hostile mobs spawned on peaceful. Minecraft is really fun, but it seemed even better when there was a learning expirience, too. Maybe making the mstakes mentioned in the article isn't so bad after all-as long as you learn from the first time you make them.
ID #472174
Sep 30th 2014 CMBF
Yeah but you can always mine more right?
ID #453271
Aug 6th 2014 CMBF
Yes that is true up to a point - but a lot of players like to have a gold set of armor and weapons for taking Pimped Screens...
ID #431889
Jul 22nd 2014 Guest
Using gold or tools, swords, or armor is a BIG waste of gold, considering, not only being rare, are also weaker than wood. Really!
ID #423451
Jun 16th 2014 Guest
ID #400351
Jan 2nd 2014 Guest
Guest, I AM the spider master. I use bows enchanted with Flame and Unlimited Arrows,
ID #338266
Nov 1st 2013 Guest
Ok Then
ID #317365
Sep 3rd 2013 Guest
Budder is not useless...
ID #308144
Jan 13th 2013 Guest
Hi also don't also wast iron because i have done it so much i just don't want you to do the same thing its annoying!
ID #242456
Oct 29th 2012 Guest
so so true. I remember a time when I was trying to get rid of a spider and I killed it. I started calling myself the spider master and all of my gaming friends wanted me to kill the spiders. Then I was like "ok spider master to the rescue". that was all great until you are in math class taking notes on your computer and your friends is like here kill these for me and then you say ok. Turns out the spider master can't kill a spider in math class because I failed BAD! hope you liked the story, and don't think that just because you killed ONE spider, that you can kill every single spider in Minecraft. cause you can't.
ID #202790
Apr 12th 2012 Guest
ID #132660
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