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Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter IV

Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink

Golden Gun: 1911 (3 parts), SAF40 Cal (3 parts), M500 (3 parts)

Clues: 3

After the scene, kill the douchebags (happily). After the gunfight, backtrack to the bar entrance and look on the floor to the right to find the first gun part in the chapter. (1911 Part 1)

In the next room with the pool table, take the stairs to the left and find the second gun part in the short corridor. (1911 Part 2)

Head to the exit and go dowstairs to reach the lower bar. Kill all the douchebags and grab the two painkillers on the counter. Continue to the exit for another scene. Once you're outside, kill all the douches outside then go back downstairs where you came from to find the last 1911 golden gun part. (1911 Part 3)

Kill all enemies to trigger the next scene and return to Max's apartment. Before leaving, check the table behind the couch to find this chapter's first clue (Max's NYPD Badge). Next, pick up the first M500 part beside the couch (M500 Part 1) You can also pick up another 1911 on the table so you can dual-wield them and a painkiller as well.

Kill the enemies in the far end of the corridors and stick on the wall to the left. Keep hugging to wall to protect yourself from enemy fire all kill all the enemies on the roof to get a trophy. (That Old Familiar Feeling)

That Old Familiar Feeling

Continue to the next hallway to trigger a scene. Enter the room where your hippie neighbor came from. Examine the newspaper clippings on the wall beside the bathroom (Newspaper Clippings) and the manifesto on the table with a painkiller for clues. (Brewer's Journal) Finding all these should complete all the clues in this chapter.

Head through the corridor where hippie got blown up. Before going upstairs, turn right and enter the destroyed room to find a gun part inside. (SAF 40 Cal Part 1)

Go upstairs to reach the rooftops. Kill all enemies and check the area in the back of the door where you came in to find another gun part. (M500 Part 2)

Continue killing all the enemies ahead then use the ramp to reach the other roof. Continue to the edge for a scene. Kill all the enemies during the bullet time sequence to reunite with Passos. After this, vault to your left and find a table in the far end. A golden gun part should be on the floor near it. (SAF 40 Cal Part 2)

Follow Passos and enter the partially demolished building. Kill all the enemies then go upstairs. Kill the next set of enemies but before moving forth, check the narrow walkway to the right of the stairs where you came from to find another gun part. (M500 Part 3) Before following Passos, check the room to the left to find two painkillers.

After crashing in the garage, stay in cover and take out all enemies. Before moving on, check the room to the right to find a painkiller and the last gun part of the chapter. (SAF 40 Cal Part 3)

Regroup with Passos and kill all the remaining enemies to complete the chapter.

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