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A Dame, A Dork and A Drunk

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 6

A Dame, A Dork and A Drunk


Golden Gun Parts: MD-97L (3 parts)
Clues: 5


After the scene, activate bullet time and kill the first set of enemies. Immediately get to cover and wipe out the remaining enemies. Before leaving this area, turn around and enter the cubicle beside the door to your left. You'll find two clues inside. Examine the laptop on the drawer (Rodrigo's Email) and folder on the desk. (File on Fabiana)



Now check the adjacent cubicle to find the first gun part of the chapter on the floor behind the desk. (MD-97L Part 1)



After getting the collectables in this area, sweep the dead bodies to collect ammo and guns. There's also a painkiller in the third cubicle to the left of the room. Join the nerd and head to the next area.


Once you're in the boardroom, activate bullet time immediately to quickly take out most enemies before they take cover. Clear the room and before leaving, examine the blue-green colored building model for a clue. (Architectural Models) Before leaving this boardroom, destroy all models for the “Amidst the Wreckage” trophy. There are a total of five models in this room. Two obvious models to the left, and two on the meeting table to the right, and one on the counter near the door where you came from.



Head to the next room and clear all enemies in the area. After the short cutscene, more enemies will barge in. Move away from the cubicle cover and find a more solid cover. Clear the room then collect three painkillers on top of the desks in this office and another one by the server room. Go to the kid to trigger the next scene.


Go downstairs and head outside for a scene. The next gun part should be immediately visible by the decorative waterfall. (MD-97L Part 2)



Go to the front and follow the hallway. Keep an eye for three portraits to your right and examine them for another clue (School Pictures) Head to the next door for a scene.



As soon as the jeep come crashing through the entrance, kill the driver and the other guys before you find yourself lunging towards the second wave of enemies in bullet time. Take out as many as you can, then continue sweeping the floor to kill them all. A heavy gunner will appear later on. Aim for its head and shoot it 2-3 times to kill it.



Clear the floor and before leaving, check the encased architectural model near the overturned jeep to find the last gun part of the chapter. (MD-97L Part 3)



After collecting the gun part, head to the elevator for the next scenes. Drag yourself back in and go upstairs. Approach the gates to reach the other side. During this scene, press R2 to disarm the enemy and shoot him while he's down. Examine the kid's body for the last clue of the chapter. (Dead IT Guy)



Kill the two other enemies in the room then go through the boardroom. Kill the roasted guy on the floor then head to the next room where three more enemies are waiting. Take them out as well.



Push the cabinet and keep moving forward until you trigger another scene and complete the chapter.


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Comments for A Dame, A Dork and A Drunk

3 comments, latest first.
Mar 7th 2013 Guest
Keep pushing. I had to hit the Y button about 50 times.
ID #261451
Nov 30th 2012 Guest
Hi there -I'm in the same fix- can't tip the cabinet. Rockstar 'help' desks keep on telling me just to keep trying.....I'm on xBox 360 with wired controller and everything worked dandy up to this point. But I've been stuck for months. I've played the game thro' again, but still no dice. Do I have to buy another disk or.........
Big Mike York/UK
ID #213863
Nov 25th 2012 Guest
Made it to the end of this scene, but can't push the cabinet over. Tried everything, shooting it, running at it, rocking it, and just pushing it. Nothing works. Can't advance, even though the level is finished. Any help? Thanks
ID #212323