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The Great American Savior of the Poor

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 12

The Great American Savior of the Poor

Golden Gun Parts: RPG (3 parts), FMP G3S (3 parts)
Clues: 6

Continue along the corridor until you see a scene. Once the thugs leaves, check the gurney in the middle for your first clue. (Gurney)

Go through the double doors then check the storage space to the left. There's a painkiller on the shelf to the left. Examine the ammo crate on the floor for another clue. (Ammo Crate)

Head to the next doors for a scene. After leaving the elevator, kill the two thugs then kill any enemies that will respond. Check the broken bathroom to the left to find the first gun part of the chapter. (RPG Part 1)

Move from room to room and clear it of enemies. Continue until you reach the yellow metal gate. Press the blinking yellow button to open it. Open it and take cover immediately. Kill a few enemies then check the pushcart in the left corridor. You should find another gun part there. (FMP G3S Part 1)

Continue to the next room and jump down. Use the scaffolding to climb back up then enter the room to the right to find some wall photos on the wall. Examine these for a clue. (Wall Photos)

In the same room, check the piece of paper under the small table beside the sofa for another clue (Passos' ID Card)

Continue to the hallway to the left and immediately take cover since there's three enemies waiting in ambush. You can use bullet time to shoot the propane tank behind them to blow the door open and kill them all at the same time. Before leaving, check the room behind you to find a painkiller.

Continue through the blasted door and upstairs. Enter the door again to find yourself in a hallway. Move along and check the hole in the wall to your right to find a gun part. (RPG Part 2) Continue to the next door for another scene.

After the scene, you'll be in the upper floor. Kill the guards then grab another gun part on the floor behind the counter to the right. (FMP G3S Part 2)

Go past the pool and tennis court then move around to the next area where more enemies are waiting. Kill them off then enter the bar. Check the newspaper on the counter for another clue. (Newspaper Article) Grab the painkiller nearby then continue to the next door.

After the scene with the doctor, continue to the next room. Head to the right and check the floor behind the couch to find a gun part. (FMP G3S Part 3)

Continue ahead and enter the next room to trigger a scene. After the scene, go back to the room to find two painkillers, an ammo bag and another clue to the right. (Donation Receipt)

Exit the room and continue planting explosives on the red pillars. After the scene, kill the remaining enemies and go past the yellow gate. Continue along the wooden planks and you'll finally meet some enemy snipers. Take them out one by one before moving forth.

Go through the yellow gate and take out more enemies. Some enemies will appear from behind so be careful as well. Once done, from the gate, turn right to find the last gun part in the corner. (RPG Part 3)

Continue planting explosives on the red pillars until you plant the last explosive on the last pillar. After the scene, you can attempt to unlock the “Sometimes You Get Lucky trophy”. As soon as the checkpoint starts, stay in cover and don't kill the nearest guy until the 12 second mark. Once you reach that point, run towards him and perform a shootdodge. This timing will go alongside with the tremor, giving you ample time to aim for the head and unlock the trophy.

Sometimes You Get Lucky

Continue fighting your way on the roof. Once you reach some stairs and after the wall near it blows off, go upstairs and check the room to the right to find a couple of painkillers.

Continue to the open gate. Kill the guy that will appear then head to the next door. It will get blown up as well so step back and take cover since more enemies will appear on the roof. After dispatching them, a heavy gunner will appear from the other rooftop. Dig in and kill him to finish the chapter.

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