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Ain't No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 8

Ain't No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise

Golden Gun Parts: 608 Bull (3 parts), Auto 9mm (3 parts)
Clues: 3

Start by killing the assassins and looting their guns and ammo. Continue down the hill and kill all the remaining enemies to trigger the next scene. During this sequence, you have to shoot the driver of the van before you get run over.

For the next part of the chapter, you'll be in the middle of another ambush. Stay in cover and take out the enemies one by one. There's a guy in the middle that has a grenade launcher so try taking him out first. Before going upstairs, head to the right to find the first gun part in the game, near a tomb on the ground. (Auto 9mm Part 1)

Go upstairs and take out more enemies. After clearing the area and before following Passos, check the tombstone with an urn on the top, near another tomb to the right for this chapter's first clue. (Valerie's Tombstone)

Loot the ammo from the enemies you killed and regroup with Passos. After the scene, kill the enemies in front of you then take cover to take out all the remaining enemies. Before leaving, follow the path to the side of the van to find a monument. Behind it is another gun part. (608 Bull Part 1)

As soon as you enter the next circular area, kill all enemies then head right along the arc. You'll find another part in the end. (Auto 9mm Part 2)

Next head to the gate and kill the guy aiming at Passos. Clear the area next then grab the next gun part in the gondola in the middle. (608 Bull Part 2)

After grabbing the gun part, check the odd looking mausoleum marked “Horne” behind the gondola for another clue. (Nicole Mausoleum)

Regroup with Passos for another scene. Stay in cover until Passos draws the sniper's attention. Immediately move to the nearest cover and take out the guys coming out of the building. Repeat the process until you reach the building. Go to the left to find an opening then kill the sniper afterward.

After the scene, kill the last guy then head straight towards the shiny marble tombstone marked “Vincent Gognitti” for the chapter's last clue. (Vinnie's Tombstone)

Head to the open gate and kill the enemies in the other side. Enter the shed to the left to find a gun part and a painkiller. (Auto 9mm Part 3)

Continue to the morgue and kill the first set of enemies there. There's also a painkiller in the small room to the left before the exit. Leave the room for a scene. As soon as you start in cover, just move a bit to the left to grab a painkiller and the last gun part in this chapter. (608 Bull Part 3)

Kill the enemies on the ground then head to where the gunner on the upper floor is and kill him. Get his rifle and use the nearby ammo bag to refill your ammo. Use this chance to protect Passos from the incoming enemies. After killing them a scene will trigger.

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