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Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter XI

Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed

Golden Gun Parts: AK-47 (3 parts), Super Sport (3 parts)
Clues: 8

After killing the enemies, check the bathroom inside your room to find a painkiller. Check the room across from your starting position and examine the note on the tabletop beside the bathroom for your first clue. (Notes on Max)

Check the second room to the right (number 4) and examine the bed for your second clue. (Passos's Bed)

Check the bathroom in the third room to the left to find a painkiller. Make your way to the kitchen then enter the open doorway to the right with strips of plastic. You'll find the chapter's first gun part on the floor in front of the fridge. (Super Sport Part 1)

Continue to the next room to find the radio for a scene. Approach the door for another scene. Kill the guys then after the explosion, find the two emergency fuel shutoff valves and turn them off.

Carefully head to the rear of the boat and kill two more enemies. Before moving forth, check the bloodstains on the rear end of the boat for another clue. (Blood Trail)

Continue to the upper deck and kill the enemies on the roof. Before heading in, check the far end of the deck to the right to find another gun part. (Super Sport Part 2)

Enter the gym room and grab the painkiller from the first aid cabinet then enter the door to the left for a scene. Kill all the four enemies inside then find a newspaper on the round table near the destroyed wall. Examine it for another clue (Discarded Newspaper)

In the same room, check the damaged wall for another clue (Pried Wall)

Enter the next room then continue to the hallway to the left. Enter the next room to the right and check the floor behind the desk in the small office to find another clue. (Daphne's Passport)

Check the bathroom next room to find another painkiller. Head to the next bedroom and kill all the enemies inside. Check the jewelry box by the wall for another clue. (Daphne's Jewelry Box)

Continue to the bow of the ship and kill more enemies. Enter the main lounge then pick up the painkiller on a table to the left, near the tv. Continue to the open door to the left and take cover. Enemies will attack from the docks to the left so dig in and take them out.

Once clear, continue to the next room and grab two painkillers from the table across the piano. Continue upstairs carefully and take out all enemies. Go through the automatic sliding door and kill more enemies ahead. Before heading to the bridge, touch the destroyed painting to the left to open a safe. You'll find a gun part inside. (AK-47 Part 1) There are also two painkillers to the right so don't forget to grab them as well. Head to the bridge next for a scene.

After regrouping with Passos, kill the initial wave of enemies up the tower. Kill another set of enemies and a couple more. Before moving to the tower, backtrack to your initial cover and refill your ammo by checking the bag at the back of the trucks. You'll get painkillers there as well. There's also another gun part in the far end to the right, by the crane. (AK-47 Part 2)

Enter the tower then grab the painkiller from the first aid cabinet near the stairs. Continue upstairs and kill the last enemies. Head outside for another scene. During this sequence, kill all enemies and stay in cover since more enemies will appear. If you have FREE AIM enabled, you can also attempt to unlock the “Along for the Ride” trophy by killing all enemies ahead while on the zip line.

Along for the Ride

Check the rightmost corner of the building to find another gun part. (Super Sport Part 3)

Enter the building using the doors to the right and grab the two painkillers in the corner, beside a computer monitor and fire extinguisher. Check the counter in the middle and grab another painkiller. Activate the security door next.

Carefully continue upstairs and kill more enemies. Go downstairs to your immediate right to find the last gun part of the chapter. (AK-47 Part 3)

Continue forth and clear your path. Be careful as you go upstairs since there will be enemies who will launch surprise attacks. After taking another set of stairs above the audio/visual room, you can grab another painkiller from the first aid cabinet to the right.

Continue up the second set of stairs and clear the area. Examine the two statues inside the display area for your last clue in this chapter. (Visitor Center Display)

Continue upstairs for another scene.

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