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A Hangover Sent Direct from Mother Nature

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 7

A Hangover Sent Direct from Mother Nature

Golden Gun Parts: Sawed-off (3 parts), SPAS-15 (3 parts)
Clues: 9

Follow the kid until you trigger a scene. Find your way up and follow the path until you trigger another scene. Continue ahead and keep going to the left to find a green painted store to trigger your first clue for this chapter. (Ex-Cop)

After talking to the ex-cop, move along and continue to the bar for another scene. Some local thugs will try to put you down so kill them all then return to the couch you're sitting. Examine the photo on the floor for another clue. (Photo of Serrano)

Check the bar to find a painkiller on the counter and another one in the room in the back. Next, go past the pool table and enter the restroom to find the first gun part of the chapter on the floor. (Sawed-Off Part 1)

Carefully turn to the next corridor and kill the thugs there. Check the room nearby for painkiller. Before heading out through the purple double-door, check the room to the right and approach the bed to find a tourist. This will trigger a scene and another clue. (Tourist)

Exit the bar then follow the path. Approach the edge of the wall to jump over. After the scene, continue along the straightforward path. Be careful of the two thugs who will shoot you from the rooftop as you approach the next gate. Continue to the next open area and kill all the enemies that will appear.

Continue upstairs and clear your path. Jump down to the lower ground then take the stairs to the right. Grab the painkiller on the white table along the way and continue to the alley while taking out more thugs.

Continue until you reach a gate. Open it and you'll find a blue padlocked door. Examine the graffiti to its left for another clue. (Lower Gang Spray Tag) Shoot the padlock to open the door then head inside the building.

After the scene, you'll be in another sequence where you'll need to kill enemies while being pulled up in a chain. To unlock the “So Much for Being Subtle” trophy, you have to kill all nine enemies during the sequence. You may refer to the video below.

So much for being subtle

Continue along the walkway then go downstairs. More enemies will appear on the other side. Head inside the next room to find two more painkillers and a red-dot scope Mini-30. Take out all enemies on the other side using it. There's also a bag nearby that provides ammo refill.

Once the other door bursts open, kill the two immediate enemies outside then deal with another wave of enemies on the other side of the building. Once done, exit the room and look to the left of the door to find another gun part. (Sawed-off Part 2)

Continue downstairs then kill the enemies on the floor. Continue to the next set of stairs and kill more enemies. Find another gun part behind some oil drums. (SPAS-15 Part 1)

Continue to the next corridor and kill a couple more guards. Grab the two painkillers inside the small room to the right then continue upstairs and exit the building. Continue outside and open the red gate next. Grab a painkiller from the table to your immediate right then check the ground behind the pile of wood, to the right of the car wreck to find another gun part. (SPAS-15 Part 2)

After grabbing the gun part, go ahead and check the graffiti on the wall of the blue shack for another clue (Middle Gang Spray Tag) Check the small room to the left of the red brick wall to find yet another painkiller.

Continue following the path upstairs and clear your way. As soon as you reach the part where you can jump down, turn right and check the deadend alley at the back to find a gun part. (SPAS-15 Part 3)

Move forth and before taking the stairs, examine the next clue which is the shrine for Claudio. (Shrine for Claudio)

Go upstairs next then take out the enemies in this area. There's a painkiller inside the room across the wooden plank. Jump down and before entering the door, check the flyer on the ground for another clue. (Flyer for Giovanna)

Enter the room and kill all enemies inside. You'll find a painkiller on the counter in the kitchen. Exit the house and continue along the alley. Enemies will ambush you from the nearby doors so anticipate them as you move forth. Enter the next house and take out the enemies on the roof then proceed forth.

Once you're in the open area, find cover immediately as more enemies will come rushing in. Kill them all then enter the house and collect the painkiller on the table near the other door. Exit the house and continue to the next door for a scene. Once back in control, kill all enemies inside.

As you make your way to the exit, examine the drugs under the bulb for a new clue. (Bag of Oxidado) There's also a painkiller beside some vials near it.

Exit the drug house for another scene. Once back in control, examine the Commando Sombre tag just ahead of you for this chapter's last clue. (Upper Gang Spray Tag)

Move along and approach the gate for another scene. You'll be in the middle of an ambush with molotovs thrown at you. Use your bullet time to thin out the opposition and save ammo as well.

After clearing the first wave of enemies, you can find the last gun part behind the tree near the stairs. (Sawed-off Part 3)

Move along the walkway and carefully take out enemies as they appear. This is a really annoying path since enemies will appear from all directions as you make your way. If you have stored a good amount of painkillers at this point, you shouldn't have any problems keeping yourself alive. Continue to the next gate to complete the chapter.

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